Friday, November 19, 2010

I did a yap-yap-yappity yap !!

I have given up on expecting and thinking on and on about anything I want. Clinging on to something, just won't help. It's like sand, however tight you try to hold it, it trickles out of your fist. Last year, at this time, life couldn't have been better. I had everything I had hoped for. I never expected that I would stand at such a point today that I had to change my blog URL, lose more than half of my followers, hide whatever I feel from family and friends.

Sometimes, things just don't work out how you want them. I’m an Arien and Ariens are the most useless, emotional creatures. I get attached and used to something in life very quickly…Which is my weakness. Maybe I shouldn’t vomit all this in my blog, but such stuff doesn’t come out in my personal diary.

Onto some fun stuff, I went for the first day of the India-NZ test match at Ahmedabad. Saw Sehwag and Dravid centuries and got a Murali Vijay wave, which was cool. I recently went to Gurgaon for something related to college (If you know what it is, don’t write it in the comments, please) and I met a guy there who uncannily resembled an old friend who I don’t talk to anymore. He was in a bad mood, so he was rude and bit my head off a number of times. I finally asked if is he rude naturally or does he make an effort at it. He laughed and he apologized saying he didn’t know why he was in a bad mood. I correctly guessed that he was a Gemini. He gave me a WTF look because I guessed his sun sign within 10 mins of knowing him. No wonder we are not in touch now. He must think I’m demented !! Although, there was a very good chance that he was a Scorpio, because he was reserved. But the mood swings and random phases of talkativeness(is this a word?) was a very obvious reason for choosing Gemini. I’m pretty good at guessing peoples’ sun signs, with some exceptions, of course. I don’t know, it’s a thing with girls and obsession with sun signs, I guess? I even guessed a girl's sun sign (Taurus) correctly (She loved me after my accurate description on WHY she is a Taurean....Girls and boys are so different, seriously!!), so it was a sunny day for my signs :D

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Clean, Green, Really?

Ok, so we all crib about the sad state of affairs India is in. We crib about the unorganized traffic, the laidback nature of policemen, we sadly look on as men pee merrily on roads, spit on roads or litter.

I have a policy of getting angry on person A and removing my frustration on person B. (sniggers) Yeah, because with some friends, you just can't show your frustration or if it's parents then you just have to give up without arguing. So why not turn towards the outsiders and especially such wrong-doers?

Contrary to what everyone thinks, I DO NOT WEAR the black coat or gown when I go to the High Court for my internship. Only after I clear the bar exam next year, I'm allowed to wear the coveted black gown (AND I WILL LOOK AWESOME IN IT-*gulps*) So, I don't have any proof to show ki bhai, I'm not as sweet and innocent as I look, I'm a nasty lawyer who likes to keep the streets clean and spitting on roads is equivalent to Kasab's war against India for me. My mom doesn't encourage this 'shouting on autowale when they spit' business of mine, because I'm a dainty girl and all that rubbish, and yes I admit it, sometimes the autowales abuse me or drive rashly or do ajeeb harkatein just because I asked them not to spit on the roads (A Hyderabadi experience, it was :P ). I don't think it's still a valid reason to stop them for spitting, right?

I ran a google search for the Ahmedabad Municipality Corporation (AMC) website, looking for the fine to be imposed for spitting, littering, peeing on the roads(unfortunately I can't stop a man from peeing on the road, but it's good to know, maybe I can tell/threaten all you males to stop it) But the website is like ridiculous. I couldn't find anything concrete, and my hatred for the government increased as high as Sachin Tendulkar's average against Australia this year (Above 100 I mean, btw) Somewhere randomly it is mentioned that the fine ranges between 50-500 bucks.

Now, despite being a lawyer, I cannot collect fines from them, but at least I can threaten them.
You can do the same, by just making an effort to stop them. Whether they listen to you or not is their headache, but at least you can contributing your part in keeping your city clean.

P.S- I didn't mean to make the full post about this.Man I can talk on the most random things on earth.... :(
Btw, the pic is true, spitting and littering is banned in Shimla.

See you next time :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010



This is one question I ask myself gazillion times a day.

I cry and crumble into pieces wondering what I am doing.

Where am I headed to in life?

Do I even like law?

Was it just another bloody impulse when I took up law?

Frankly, during all my internships, I have worked hard, but I am not happy doing that.

It's like a burden on me. My knowledge in law is almost zilch.

What are my parents and sister gonna say if I tell them I don't know what I want to do after I graduate?

I graduate in April 2011.

I can't go for career counselling because I have been there after my 12th and my aptitude results showed that they didn't know what is perfect for me! Hah! I was born screwed!

I changed my blog url so that none of my relatives or college friends read my blog now. And if they do it, they'll drag me for career counselling, or a psychiatrist or make me drop a year, something.

Ok, I ranted crap right now. And if I'm depressing you to death or I bored you, don't bother commenting CRAP and I don't care a damn if you didn't like the irritating music coming out of my playlist. That's the least of my worries now.

Almost forever, I have helped each and every friend of mine get through their problems and shit in life, so when I need someone, just stand by or else fuck off.

