Monday, May 10, 2010

My Own Little World- A Dhanya dost/post :D

Look at that. Enlarge the pic, you idiots. Just some time back, she was single and had all the time in the world for me. Now, it feels rotten when I have to 'share' her with a 'boy'. Ugh.

One of the few people I've met on blogsville and genuinely felt like it's gonna be friendship forever, is when I met Dhanya Venugopal. Feels weird calling her by her real and full name considering I call her Deedee, Dhanteras, Dhanna, Dhanno, Dhans, DV, kundi or any damn thing that comes to my tongue. She's everything I wanted as my big sister after my real sister went to the U.S. I have blabbered my heart out to her, used explicit language on other people, cribbed to her, insulted our mutual friends, cried my words out to her when things were bad at college, everything. She knows every little thing about me and is still friends with me! :P I have made rotten jokes about her marriage, post marriage sab kuch. And she merely does a WHEEEEEEEE at whatever I say :D

She may appear immature and childish but trust me she's not! She's one of the most sincere and smartest people I ever knew. I didn't want to make this post boring, but I just had to write something for her. Ok, will end it on a funny note :P

Dhanya: Vir Das? oh yeah... that saifu look alike ?
me: :D grins :D
Dhanya: he also has big nose :-w
*adds him to big nose company*
Dhanya: which sports firm btw :-w
me: sports keeda noida che
Dhanya: nice name
me: keeda is weird :-w
keedi means ant in gujarati :-w
Dhanya: oh...keedi.. will suggest that name to someone :D who doesnt know gujarati.. :D *giggles*
me: hahaahah
Dhanya: since i am named after coriander :-w
Dhanya: jumps on u
me >:D<
Dhanya: i typed hump by mistake at first :-w
me: =)) u hump on me :-w
Dhanya: yes :D hee hee.

Sigh. I love you, Dhantana :D
P.S- Dhanya, you know what? I was reading through our past chats trying to find some of our funniest conversations to put them up here, but I could just see adult content everywhere :O We really must talk stuff which are U-Rated from now on.


peter said...

Dhan tanaa is my name for her !

the conversations that u have put up are ordinary ...u must have had more than that ...coz i myself remember, me having more LOLable conversations with her :P

anyyyyhoooo ...nice dedication to ur dedee-addiction :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

I like her blog (cant put in words hehe)

yes Mads how could you choose Vir D. over Kavi S. ??? dhuuuuuuuu

keeda is ant in hindi too ....

Anonymous said...

Sweet! :-)

Nikhil Menon said...

thats a lovely dedication madsy.. very fitting it being for dhanoo too.. :)



BTW: I blog in WP now. :D,in case u didn't know.. :)

Aw.S.M said...

Awwww...thats so sweet damsy :) ...oh and i call her dhannitos...rhymes with carlitos...

Yaar come on..u guys have had way better conv...these ones seem recent...find some more...put ur back into it!!...

oh and yeah "insulted mutual friends"...true true!!...

wonderful dedicated dedication..dhannitos must be grinnin from nose to nose..khekhekhe


Nidz said...

hehe.. i thot pink P was coming somewhr.. cant see

The Bald Guy said...

Thanks a million billion times for putting this up.

Made me smile, and I'm sure we're all smiling who read this.

Dhanteras? OMG! Isn't that a festival?


Mads said...

NOTE TO EVERYONE: Don't compare your conversations with deedee with my conversations with deedee :| coz she has maximum fun with me. *glares at all of u* yes im possessive :|

@ peter- hmph. *gestures at the note* and p.s nahi padha? :X

Mads said...

@ amrita- nahiii i aewhi added vir das. i haven't even see how good he is at comedy re :P kavi shashtri is kavi shastri. haaye. haaye :D

Mads said...

Marshmallow- That she is :D :D

Mads said...

Nikhil- oh will blogroll u. kya re u keep changing ur url's all the time :| thanks for the comment :D

Mads said...

Amithy- HAhahahahaha *howls with laughter* nose to nose..khekhekhee...
insulted mutual friends- a lot :D
yeah i told u, in the old converstaions we talked abt A rated stuff or insulted u, so can't put that up naa :(

Mads said...

Nidhi- Pink P will come when you get married and I write a dedication for you :)

Mads said...

Ramit- :D Dhanteras is a festival but who cares :D
thanks a lot for reading and liking this :) :)

Dhanya said...

WHOA! Your first testimonial for meeeeeeee :D :D *Flies in the air like the Flying Swamiji* (You know who that is ;)) I loved it!!!!! :D :D And you could have done without those lame jokes! *hangs head in shame*

Love you Madzical :* <3

We will crack more u-rated jokes from now on ;)

яノςんム said...

meri to aankhon mein aansoo hi aa gaye ;'(

Dhanno, i so miss u too :D :P
yeah, we dont even chat much these days but I love you and R, you better take care of her and get ready to Jhelo-fy her :P

and Mads, i am here finally :P

sawan said...

dhanno rocks for sure!! :)

Chriz said...

i love her nose and i love mad'z height...


should have been a part of those conversations indeed..

Bikramjit said...

hmmm I loved the comparison to the Coriander :)

nice one he hehe

wheeee tooo thats what friends are for ..

bondgal_rulz said...

Awwwww!!!! This is so sweeeeetttt!!!!! :) :)

Lucky to have found you both here. :)


enchantinganki said...

Dhantanaaa Post che :-D
Vir Das is not Saif look a like :-X
What is 'kundi' madsy ??