Monday, May 24, 2010

An eye-opener!!

Eye am back :D Ok, I never went anywhere, hmmm. Everything's the same with me. Weight- 58 kgs (Yay! Didn't lose weight this time during exams!) Height- Well, increased according to some rare tall people in my college who claim our eye to eye contact is on parallel length now (If you didn't get what I'm trying to say- ignore) So, it should be 5.8'5 *sniggers at her fellow female bloggers* Arre, no seriously. Girls shouldn't be more than 5'7. You don't get tall guys these days. My seniors looked upto me-literally- and ragged me, imagine- their embarassment and mine. Even when you pose for pics, you end up looking like the maa of all the bacchas next to you. Or you are thrown in the corners of the pics always (NOTICED IT IN FACEBOOK PICS, PEOPLE??) But it's ok, I shouldn't crib much. Many Dr. Acula's (Oye, whoever knows the real name, don't write it in comments section..thanks :P) couldn't take part in Miss India etc. events because of lack of height. I wish Godji had given me some brains then to take part in such stuff. Haha Mrs. India is still there :D

Ok, I'll just get to the point now. I got laser operation done for my eyes (I used to wear specs/lenses btw) and I just wanna tell all you specsy people to go for it and not be afraid of the pain and crap, because it's nothing! You just got to take precautions after the operation (NO TV, NO COMPUTER, NO SMS, NO BOOKS). I nearly died and cheated by watching the Eng v. Aus T20 WC finals (RIP AUSTRALIA- How could I miss it since I was the only one who predicted England would win this time?!) and well, Facebooked a little (My sister's friends ratted to my sister that I was FBing in bimaar halat, who in turn told my parents- OMG this is serious social networking, my friends!!)... You know what? Of course you know, but still, you know what? I can't join any FB groups anymore! My limit's over. Any clue how to check how many pages and groups you have joined? My profile page is flooded and it shows me 785 pages, but I think it includes groups too...Oh well...Why waste time? :P

Oh well, the world is getting married, and I'm sitting in a lonely corner, unemployed, feeling uneducated, unboyfriended, unvalid..errr invalid.. NOT REALLY! Single rocks, oh yes it does.
Oh Sigh, Dhanya, Nidzzi, Harshita, get me someone naa.

Happy Anniversary, mom and dad! EEEEEEEEEEEEE I love you :) And Lavs se bhi wishes che :) :*

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Own Little World- A Dhanya dost/post :D

Look at that. Enlarge the pic, you idiots. Just some time back, she was single and had all the time in the world for me. Now, it feels rotten when I have to 'share' her with a 'boy'. Ugh.

One of the few people I've met on blogsville and genuinely felt like it's gonna be friendship forever, is when I met Dhanya Venugopal. Feels weird calling her by her real and full name considering I call her Deedee, Dhanteras, Dhanna, Dhanno, Dhans, DV, kundi or any damn thing that comes to my tongue. She's everything I wanted as my big sister after my real sister went to the U.S. I have blabbered my heart out to her, used explicit language on other people, cribbed to her, insulted our mutual friends, cried my words out to her when things were bad at college, everything. She knows every little thing about me and is still friends with me! :P I have made rotten jokes about her marriage, post marriage sab kuch. And she merely does a WHEEEEEEEE at whatever I say :D

She may appear immature and childish but trust me she's not! She's one of the most sincere and smartest people I ever knew. I didn't want to make this post boring, but I just had to write something for her. Ok, will end it on a funny note :P

Dhanya: Vir Das? oh yeah... that saifu look alike ?
me: :D grins :D
Dhanya: he also has big nose :-w
*adds him to big nose company*
Dhanya: which sports firm btw :-w
me: sports keeda noida che
Dhanya: nice name
me: keeda is weird :-w
keedi means ant in gujarati :-w
Dhanya: oh...keedi.. will suggest that name to someone :D who doesnt know gujarati.. :D *giggles*
me: hahaahah
Dhanya: since i am named after coriander :-w
Dhanya: jumps on u
me >:D<
Dhanya: i typed hump by mistake at first :-w
me: =)) u hump on me :-w
Dhanya: yes :D hee hee.

Sigh. I love you, Dhantana :D
P.S- Dhanya, you know what? I was reading through our past chats trying to find some of our funniest conversations to put them up here, but I could just see adult content everywhere :O We really must talk stuff which are U-Rated from now on.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nidhi Typos, Jay Sean, Bluetooth Fun !!


Ok, I'm high. Listening to Jay Sean(I'm obsessed with that idiot. Eminem who?? Jay Sean rocks :D), chatting with Akansha and Harshita(AFTER AGES), drinking Nimbooz (It's almost equivalent to Vodka in the dry state, people!!) and clearing my room (I'M BACK HOME!!) is so completely my kind of thing :D

BTW, I HATE Jay Sean's almost takla look. The crew cut, so very doesn't suit him. Doesn't he look cute and adorable and hot at the same time, in this hairdo??
Thinking about Nidhi Mangal now. Did you hear about her latest typos??

1) Nidhi: Yaar mads
Mads: Bol mangal :-w
Nidhi: Yaar I'm having so much hari fall all over my back.
Mads: *splutters* who the hell is hari?
Nidhi: :( :(

2) In one of Nidhi's posts, Harshita discovered the typo and pointed it out to me. For sadistic pleasure, we didn't ask Nidzzi to correct it and instead, I showed the typo to Dhanya and some other bloggers :P
The typo was:
"I love to make-out" instead of "I love to make-up"

We got holidays for 3 months almost. I'll have to intern obviously. I'm off to Hyderabad this time. Can't wait to taste Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani. Ever since I got my first tooth, I've been waiting to eat it. No, really!! I'm obsessed about it since, a really long time :D I am a fultoo PETAian, so I'm just gonna *taste* it. Just once, pretty please!!

For all the losers, who are going to attend college and endure boring classes, here's a tip- try sending random pics of the classroom or some random pics of some guys sleeping in class, and send it to any bluetooth which is switched on in class. I changed my 'neela-daant' name to Bhoot and sent it. Alas, people rejected the pics with a strained look on their faces, and Harini and I were so very dejected. Hope your luck is better.

In case, you are wondering why I laughed in the starting- It was a sadistic laugh at you people, that you actually read the whole random post till the end and you are still here with that stupid smile on your faces :D

Love you, bloggers :D