Monday, November 14, 2011


So those know me would know that I'm technologically challenged. I'm fairly good at computers but when you throw words like "Unix" or "XP", I'm like, whoa, talk in English please!

It's the same case with me and mobiles, only- I'm worse with mobiles than with computers. Apparently, CDMA and GSM (I had to google to confirm their short forms) are somethings every mobile user must know.

So, I got my first cellphone when I started college mainly because I was staying in a hostel. I SMSed away to glory, not knowing how much would be cut from my balance (What's that?) Slowly, I learnt it all but apparently it wasn't enough....

My protective parents decided to get me a post paid scheme after my first year instead of a pre paid scheme because I used to go like, "I can't call you because I have less balance" when in reality, I wanted to use the balance for other purposes.Of course, I could not exploit the post paid scheme since you can see the number of calls you make, in the bill which but obviously went to my parents. Facepalm.

I used to have a free messaging scheme of around 1k messages but during my 4th year, I cut down messaging a lot, I used around 200-300 per day. So, mom asked me to go to the Airtel centre and get the scheme deactivated and activate this scheme.

Now, WHY do mobile shops have such cute guys? Obviously I had to make a fool out of myself by displaying my poor mobile sense.

Me: I want to get blah blah blah activated.
Cute guy: You could have just call our toll free number and gotten it done. You needn't have come.
Me: Ohh..(gathers herself) But how will I know if you have really activated the scheme? Huh?
Cute guy: Fine fine, let me activate it for you.
Cute guy: There, you go.
Me: Oh thanks! How much do I have to pay?
Cute guy: *poker face* Nothing.
Me: Oh no, I insist, how much is it?
Cute guy: Errrrm.. You are having a post paid scheme. So you will get a bill at your place. You don't have to pay us anything.
Me: ..........

Simba, aren't you nodding along with this post? :P

In other news, I'm still having the same old post paid scheme, which I still cannot exploit despite the fact that I'm working, because I live with my parents. HELP !!