I have had enough with people.
P.S- Just a little happy element in the post- Anjaana Anjaani was awesome.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blabbereddddd :P

The smile in your eyes,

The charm in your talk,

The sweetness in your spice,

The ease in your walk,

The mood from low to high,

The love behind the angry glare,

The laugh behind your cry,

The awkward glance in your stare,

The kid in your office suit,

The handsome man in ganji-shorts,

The blabbermouth when you're mute,

The lame pics for which you have the hots,

The 'I need you' in your 'get lost',

My uncombed hair, you ruffle with glee,

The responsibility you take for my cost,

The sadness in my wink, you can see,

The problem of mine becomes a solution,

My simple sniff becomes a grave disease,

My cruel words are like a love potion,

Every argument, debate, fight you inevitably cease.

When everything is perfect, things are still so wrong,

This is bloody fiction, how did you like this song? :P

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Making the Right Choice

Right now, I'm stuck in this phase, where everything is moving too fast, or suddenly things move way too slowly. A lot is gonna change in the coming months, and I should be welcoming the change. I remember, I took this genuine aptitude test sorta thing long back, and I found out that I have a phobia of moving forward. Now, it's not exactly the awesomest phobia, I prefer being scared of dogs and escalators. I like meeting new people , trying out new things, having changes in my life, but I'm actually actually scared I won't be happy where I go. If I have a job and I don't like it and I can't come out of it, being the person that I am, I'm just not gonna survive in such an environment!

I always thought that whatever I do in my life, will be what I WANT to do. I thought my first job will be what I deserve, and what I like, and what I want to do forever. But, a lot of my friends are doing jobs just for the heck of it, or just to waste one year till they go for their higher studies. I dunno how they can survive doing something they don't like!

I see myself doing the same thing now. I dunno why, but I feel my ego is getting a beating somewhere if I do a job which I'm not enjoying. I mean I haven't got a job yet, but now I know it's gonna be something which won't be my first preference.

Maybe it's peer pressure, or what, I dunno, but everyone I know who is going to graduate this year is stressed and behaving like a total maniac. So bear with me, since you have also been through the same phase before, or you are gonna go through the same phase soon.

Whoever said that after 12th, your life is set and college is only gonna be fun and party, is gonna get a whack from Chulbul Pandey. Oyeeeeeeeeeeee Dabbang!! Awesome or what?!?! I'm high on Salman all over again!!! But I still miss the cute romantic Sallu in Maine Pyaar Kiya and Hum Aapke Hai Kaun. Although, this hawt police inspector was a welcome change! Special mention to Sonu Sood. Mmmmmmm :D
And listen to 2012 by Jay Sean!! Awesome lyrics, good music, good Jay Sean, fun fun fun !!!

A small favour from you guys. Please vote for this film. It requires logging in, so please don't be lazy, it's for a noble cause! You can do your good deed for today!! =D
Patnaik’s film ‘Zero to Hero’ is competing with 105 entries from across the world. The contest has six categories: sustainability, innovation, overcoming conflict, empowerment, leadership & governance and local/global partnerships. Submitted under ‘empowerment’ category, Zero to Hero is on the fourth position. Winners in each category will receive $5,000 (Rs 2.32 lakh) while the grand prize is of $20,000 (Rs 9.28 lakh). “If we win, we will donate the prize money to Helpline Education which has been sustaining itself on donation alone,” said Patnaik, who works for an organisation that empowers poor women.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Date with the Future Indian cricket team star- Part 3

I'm sure all you oldies must be remembering this post of mine?
And all you newbies need to read Part 1 and Part 2 of this post, to be able to understand this post! :P

Guess what? I found him on Facebook! Well, not exactly his profile. His fan page! I got it through Team Punjab fan club. I was busy avoiding my projects, so something came up and I decided to google search for him again. This FB page just started, so well :D

His pic isn't that clear, but hey, something is better than nothing :P!/pages/Preet-Kamal-Rai/139476882751258?v=info

Let's see if he ends up googling his own name and reads this post. All I can say is, hello, remember me? :P
P.S- Read the wall! He made 147*. Btw, he didnt' even lie about his birthday despite knowing he is younger than me! He was in college 1st year, studying psychology when I was in my 3rd year. He's only some months younger than me though. Oh, I should shut up now. I don't like him!


Saturday, August 14, 2010

365 Days.

It's been a year since the last talk,
A year since you fed the cows in the morn,
A year since we had our last walk,
A year since you fed me butter wala corn,
A year since you teased Granny as a routine,
A year since you ate oily disgusting potato chips,
A year since you gulped zillions of calcium and protein,
A year since you asked me GK riddles,
A year since you stared unblinkingly at Deepika Padukone,
A year since you were as fit as a fiddle,
A year since you fed me chocolate cones.

A year since you put up with my tantrums,
A year since you made every pain seem mild,
A year since you cheered up when I was glum,
A year since you played with your great grand child,
A year since you followed politics diligently,
A year since you discussed the future of Indian cricket with me,
A year since you flirted with Granny in front of us shamelessly,
A year since you smiled that last smile with so much glee.

