Saturday, March 13, 2010

I 'ear you...not !! :P

We have all heard of the phrase of 'slip of the tongue'. But slip of the ear?

1) Back in 1st year, was the time when we innocent kids, who had just left school, used to answer with full josh in class. I was one among them who answered and took notes too.We had this introductory subject on law. Sir droned on about the importance of lawyers in this country and how important our President is. My batchmate who was half asleep suddenly shook and turned back at me.
"Did he just say lawyers are impotent and the President of India is impotent?"

2) A week ago, a girl in my batch sat next to me and was pretending to diligently take notes. I was unfortunately distracted from the lecture due to a (z)hero in my class who was sleeping and exposing his purple with white checks underwear (I did not look, unfortunately he was in my line of vision !!) Hence I was sorrowfully blocking out the lecture.

Suddenly, the girl nudged me and asked, "What was the name of the case, yaar?" "PUDR v. Union of India", I answered, surprised at my own inteligence.
"Oh" she reacted and roared with laughter. "I heard it as Urine of India, so I was wondering what the hell is he saying!!"

I miss the time when friends weren't for materialistic purposes as they are now. I can't even think of one friend who I can ask for help or just give a call and talk bindass without any hesitation that I'm disturbing them. This has left such a huge void in my life. Maybe life would have been different if I had such a friend. I have ranted a lot about not having good friends so I guess I shouldn't talk about it yet again. But it's good to know the ugly truth- you won't let it get to you and make life more miserable than it already is...

Next week, we have to fill out registration forms for our placements (Next year I'm going to be in final year). This weekend will give me a lot to think about. It's time to stop worrying about others and giving importance to anyone, because no one is going to help me decide what I will be
doing after one year. This phase is definitely pissing off, and for a person like me who is very impatient, it's going to be tuff for what I'm planning to go for.

I'm happy for Chitwan..Read his post to find out why! And kindly comment on his post too.


Priya Joyce said...

awwwwwwwww....the first two points wer so funny specially the frst ..loved it..:P
..but it took me back to my Kv times...uffff yaadein ;);)
It usta happen a lot of times ter...

abt frnds...well...we make a lot of frnds..some prove to be gud and some bad..but at times we remembr all the masti we did with them...

recently one of ma old..frnds called me and i reminded her that we used the nick name
You Kutta for a gal called Yukta...
she exclains..kitte kaminey hei na yaar appan ;P


i mean to say jaise bhi ho sab yaad aate hei tats important re :)


vanilla sky said...

Important - Impotent , we too mis hear all the time!
eg: 'Farhan's character is quite important in KCK "
Miss truthful- how do you know he's impotent?

Exactly yaar, when you try to find how many people you can call anytime, talk anything, then you realise how few friends you have :(

Aanchal "Don" said...
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Aanchal "Don" said...

Hi Dear,
I don't know you but your blog is really nyc and interesting and funny too...

i am really sorry to disturb you bt i need a lil bit help regarding Law as a career and i would really appreciate if u cud gve me ur email-id.

Hoping for a reply.


peter said...

Funny incidents :)

Did I tell in school days there was this guy who was sleeping in the Physics lecture and some junior girl came in the class and said

"sir, Madam is calling Shruti"

and the guy gets up and screams " Kya monday ko chutti hai ?" :D :D

Yeash It's ur life ..u have to stand up and take right decisions ..and you can do it :)

Abhinav said...

You are going to do well in the final year Mads... Placements k liye all the best.. if you want I will fill the form for you :P

Hehe clg frnds normally matter only till clg! :) clg over.. they go puffff!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

:) as saheli said 'impotent important' happens all the time hehe
but 'urine' takes the cake :D
is she a s(h)itter too? :P

you can ping me whenever u want ( i might be a lil boring nevertheless all ears ) :)
all the best with the placement in firms and life :)

ps: do u know paris hilton has a " who will be my bff?" reality show?
as long things like that are there, hum to apne normal walon se hi khush hai :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

ps: saheli usually knows who is impo(r)tent and who not :P

The Guy said...

can't even think of one friend who I can ask for help or just give a call and talk bindass without any hesitation that I'm disturbing them. <-- these Lines , I can not agree with! They just fill you up with BS, and make your father worry about the bills, and you have prank calls from them over and over again! :P
Although can't say I don't enjoy All of these mentioned above! Ask an experienced caller! :D

ki said...

it's tough to find such friends these days sab apni hi bhaag daud mein busy rehte hain :\

Randeep said...

hehe. funny. I used to sleep in class. but i wont ask any questions. even if i heard something wrong. listen to class yaar dont waste ur time lookin some stinky underwear. ;)


k.ø.c.h.ü said...

