Sunday, April 4, 2010

A lot of baatein.

She entered the room and threw her bag on the bed. She yawned and stretched. She had just returned from school. It was yet another hot afternoon. She quickly changed into her most comfortable pair of shorts and t-shirt and went into the dining room. Her mouth fell open. She couldn't believe her eyes. It was as if God had answered all her prayers. The victim was sitting there all alone. She slowly walked towards the table and grabbed a knife.

She cut the fresh mango into small pieces and started eating them...

Yes!! Don't kill me. I just didn't know what to write on. My college fest, PENTAGRAM just got over. It was LOADS of fun participating in random events. Took part for the last time with my seniors Chitwan and Rajul in Pictoretto and yet again, won with 3 seconds to spare like how we did last year also :P We had 'DAYS' and I dressed up for almost all of them. My sister had sent this outfit which Deepika wore in Karthik Calling Karthik. I LOVED the outfit as soon as I saw it in the movie and thanks a lot, sis for gifting it to me :)

I hated most of my pics. I swear, even a crocodile is more photogenic than me. But I really want you guys to see the outfit and I'm horribly velli since it's exam time :P So I'll upload the pics soon on Facebook!!

After almost 2 months, I finally had a nice, heart to heart talk with one of my bestest and important friends. Thanks for sorting out things somewhat and well...Please don't let the distance increase again because you are an integral part of my life. And you should know it.

Any lawyer reading this blog? Please give me an internship. I promise you, my lawyerish skills aren't as bad as my writing skills !!