I wished you Happy Independance Day when I last talked to you.
Was it a coincidence that it turned out to be the last thing I ever said to you?
Each day since then, about you, I always ponder,
It's true, absence makes the heart grow fonder.
P.S- Some newbies might not get it, so have to clarify, I guess. This post is a dedication to my grandpa who passed away a year ago. My grandmom is still alive, FYI. And yes I'm okay, just thought I should write something about him.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Mature lesson on Immaturity.

I deleted the last post because it wasn’t a worthy birthday post, rather it wasn’t worthy of a post at all :P This is a long post, with a LOT to tell you, so read it or else click the X button and leave.

I started my final year in college this week. This is the last of the 5 years that we spent together but I felt like I was meeting them for the first time. The tension of placements and confusion of what to do after graduation is getting on to everyone. I don’t blame them, but it’s just getting depressing day by day. People glare at you if you Facebook. People stare at you if you laugh. I’m not the person to stress or to become hyper even if it means staying unemployed after graduation. I’m a practical person with almost 10 back up plans after my graduation. I know I’ll figure out something, but no one is letting me just be me. This has been a really difficult week in college…If any of my batchmates is reading this…I want you to stay cool! Or if you still want to freak out every single day till college ends…Then let me be me. You take stress, you lose hair, you get pimples and wrinkles.
I never had good friends in my life ever. I became close to my school friends only after I started my college. Even in college, I made only 3 good friends- 2 seniors and one batchmate. So in short, I do socialize, I do talk, but some friends who I think I'm close to, suddenly say they can’t stand me since I’m too immature for them!

Now, let’s make this post on immaturity. Immaturity is doing something without thinking about the repercussions? No, wait that’s being impulsive! And better be impulsive and get done with what you want to do, than be confused and ponder whether I should/could/would have done it or not. Then, let’s see...Immaturity is when you nag and crib and create a fuss about things? I haven’t even properly nagged and cried my heart out to my mom or friends when my grandpa died. Beat that! Then, hmmm…Immaturity must be when you think of your future and list out the things you want to do. Isn’t that simply being ambitious? Ok, then immaturity is when you crack PJs or laugh aimlessly. Then just look into the mirror and count how many wrinkles you have, and while you are at that, check out my dimple on my right cheek! Next, immaturity is when you randomly say nice things and are affectionate to your friends. The last time I checked, that was being expressive and…cute! And the best way to let your friend know how much you love them!
I have loads of definitions for what I think is immaturity but it’s only mature not to do that, since the real immature people are going to freak out on me if I do that ;)
Am I immature? Think again.
P.S- A quote I always quote and I want everyone who has been called immature at any point in time to use it as your defence- “Maturity is when and where to be immature.”
P.P.S- I feel like God! Happy 3rd Birthday to my blog- Brian! This post will surely displease a lot of people, but I just want you to know…That it’s not worth it to judge a friend and simply term them as immature after a small misunderstanding or leg-pulling session. That little big thing called ego shouldn’t come in between, if you are friends.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

You a South Indian?

Ok, so I'm back after ages. No net, no time blah blah, the usual happened with me. Anyway, many of you asked me to blog about my experience in Hyderabad and trust me, I had planned a lot for this yet another come back post of mine....I can tell you about the Idli wala who screamed at me for calling Kanchivaram idli as Kanchipuram idli for fun (Well, it was funny!!) I can talk about the ungrateful auto fellas who had faulty meters and treated me worse than he would have treated Osama Bin Laden, just because I wasn't from Hyd. I can make fun of the Hyderabadi Urdu- waich and itne mai-ich. I had a blast in Delhi and Mumbai but Hyderabad...not really! That one month made me feel like the outsider I was...Which I never felt in Delhi or Mumbai! Or even Ahmedabad, since I'm not a Gujarati, but people still somehow accepted me.

Why is it that we are so regionalistic? I've been brought up in A'bad, studied here and still studying in Gandhinagar. In my colony or school, people always started yapping with me in Gujarati and I replied back in pretty fluent Gujarati. But when they suddenly ask me, "Hey what's your surname?" And I say "Iyer". Their immediate reaction is "South Indian!" And they start stammering in broken English or accented Hindi. I mean, all this time they were comfortable with me talking in Gujarati, but when they found out I'm a Southie, psychologically they felt that my Gujarati sucked! Did this hurt me? This angered me!!

Whenever I go to Chennai, people are rude to me since it seems I don't look like a Tamilian. But yeah, when they find out I'm a Tamilian, they are all nice to me!!

There! I blame my own people also for this.
At my internship, my boss shoots questions like...

1) You Iyer or Iyengar? (I think I said my name is Madhuri Iyer)

2) You follow Tamil customs?(Err..WHAT?)

3) You understand Telugu?(Nope.)

4) Why don't you understand Telugu?(blank stare)

5) You should learn Telugu. (But Sir, I know Tamil, Gujarati, Hindi, English. And a bit of German. Enough of being multi lingual, don't you think?)

