Friday, April 17, 2009

And finally, I enter the T20 league

I finally turned 20 years young on 14th April (I share my b'day with Umar Gul, and it's Ambedkar Jayanti, and Titanic sank on 14th April, 1912. Hah!)

That means only 5 years to get married \:D/ :D Yippeee!! :D

This was my best birthday ever, since most of the people remembered my birthday (only one friend didn't wish me this time)

I got terrific gifts, specially from my blogger friends, which shows how much my life has changed, since my previous birthday.

My joint shit-ers gave me the cutest gift ever in our joint blog (They actually put the template as pink!! I mean. There are boys in there, and pink?? :D :D :D)

Multimenon wished me in his post, which was damn sweet. =) =)

Peter made me 2 collages which was damn cute again (with some pink in it again :D Bichara must seriously be in the 'pink' of his health now :P)

Loads and loads and loads of bloggers wished me, and a very big Thank you to them =)

My college friends and school friends gave me awesome gifts and my family gave me a card. My sister sent 3 e-cards =)

Devastated for missing out on IPL till exams get over.

I actually don't have time to post, so I just wrote a by the way post. Yeah, it's exam time again. Just a note to all my blogrolled people that exams are the reason why your blogs are deprieved of my wise comments these days :P

Will be back to Planet blogspot on 2nd May.

P.S- Boring post, naa? :P Kya karein. Corporate Law did this to my brains (Yes, I'm a law student. 6th semester. And hopefully will climb to 7th semester if you wish me good luck and mannat mangofy for me :P)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Iyer Circus :D

My family has people from IIM-A,IITs, BITS, and a recent someone studying in University of Buffalo. Not to forget people representing Bombay Gymkhana in football, basketball, what not balls :P .....And yours truly in a National Law University (blushes)

The point being,there are intellects in my family, who might seem like those freaky Nobel Prize winners who are brainy and those typically smart South 'Indiany' (If I run out of careers, I'm writing my own dictionary...Which I shall call 'Mads Dick' :P :D)

But such people are actually one among the common folk.

1) Me (cribbing and wailing)- Dad, please find me a good lawyer, I need to fix my summer internship.
Dad- (removing his headphones and still screaming so that his wife can hear his joke and get thrilled. Oh man, these married couples I tell you!!)- Are lawyers good? :O :D

2)Mom recounting an incident that happened at her bank.
Customer (in a typical gujju wailing voice. No offence meant to any gujjus reading this, but you'll understand the best what I mean by that voice :P)--What's written here???

There was a signboard saying "LOCKERS AVAILABLE"
My mom, full of attitude, ignored her (my mom, but obviously didn't hear the Sanskrit saying of 'Customer is God')

Customer (struggling to read English)- It's written...Jokers available...There are jokers available here??? (puzzled face)

Mom- (LOLing and ROFLing all over the bank)
Customer (when the divine light finally fell on her)- Oh oh..Lockers available (in a small voice)....

3) My sister (The Buffalo...studying in University of Buffalo, re :P) went for ice skating, and I was telling my grandpa about it over the phone. My grandpa said that even he wanted to learn ice skating. But there was no ice in Bombay.
Just as I was struggling to laugh at that, my dad said, "Arre. He has ice...That too, two eyes" And grinned.

This was the ultimate inspiration for me to start writing a will.

4)I was telling my dad that SRK reads the newspaper in the bathroom and how yuck it is.
Dad- No wonder, the newspaper is full of shit.

5) I was going out with my dad. Dad was ready and I was multi tasking and getting ready (combing my hair with one hand and wearing earrings with the other and shouting for my mom to find my cell phone) Dad was impatient so he yelled, "I'll go and reverse the car." Pause. "I'm down"
Dad goes out, just to return back in a Tata nano second with a quip.
"I'm down, but I'm not out!!!!!!!"

6) My grandpa- I love that movie Sholay. You know, I...saw that guy...Gabbar...Amjad Khan, I mean.
Me (frantic, since I wanted to boast to my friends that my grandpa and Amjad Khan used to be susu buddies or they went to school together, anything. I'm the exaggeration queen)- When? Where? How? When did you see Amjad Khan?
My grandpa (in a cool and smug voice)- Oh. On TV.

7) Whenever our computer crashes(yes yes it happens only in the Iyer family), we call a guy to repair it. And that nice gentleman always ends up deleting our valuable stuff i.e. songs,pics etc.

So, during the most recent crash- The first time for my laptop, mind well, that guy was summoned again.

Me to Mom (in my most ferocious tone-growl)- Wonder what he will delete this time....
Mom (cheerfully)- Our bank balance :D

I am definitely writing my will now.