Saturday, June 14, 2014

Vow to Wow when you finally say 'I DO' !

The whole world is getting married, while I'm left wondering what is a good title for this blog post. Some of the marriages that I attended in school, have already failed, while some of them are now being termed as a 'compromise'.

After seeing all these marriages fall apart, hearing my own heart break a several times, maybe it's too late, for most of us, to try to put our faith in love, once again. Marriages are no longer a choice- it's more of a routine, which happens in your 20's. I've had several mood swings regarding this topic, so leaving my personal opinion aside, I just wanted to share something I read recently.

I am currently reading this book 'Eleven Minutes' by Paulo Coelho. There was this amazing passage where the girl talks about love. When you fall in love with a bird, you actually look at the freedom with which he spreads his wings, and travels the world. You wish he would take you with him, far, far away, into the open wide world. Because you fall in love with him, you want him to be, by your side all the time. So, you cage the pretty bird, and stare at it, all day long. But now, the bird loses his freedom, as well as the will to live. You fall out of love with him, because he doesn't express himself anymore.

Sounds familiar? I'm no one to give anyone advice, nor am I anyone to take advice from anyone. All I am saying is, don't lose your flight. And don't be the one to cut someone's wings.