I also hate it when people talk in their regional language in front of an outsider. At my PG, this Marathi brigade yapped away in Marathi, the Telugu troope chepu-ed away in Telugu and I'm staring at the tasteless roti and raw karela curry wondering whether I should hold my nose and swallow the food to make it taste better. At my workplace, my bosses communicated in Telugu and even sometimes instructed us in Telugu. We were 4 internees who were non Hyderabadis and hence we could only gape at them.

Honestly, it's the same all over India. Being a South Indian, I would be the last person to blame our part of the country- but this is the problem. We ain't North Indians or South Indians. We are Indians and to conclude, woud like to quote what I read in a number of articles- If we call Australia racists then what are we?

P.S- My college best friend is a Telugu, and my school best friend is a Gujarati. So I don't discriminate because of whatever incidents I have faced till now- and I do not want anyone to take offence because of this post.

Monday, May 24, 2010

An eye-opener!!

Eye am back :D Ok, I never went anywhere, hmmm. Everything's the same with me. Weight- 58 kgs (Yay! Didn't lose weight this time during exams!) Height- Well, increased according to some rare tall people in my college who claim our eye to eye contact is on parallel length now (If you didn't get what I'm trying to say- ignore) So, it should be 5.8'5 *sniggers at her fellow female bloggers* Arre, no seriously. Girls shouldn't be more than 5'7. You don't get tall guys these days. My seniors looked upto me-literally- and ragged me, imagine- their embarassment and mine. Even when you pose for pics, you end up looking like the maa of all the bacchas next to you. Or you are thrown in the corners of the pics always (NOTICED IT IN FACEBOOK PICS, PEOPLE??) But it's ok, I shouldn't crib much. Many Dr. Acula's (Oye, whoever knows the real name, don't write it in comments section..thanks :P) couldn't take part in Miss India etc. events because of lack of height. I wish Godji had given me some brains then to take part in such stuff. Haha Mrs. India is still there :D

Ok, I'll just get to the point now. I got laser operation done for my eyes (I used to wear specs/lenses btw) and I just wanna tell all you specsy people to go for it and not be afraid of the pain and crap, because it's nothing! You just got to take precautions after the operation (NO TV, NO COMPUTER, NO SMS, NO BOOKS). I nearly died and cheated by watching the Eng v. Aus T20 WC finals (RIP AUSTRALIA- How could I miss it since I was the only one who predicted England would win this time?!) and well, Facebooked a little (My sister's friends ratted to my sister that I was FBing in bimaar halat, who in turn told my parents- OMG this is serious social networking, my friends!!)... You know what? Of course you know, but still, you know what? I can't join any FB groups anymore! My limit's over. Any clue how to check how many pages and groups you have joined? My profile page is flooded and it shows me 785 pages, but I think it includes groups too...Oh well...Why waste time? :P

Oh well, the world is getting married, and I'm sitting in a lonely corner, unemployed, feeling uneducated, unboyfriended, unvalid..errr invalid.. NOT REALLY! Single rocks, oh yes it does.
Oh Sigh, Dhanya, Nidzzi, Harshita, get me someone naa.

Happy Anniversary, mom and dad! EEEEEEEEEEEEE I love you :) And Lavs se bhi wishes che :) :*

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Own Little World- A Dhanya dost/post :D

Look at that. Enlarge the pic, you idiots. Just some time back, she was single and had all the time in the world for me. Now, it feels rotten when I have to 'share' her with a 'boy'. Ugh.

One of the few people I've met on blogsville and genuinely felt like it's gonna be friendship forever, is when I met Dhanya Venugopal. Feels weird calling her by her real and full name considering I call her Deedee, Dhanteras, Dhanna, Dhanno, Dhans, DV, kundi or any damn thing that comes to my tongue. She's everything I wanted as my big sister after my real sister went to the U.S. I have blabbered my heart out to her, used explicit language on other people, cribbed to her, insulted our mutual friends, cried my words out to her when things were bad at college, everything. She knows every little thing about me and is still friends with me! :P I have made rotten jokes about her marriage, post marriage sab kuch. And she merely does a WHEEEEEEEE at whatever I say :D

She may appear immature and childish but trust me she's not! She's one of the most sincere and smartest people I ever knew. I didn't want to make this post boring, but I just had to write something for her. Ok, will end it on a funny note :P

Dhanya: Vir Das? oh yeah... that saifu look alike ?
me: :D grins :D
Dhanya: he also has big nose :-w
*adds him to big nose company*
Dhanya: which sports firm btw :-w
me: sports keeda noida che
Dhanya: nice name
me: keeda is weird :-w
keedi means ant in gujarati :-w
Dhanya: oh...keedi.. will suggest that name to someone :D who doesnt know gujarati.. :D *giggles*
me: hahaahah
Dhanya: since i am named after coriander :-w
Dhanya: jumps on u
me >:D<
Dhanya: i typed hump by mistake at first :-w
me: =)) u hump on me :-w
Dhanya: yes :D hee hee.

