Monday, May 24, 2010

An eye-opener!!

Eye am back :D Ok, I never went anywhere, hmmm. Everything's the same with me. Weight- 58 kgs (Yay! Didn't lose weight this time during exams!) Height- Well, increased according to some rare tall people in my college who claim our eye to eye contact is on parallel length now (If you didn't get what I'm trying to say- ignore) So, it should be 5.8'5 *sniggers at her fellow female bloggers* Arre, no seriously. Girls shouldn't be more than 5'7. You don't get tall guys these days. My seniors looked upto me-literally- and ragged me, imagine- their embarassment and mine. Even when you pose for pics, you end up looking like the maa of all the bacchas next to you. Or you are thrown in the corners of the pics always (NOTICED IT IN FACEBOOK PICS, PEOPLE??) But it's ok, I shouldn't crib much. Many Dr. Acula's (Oye, whoever knows the real name, don't write it in comments section..thanks :P) couldn't take part in Miss India etc. events because of lack of height. I wish Godji had given me some brains then to take part in such stuff. Haha Mrs. India is still there :D

Ok, I'll just get to the point now. I got laser operation done for my eyes (I used to wear specs/lenses btw) and I just wanna tell all you specsy people to go for it and not be afraid of the pain and crap, because it's nothing! You just got to take precautions after the operation (NO TV, NO COMPUTER, NO SMS, NO BOOKS). I nearly died and cheated by watching the Eng v. Aus T20 WC finals (RIP AUSTRALIA- How could I miss it since I was the only one who predicted England would win this time?!) and well, Facebooked a little (My sister's friends ratted to my sister that I was FBing in bimaar halat, who in turn told my parents- OMG this is serious social networking, my friends!!)... You know what? Of course you know, but still, you know what? I can't join any FB groups anymore! My limit's over. Any clue how to check how many pages and groups you have joined? My profile page is flooded and it shows me 785 pages, but I think it includes groups too...Oh well...Why waste time? :P

Oh well, the world is getting married, and I'm sitting in a lonely corner, unemployed, feeling uneducated, unboyfriended, unvalid..errr invalid.. NOT REALLY! Single rocks, oh yes it does.
Oh Sigh, Dhanya, Nidzzi, Harshita, get me someone naa.

Happy Anniversary, mom and dad! EEEEEEEEEEEEE I love you :) And Lavs se bhi wishes che :) :*


Dhanya said...

How many times do I have to recommend the site to you? :P

Happy anniversary Kannan uncle and sexy Geetha aunty :D

peter said...

all in all a happy post ..nice :)
HAppy marriage anniv to ur parents :)

Nidz said...

Yoo long time u wrote anything. Missed your space. Hey ya i wanna get closer to you. He he.. Will your parents allow you for love marriage? N why no loling jokes this time?

Dr. Acula said...

LOL!!!! :D :D You're so lucky Madsyyyy...Mrs. India me pakka part lena..Mrs. Gladrags is there too..or is it the same? Pata nahi but whatever.. :( I wish I was as tall. Mera ek hi toh sapna tha bachpan me!!! lol. Wudnt have had to go thru the horrors of CA then. lol :D :P
haha, btw, thanks for - (Oye, whoever knows the real name, don't write it in comments section..thanks :P) :P

And yayyy for the laser operation!! good on ya mads..i'll tell my specsy friends!!

And a very happy anniversary to your parents!!! :) :)

P.S. - mereko bhi boyfriend dhoond do logon :P

Anonymous said...

Shit...there's a limit for FB groups!!!!Shit Shit Shit!!!

*this member just joined a FB group called.. "every time something goes wrong Shit comes out automatically from my mouth!" *

vanilla sky said...

Seems like you wrote the post in one breath!!
We should suggest Gunjan to go for laser,no ?
Happy anniversary Uncle and Aunty :))

♥ Chocolate lover ♥ said...

Happy anneversary to uncle and aunty x))

Anonymous said...

Take care of your eyes :)

And Happy Wedding Anniversary to your parents :) *hugs*

rohini said...

appy Marriage Anniversary to ur parents :-)

enchantinganki said...

Happy marriage anniversary to your parents>:D<
OMG you are underwt according to ur height!! :-P Mujhse lele plzz...!!

Aw.S.M said...

Dearest kannan uncle n geeta aunty..congrats on 27 beautiful years together..and further congrats on 2 beautiful daughters..must have been a tough time keeping guard while the boys kept peeping into the house..

Oye congrats on the surgery damsy..brain ka bhi karvadeti, wouldve helped :D

Oh n as far as being unemployed, single etc etc goes..u never know which reddy boy crashes into u while u r waiting in queue for the next allu arjun film...wait n watch damsy


Abhinav said...

Welcome back mads, ahem but you didnt go anywhere did u?

well actually you cheated a lot more than u say, smsing is also bad for eyes btw..

hapy anniv to ur parents.. they rock..

seeeee you soon :P kheekhee

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

Happy anniversary to uncle and aunty :D without you mads and her madness wouldnt be there , now would the dad and mom jokes :)

Now : *looks up at u* and gives a *duh* for the height prejudice! ask us chotu singhs :( all girls should be 5'9 :D then we wouldn't have to wear heels :D

And hehe yes social n/w che, kya kare petrol khatam hi nahi hota ;)

You aren't really invalid, internship hai na ..

yes why IS the world getting married , so soon ? hmmm

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

that wasnt now it's nor :(

Shaunak said...

Happy anniversary to the both of them!!

Aaaaaaaand you wrote something here after so long! Sahi hai boss!
I wanna get lasix done too, but I think I'll wait till after my MBA...I'll be staring at computer screens too much these two years :P

You and your FB's a cooler place because you become a fan of so many pages!

Prianca said...

hey, i had the same lasik thing done two months back
have to is a lot more comfortable

and about trying to stay away ffrom the HARDEST
nice post. and i think i've said this before but i like the color purple in the background of your blog theme.

and 5.8" inches, really???????/
somebody's really lucky. :))

What's in a name? said...

*Khambe jaisi khadi hai, ladki hai ya chadi hai" :P Flying too high advertising your eligible status for modelling Mady :O ? (5'8.5 ) A new roop I see of you here. Happy that the comment on my blog led me here ...hehe...

Maa of all the bacchas, hows the weather like upar at 5'8.5 :P ?

pRasad said...

This is my first visit to your blog. Liked the way you write...variety of topics..Following this blog:)

Keep posting !

nandita! said...

First of all a Happy Wedding Anniversary to ur parents!! :)

Mads, I did get updates on ur FB groups and pages, u sure hav a lot of funny ones( weird too) there! :D

U can call me your attorney said...

kind of late..actually very late to comment anything contextual (as in belated wishes for anniversary)..but i pray tht u get a guy as lively as u r..(even more) and and he wears pink,as pink as ur blogpage :P