Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hah-lah-peh-nyohs and Kamran Akmals :D

*waves* Ok, I am blogging after light years, but then again hardly anyone is reading my blog since the last few posts so boo to you, it's okay if I didn't blog all this while, you didn't even miss me !! :(

I didn't finish my last post actually...I published it before the hostel net could go off (My net keeps going in and out of coma all the time).I was talking about my disorder of correcting people especially their grammar. So, during one of my trips to Subway in Jamshedpur, I had to get a sub for a friend of mine Simba, who is very specific and stubborn about her dos and dont's in her sub. She called me while I was at the Tata Steel office for my internship and much to the amusement of the junior associates there, I wrote down diligently in my pad- "No tomatoes, no cucumbers and put in more jalapenoes and pickles" (Yes, the sub turned out to be tasteless and she knows that and she doesn't mind that!!)

So, I go to the counter lady and blah blah the instructions. Jalapenoes is pronounced as hah-lah-PEH-nyoh, btw for those ignorant souls. The counter lady goes like, "No JALAPENOES?" I smirk and roll my eyes thinking, "Lol, obviously they don't know the correct pronounciation."

The lady was called by her boss for some other work, so she left and was replaced by this guy. So I repeat the same order to him, only this time I pronounce it as JALAPENOES itself. The guy goes like, "You mean no hah-lah-peh-nyohs?"

Needless to say, I looked down at my shoes for being Mean Mads yet again.

Anyway! It's the last semester going on in college so I'm enjoying to the fullest. I got the tickets for the quarter finals of World Cup to be played at A'bad and I'm hoping for an Indo-Pak clash! The Sports Meet at our college had football for girls this time which was awefucksome....I was the goalkeeper and it was a dream come true to learn football !! College life getting over is pretty depressing, but hell yeah, I'm ready to get out and conquer the world \:D/

Btw onto World Cup 2011 news, have u heard the Kamran Akmal jokes? To rewind, Kamran Akmal dropped Ross Taylor on 0 twice and that bloke went on to make a hundred. Lovely Kamran jokes were floating around. Like:

1) What's Kamran Akmal's favourite pick up line?
Can I drop you somewhere?

2) What's the worst way to get out?
Caught Akmal

3) If Pakistan won the World Cup, they should not give Kamran the cup.

4) Why are we targetting Kamran Akmal?
Just DROP the topic now!!

I haven't blogged for ages, but it's not that I'm running out of ideas to blog...I shall be back sooner the next time with a complete mads-like post, I assure you!!

Loadsa love che :)