Sigh. I love you, Dhantana :D
P.S- Dhanya, you know what? I was reading through our past chats trying to find some of our funniest conversations to put them up here, but I could just see adult content everywhere :O We really must talk stuff which are U-Rated from now on.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nidhi Typos, Jay Sean, Bluetooth Fun !!


Ok, I'm high. Listening to Jay Sean(I'm obsessed with that idiot. Eminem who?? Jay Sean rocks :D), chatting with Akansha and Harshita(AFTER AGES), drinking Nimbooz (It's almost equivalent to Vodka in the dry state, people!!) and clearing my room (I'M BACK HOME!!) is so completely my kind of thing :D

BTW, I HATE Jay Sean's almost takla look. The crew cut, so very doesn't suit him. Doesn't he look cute and adorable and hot at the same time, in this hairdo??
Thinking about Nidhi Mangal now. Did you hear about her latest typos??

1) Nidhi: Yaar mads
Mads: Bol mangal :-w
Nidhi: Yaar I'm having so much hari fall all over my back.
Mads: *splutters* who the hell is hari?
Nidhi: :( :(

2) In one of Nidhi's posts, Harshita discovered the typo and pointed it out to me. For sadistic pleasure, we didn't ask Nidzzi to correct it and instead, I showed the typo to Dhanya and some other bloggers :P
The typo was:
"I love to make-out" instead of "I love to make-up"

We got holidays for 3 months almost. I'll have to intern obviously. I'm off to Hyderabad this time. Can't wait to taste Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani. Ever since I got my first tooth, I've been waiting to eat it. No, really!! I'm obsessed about it since, a really long time :D I am a fultoo PETAian, so I'm just gonna *taste* it. Just once, pretty please!!

For all the losers, who are going to attend college and endure boring classes, here's a tip- try sending random pics of the classroom or some random pics of some guys sleeping in class, and send it to any bluetooth which is switched on in class. I changed my 'neela-daant' name to Bhoot and sent it. Alas, people rejected the pics with a strained look on their faces, and Harini and I were so very dejected. Hope your luck is better.

In case, you are wondering why I laughed in the starting- It was a sadistic laugh at you people, that you actually read the whole random post till the end and you are still here with that stupid smile on your faces :D

Love you, bloggers :D

Sunday, April 4, 2010

A lot of baatein.

She entered the room and threw her bag on the bed. She yawned and stretched. She had just returned from school. It was yet another hot afternoon. She quickly changed into her most comfortable pair of shorts and t-shirt and went into the dining room. Her mouth fell open. She couldn't believe her eyes. It was as if God had answered all her prayers. The victim was sitting there all alone. She slowly walked towards the table and grabbed a knife.

She cut the fresh mango into small pieces and started eating them...

Yes!! Don't kill me. I just didn't know what to write on. My college fest, PENTAGRAM just got over. It was LOADS of fun participating in random events. Took part for the last time with my seniors Chitwan and Rajul in Pictoretto and yet again, won with 3 seconds to spare like how we did last year also :P We had 'DAYS' and I dressed up for almost all of them. My sister had sent this outfit which Deepika wore in Karthik Calling Karthik. I LOVED the outfit as soon as I saw it in the movie and thanks a lot, sis for gifting it to me :)

I hated most of my pics. I swear, even a crocodile is more photogenic than me. But I really want you guys to see the outfit and I'm horribly velli since it's exam time :P So I'll upload the pics soon on Facebook!!

After almost 2 months, I finally had a nice, heart to heart talk with one of my bestest and important friends. Thanks for sorting out things somewhat and well...Please don't let the distance increase again because you are an integral part of my life. And you should know it.

Any lawyer reading this blog? Please give me an internship. I promise you, my lawyerish skills aren't as bad as my writing skills !!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I 'ear you...not !! :P

We have all heard of the phrase of 'slip of the tongue'. But slip of the ear?

1) Back in 1st year, was the time when we innocent kids, who had just left school, used to answer with full josh in class. I was one among them who answered and took notes too.We had this introductory subject on law. Sir droned on about the importance of lawyers in this country and how important our President is. My batchmate who was half asleep suddenly shook and turned back at me.
"Did he just say lawyers are impotent and the President of India is impotent?"

2) A week ago, a girl in my batch sat next to me and was pretending to diligently take notes. I was unfortunately distracted from the lecture due to a (z)hero in my class who was sleeping and exposing his purple with white checks underwear (I did not look, unfortunately he was in my line of vision !!) Hence I was sorrowfully blocking out the lecture.

Suddenly, the girl nudged me and asked, "What was the name of the case, yaar?" "PUDR v. Union of India", I answered, surprised at my own inteligence.
"Oh" she reacted and roared with laughter. "I heard it as Urine of India, so I was wondering what the hell is he saying!!"

I miss the time when friends weren't for materialistic purposes as they are now. I can't even think of one friend who I can ask for help or just give a call and talk bindass without any hesitation that I'm disturbing them. This has left such a huge void in my life. Maybe life would have been different if I had such a friend. I have ranted a lot about not having good friends so I guess I shouldn't talk about it yet again. But it's good to know the ugly truth- you won't let it get to you and make life more miserable than it already is...