U did not look, but he happened to be in your visual field ! :-) ahem ahem ! :-) n hey, know what, it's always JUST YOU. Love yourself more than the rest of mankind! :-)

k.ø.c.h.ü said...

Know what. It was the third standard i believe.vocabulary was in its infancy. A class mate had headache-technically vertigo. De one sitting next 2 her shouted 2 de tutor- MA'AM RAKHEES HEAD IS ROUNDING !

nandita! said...

A really cute guy who came to participate in our annual moot court comp asked my friend "where is the loo?"

My friend replied: "Thank u, same to u!"

Guy was like "duh" and walked away muttering something..I was standing near my friend and after the guy left I asked my friend what she heard.

She said "Happy Valentines day!!!"

And oh yes it was feb 14th! :D

rohini said...

hey a very nice post...made me think of my college days....i rem my days when i was very serious for my lectures though with the years my bunking increased too...
find time to visit at my place to...

Ajay said...

1st two points were funny...and im not surprised by all kinds of things dat distract u in the class..:P:P

baad me itna srs ban gaya post...hey,kya yaar virtual logo pe bharosa nahi kya? :P(woh bhi sahi baat hai)...but i m sure u have ur bunch of mates to discuss/share ur feelings..:)

nywayz...nice reading it..upper part mainly..:P:)

Akansha Agrawal said...

Hehe, happens with me countless times, esp over the phone, and my friends are pretty fed up with me coz of it! ;)

But err... in a class I would never reveal what I heard :P just give a quizzical look and try to second guess... :-s

Baaki check gtalk... :-w

enchantinganki said...

I am already missing my clg days and my clg frnds... :-(

Aree, mai hoon na..m all ears and one big gossip to me watever and wenever u want :-)

Beshtttttttt luck for your placements..i will pray for u.. :-)

Mads said...

Priya: hehehe :P bichari yukta :P

Saheli: ROFL silly amrita :D :D

Aanchal: thanks for dropping in..will get back to u soon :)

Mads said...

Peter: lol :P

Abhinav: SO TRUE !!

Amrita: u aren't boring..*slaps u* :D
and OMG @ Paris seriously??? :O
hi5 re..we aren't utne despo :D

Mads said...

The Guy: lend me your friends then please :)

Ki: Hmm :(

Randeep: aargh that silly underwear !! :(

Mads said...

Kochu: Lol @ rounding :P
yeah..thanks for dropping by :)

Nandita: i cannot believe it..ROFL !! :D :D :D

Rohini: hehe :P thanks for dropping by :)

Mads said...

Ajay: wah cant believe u commented :P
nahi..its wrong to depend on anyone these days :(

Akansha: haha yeah embarassing it is naa :P
gtalk pe kuch nahi tha re :O i guess my net sucks :(
thanks :*

Mads said...

Enchantinganki: :* so sweet! <3 thanks a lot :) ur awesome yaar.

Dhanya said...

The post started in such a happy happy tone and then became all sad sad :| Maybe you never asked for help from people who are ready to help you ? Try and you won't be so disappointed :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

and the MADS is back to replying :D

Amrita~Ams said...

hey u do well in ur finals..
yeah....true frnds are hard to find...
par only few few ( read 1-2)..remain in contact....after coll...

baccha best luck..n...dont think too much..:)

Uncommon Sense said...

Urine of India.. thts so awesomely funny...

Shaunak said...

PUDR v. Urine of India?
Who'd fight the urine of a billion people??!!

Scattered Thoughts... said...

:) for the post..

:( for your state of mind..

:) just like that

:( coz college is going to end

:) coz life is still beautiful

sawan said...

1 & 2 are funny indeed!! :) small memories which mite gift u a smile later on in life :D

life dsnt end madhuri, and u and i meet new faces at each walk of our life. some become friends, some part of life. no one remain forever. but trust me, u wud get a support wen ever u ned one in one form or the other. way of life. so enjoy it :)

the last paragraph "Next week, we have to fill out registration forms for our placements" i read it as "Next week, we have to fill out resignation forms for our placements" and i was wondering why r u guys filin resignation forms to get a job!!! :-O

hav fun grl. bless u :)

Mugdha said...

a lot of ppl actually pronounce 'impotent!'

anyway...mast post..
all the best for placements and next year :D

gayathri-vishwanathan said...

all the best mads :)