Saturday, March 13, 2010

I 'ear you...not !! :P

We have all heard of the phrase of 'slip of the tongue'. But slip of the ear?

1) Back in 1st year, was the time when we innocent kids, who had just left school, used to answer with full josh in class. I was one among them who answered and took notes too.We had this introductory subject on law. Sir droned on about the importance of lawyers in this country and how important our President is. My batchmate who was half asleep suddenly shook and turned back at me.
"Did he just say lawyers are impotent and the President of India is impotent?"

2) A week ago, a girl in my batch sat next to me and was pretending to diligently take notes. I was unfortunately distracted from the lecture due to a (z)hero in my class who was sleeping and exposing his purple with white checks underwear (I did not look, unfortunately he was in my line of vision !!) Hence I was sorrowfully blocking out the lecture.

Suddenly, the girl nudged me and asked, "What was the name of the case, yaar?" "PUDR v. Union of India", I answered, surprised at my own inteligence.
"Oh" she reacted and roared with laughter. "I heard it as Urine of India, so I was wondering what the hell is he saying!!"

I miss the time when friends weren't for materialistic purposes as they are now. I can't even think of one friend who I can ask for help or just give a call and talk bindass without any hesitation that I'm disturbing them. This has left such a huge void in my life. Maybe life would have been different if I had such a friend. I have ranted a lot about not having good friends so I guess I shouldn't talk about it yet again. But it's good to know the ugly truth- you won't let it get to you and make life more miserable than it already is...

Next week, we have to fill out registration forms for our placements (Next year I'm going to be in final year). This weekend will give me a lot to think about. It's time to stop worrying about others and giving importance to anyone, because no one is going to help me decide what I will be
doing after one year. This phase is definitely pissing off, and for a person like me who is very impatient, it's going to be tuff for what I'm planning to go for.

I'm happy for Chitwan..Read his post to find out why! And kindly comment on his post too.