Next week, we have to fill out registration forms for our placements (Next year I'm going to be in final year). This weekend will give me a lot to think about. It's time to stop worrying about others and giving importance to anyone, because no one is going to help me decide what I will be
doing after one year. This phase is definitely pissing off, and for a person like me who is very impatient, it's going to be tuff for what I'm planning to go for.

I'm happy for Chitwan..Read his post to find out why! And kindly comment on his post too.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Now that's called fun :D

Ok, I know I've bored everyone silly since 27th Feb 2010 , continuously yapping about the match I went for. And yes, this post is about that, so brace yourself! It's a long post, if you ignore it, I don't care :)

I went for the India-SA match in Ahmedabad. My first match LIVE in a stadium. I had made a list of 'things I want to do before I turn 18' and the only thing I hadn't done then was bungee jumping and watching a live cricket match. And now, when I'm almost 1 month short on turning 21 I'm so glad I saw a live match!

Due to the %$@#%@# traffic, we reached inside the stadium to greet the Indian team in a huddle. I didn't know how to react when I saw the lush green grass and the Indian team who were so close to our stand. I screamed and the uncles in our stand chuckled at me. Btw, the person who gave me company is a girl called Shruti, who's my mom's colleague's daughter. She looks like blogger Akansha and was just like her- talkative and very chirpy! I was absurdly screaming till I got to my seat. Rohit Sharma was the lucky one to field in front of our stand. He looked back and gave a casual wave. Sudeep Tyagi and Abhimanyu Mithun came later on but both didn't look behind. Newbies naa. So expected. Then came, THE VIRAT KOHLI. OMG. His eyes are adorable. His tatoo was like sexy. He ran like dynamite. I screamed and screamed and screeched and yelled. He finally looked back and gave a casual wave to all of us. But no, yours truly wanted a special Virat something. I waited till he ran ahead to field and then slowly walked back to his original position. He looked up, luckily straight at me and I blew him a flying kiss. He shyly smiled and looked down. OMG. Cardiac arrest no.1 it was.

We weren't really lucky since SA posted 365. De Villiers was awesome. Luckily the A'bad crowd was sporting enough to applaud the century makers. Our stand was right in front of the SA dressing room. So during the innings break, we dashed in front of the stand and stared inside. A guy with goggles was looking at a laptop. He suddenly looked up and I waved. He stared back and I put my hand down. Then Shruti waved. He stared at her also. Then he waved and we waved back. We cheered thinking some random support staff guy waved at us. Then that dude comes out, and oh shit, it was HERSCHELLE GIBBS!

Ok, it's getting too long. During the Indian innings, Parnell and Peterson who weren't playing the game were sitting in front of our stand. After the first 7 overs, after a lot of exercising of my hands, Parnell finally waved at me. We had a lot of eye to eye contact after that, but he has a girlfriend, so never mind! Peterson was cute. He danced a little too. Steyn was OMGod-ly dashing. He gave a thumbs up when I blew a flying kiss, lol.

Ok, so we lost the match by 90 runs but I had the bestest time for my life. After so many years, I did something fun for one whole day. Being surrounded by disappointments and irritation all around, thank you India-SA for giving me that one day of happiness which is surely going to last for some months :D

P.S- I gave my stand a reason to be embarassed. Yusuf Pathan came nearby after the presentation ceremony so I screamed "YUSUF" and he looked and waved. I lost my head and yelled "Dhoni ko bulao please" and he wasn't wearing his shades, so he gave me such a venomous wtf look while my stand chuckled happily.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sue the Farm-villers for causing mental trauma!

Dear Makers of Farmville,

Finding mystery eggs? Gifting cows to each other? Horse stable and barn raising events? The horror of it all! (Amith trademark). I see my batchmates and school friends desperately ploughing 24*7. I know gaming is addictive, but ploughing, fertilizing and making a fake profile to get more cows for your farm is way too much! I hate you and I will keep joining anti- Farm-velle groups on Facebook to get some amount of sadistic pleasure.

Yours grudingly,
And Dad defends the Farm-villers saying "India has 70% of it's people working in agriculture sector, hence due to the recession, lawyers are now keen on becoming farmers." Haha. Hmph!

Another Dad Joke- During my internship at the High Court, I had to wear a coat, and formals and formal shoes for court. And formal shoes ALWAYS hurt my feet a lot. Yes I have big feet, thank you very much.

My parents are good at sending sms's and we do send sms to each other many times. So, Dad messaged me asking how my internship was going on. I replied back saying, it's good but I'm having a horrible shoe bite so it's hurting.

He messages back- "Is it a sue bite or a shoe bite?"

P.S- Yes, I haven't been posting a lot because angry posts don't work here and sad posts aren't entertained either. Will post happy posts more regularly (hopefully) :P

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Grow up, Kids.

The last post needed some clarifications, hence I'm posting this one early. Firstly, it was not a feminist post, because I have not mentioned his/her at some places. That was a deliberate attempt to signify that even boys can be attacked or sodomized. I know your reaction will be a straight faced smiley at that one, but hey, the racial attacks in Australia were only at boys, FYI. Next, I know many of you read it in a forward but one particular point was a recent judgment by the Delhi High Court, so hey, caught you there. And lastly, when I said no male/female under the age of 15 can be punished, it is because it cannot be proved that they had the mental capacity to commit whatever offence they committed. So ultimately, if you smart people 'use' under 15 kids, it's only you who is going to be punished. And if you say, "Hey dudeni, I was just kidding", then I'll just say I feel sorry for you for being such a moron.

I chat with smileys and I may appear to be this immature, stupid prat. Copying some wise dude's quote: 'Maturity is when and where to be mature', I think this quote sums it all. But whatever I do, if it's not in favour of the other side, its accused of being 'immaturity' or being a kid. Oh yes, my hair style makes me look like a kid, but trust me, I've faced more shit in life to succumb like a kid to everything. I know people who mourn for days when their nails break by mistake. Or people who sulk for days when a thread of their sweater comes out. I've learnt to be patient, since I ONLY have such people around me all the time. I'm a great listener, hence people can't take it if I vent out something by mistake. I can take any shit that people come up with, but I cannot take shit that people blame me for. If I care I suck, if I don't care, I suck more. Hah!
I just want to send a clear cut message to everyone who thinks I'm a kid- Let me be! And you first grow up yourself. I'm ready to be your friend, but I don't expect you to be there for me, and hence, I need no advice on how to behave or who to talk with.

This generation is strange. In the past, we had friends who cared for us and about whom we cared for. Now, the new phrase is 'friends for benefits'. Friends need you only when they are low. And when you are low, you can simply go and boil your head, because there's no one who's gonna be there.

I know you are going to say, Mads, you have friends and they care and all that, but let's face it.

No one has time for anyone now.

P.S- Yet again a stupid disclaimer, this post is not directed at anyone specifically.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Something for everyone.

Well, most of you know that I'm a law student, but you haven't really seen the lawyer side of me...Because I haven't shown it to you! Because most of you get bored so yeah, I never bothered talking about it even with my close friends.

So, I'm not going to bore you much, it's just some general information about some laws that can help you in your everyday life- both girls and guys.

1) A woman can be searched only by another woman with strict regard to decency.

2) Nothing is an offence done by a child under seven years of age.

3) No male or female under age of 15 years can be summoned by police as witnesses for investigation at any place other than their own residence.

4) A woman can be arrested only between 6 P.M and 6 A.M. only if she is arrested by a female officer and taken to an all women police station. If she is arrested by a male officer, he has to be assisted by a woman officer.

5) Sex before marriage amounts to rape. Even if there was promise of marriage, it cannot be proved, hence it would be rape.

If attacked:
1) Poke the attacker in the eyes since they are the most sensitive part of the body. Carrying a pepper spray would be recommended for working females who go home late at night through lonely roads.

2) A hard kick on the attacker's groin will leave the attacker unstable for some minutes.

3) A certain point in the neck area will cut off the attacker's breath. Kicking the knees will also help in slowing down the attacker.

4) If the attacker points a gun at you and asks you to get into a car, don't do it. Most criminals cannot shoot moving targets, so run away immediately.

Found this site while researching for this post. Might be useful for you people, if you are interested:

Thanks Harshita, for asking me to write a post on this topic. Hope I didn't disappoint you :)

Happy Birthday to Nidhi !! Please wish her on her blog :)

P.S- Most of you must have read all this in a forward, I know.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm 100 che.

I officially hit my century today. 100 posts! Feels great. And trust me, it wouldn't have been possible without all of you jobless people who bothered to read me and comment and thus, encourage me to keep writing (YOUR FAULT!! :D)

It all started with a challenge to write a blog better than a batchmate's blog, and after lot of full stops in my journey, I'm equally surprised as Mads is, to have managed to reach the 100 mark.
I would like to thank that batchmate firstly for gleefully putting me down right in my 1st semester, which really got Mads going to have me in the first place. I would like to thank Alex Paul (one of my first ever readers who still bothers to read me when he has time), Prabhu Dutta Das (for writing comments which I never understood), Nidhi (one of my best blogger friends today. And my first female blogger friend. Ballika Vadhu, Fuller lips hide women's age, her being scared of my ':-w' smiley, we have been through all that), Peter (for sharing his old blog background, because of which we became friends in the first place and for being one of my best blogger friends), Abhinav (for assuring me since the first time he commented on my blog that guys like girls who watch sports. I still don't agree with you but thanks for being one of my best blogger friends), Trinaa (for the 'Awwwww Ranbir' comments and for being so funny), HP (for being so smart and the 'gujju'ness we share and oh, the cool photography!), Bhawanaa (for being a sweetheart always), Harshita (who entered my blog pretty late but her comments were sometimes longer than my post. Thanks for everything from twitter to Rohan Mehra. And you know that you are one among my best blogger friends), Dhanya (for all the fun, scrabble games, wit and Lol's and rolling eyes exercises you give me on blog and on chat. She is my blogger sister since she is so much like me) Amith (for all the nautanki and !! and for being the butt of all my jokes always and for the rarely to be seen nice side of you :P) Nikhil (for the sweet comments), Akansha (for being so talkative and sweet and nice all the time :D), Annie (for having a great blog and being so high always :P), Abhishek Sardar (for his funny blog), Shruti (for commenting religiously on twitter,blog,FB...everywhere and for leaving Edward Cullen for me), Amrita Roy (for being one of my best blogger friends, for being so cool and different. Of course for the 'OMG Ranbir!!'), Saheli (for being koochie-sweet and for being one of my best blogger friends) Amrita~Ams (for being so sweet and funny and for all those discussions about hot guys >:D<), Chitwan (my senior in college, my frand, my unpaid commentor :P you rocks che), Rishi (my college senior who did bother commenting many times after I asked him too. Thanks!), Aninya (for noticing me on a busy Mumbai road and recognizing me-I still can't believe it!! And for being so cool and sweet!!), Shaunak (for having one of my favourite blogs and for the awesome humour and fun you provide all the time), Ajay (for the scrabble games and 100 arsenal videos and 0 comments on my blog), Deluded (for dropping in sometimes and oh, your blog rocks), Anurag Chatterjee (Jai Maharashtra! Thanks for commenting religiously all the while) Ashutosh (for having a nice and thinking blog), Scattered thoughts (who hates poems lol. Sorry, will not bug you more in future. Thanks for bearing me :D), Ankita (yup, the enchanting one! Thanks for commenting all the time!), Kajal (for being one of the oldest commentors and for having one of the pinkest, cutest blogs!), PJ (for being so sweet, cute, naughty and for her Rahul mania), Pallav (for commenting religiously always!!), Isha (for her sweetness and her awesome blog), Nandita (for the law-bond we share, and for her over excited way of writing her blog), Mayank (for the senti blog), Disha(for being a sweetie), Dr. Acula (for being almost a xerox copy of me, except the SRK love), Meera (for being so sweet), Anil Sawan (for commenting religiously again) Stupidosaur (for the cool posts and long comments which he rarely contributes to my blog- good, I don't have to read much then :P), Aayushi (for her awesome blog), Sarath (for his ROFL status messages on FB and his ROFL posts too), Urv (for having one of my favourite blogs and for being so funny), Kirti (for being so sweet and cute!!), Arnab (for his hi-fi blog), Prachi Bansal (for being so sweet and over excited), Aditi (for being so cute and having a cuter blog :D) Abhishek (garambhejafry- for the funny one liners and for the rare posts he throws on his blog), Sweta (for never bothering to update her blog but still commented on mine :D), Rohan (for barging in my blog once in a blue moon and I never bother to return the favour), Sugar-Cube (for her cute posts and sweet comments. And for hating Miley jab hum tum. Pah!) Reflections (for awarding me even without me reading her blog. Uber sweet.) Chocolatelover (for being so chocolatey and sweet :P).

No, I'm still not done :P

I would like to thank my silent readers- my mom (who reads and gives a thumbs up sign for almost all my happy posts), my sis (who gives me a wtf look plus wtf lecture after every post. Kidding. For being so supportive), my dad (for not bothering to read my blog. If he did, he would throw me out of the house :D), G Anna (for his awesome comments..and for taking out time to read the blog always!! Love you), Harini and her sister Namrata Akka (for religiously reading my posts, Akka reading more than Harini even though Harini is with me 24*7 in hostel and she is even mentioned many times in my posts :P), Adithya (for reading some of my posts and giving positive comments), Hemant (my rakhi bro, for reading my posts and commenting), Spoorthy (my junior who reads all my posts and always gives great feedback), Aparna (another junior who loves me :D) Gaurav (Nidhi's friend. Thanks for all the positive comments)

I'll admit, Mads Mad Mess has lost its sheen since it's started and some depressing posts started popping up and I guess it gets tiring for readers too to read cribbing posts. Bring in 2010! Mads Mad Mess has just finished his warm up (My blog is a MALE called Brian. Sweet name naa? All my diaries and my blog are Brians!) Let this blog get started now :P

Friday, January 1, 2010

Looking back at '09

You are over, you are gone, you're finished,
Thank God, you ain't gonnna be back,
Guess you are happy your job's accomplished,
Hope you hibernate, whilst you hit the sack.

What about that gut feeling that,
You are gonna suck, fuck it all out?
No, I didn't put on weight, no fat,
Didn't lose my temper, not a shout.

Just when it was getting bearable,
A glimpse of myself was shown,
Naah! Realized, life can't be stable,
My happiness couldn't be borne.

A sudden jerk, of horror, shock, pain,
Like a flash it was all over,
Picking up the pieces, had to be sane,
Nowhere to run or hide, had no cover.

Cheers to 2010, not hoping for the best,
Since 2009 took away everything of mine,
So, 2010, take what's yours, be my guest,
Coz whatever you do, I'll have to smile.