Sunday, February 7, 2010

Grow up, Kids.

The last post needed some clarifications, hence I'm posting this one early. Firstly, it was not a feminist post, because I have not mentioned his/her at some places. That was a deliberate attempt to signify that even boys can be attacked or sodomized. I know your reaction will be a straight faced smiley at that one, but hey, the racial attacks in Australia were only at boys, FYI. Next, I know many of you read it in a forward but one particular point was a recent judgment by the Delhi High Court, so hey, caught you there. And lastly, when I said no male/female under the age of 15 can be punished, it is because it cannot be proved that they had the mental capacity to commit whatever offence they committed. So ultimately, if you smart people 'use' under 15 kids, it's only you who is going to be punished. And if you say, "Hey dudeni, I was just kidding", then I'll just say I feel sorry for you for being such a moron.

I chat with smileys and I may appear to be this immature, stupid prat. Copying some wise dude's quote: 'Maturity is when and where to be mature', I think this quote sums it all. But whatever I do, if it's not in favour of the other side, its accused of being 'immaturity' or being a kid. Oh yes, my hair style makes me look like a kid, but trust me, I've faced more shit in life to succumb like a kid to everything. I know people who mourn for days when their nails break by mistake. Or people who sulk for days when a thread of their sweater comes out. I've learnt to be patient, since I ONLY have such people around me all the time. I'm a great listener, hence people can't take it if I vent out something by mistake. I can take any shit that people come up with, but I cannot take shit that people blame me for. If I care I suck, if I don't care, I suck more. Hah!
I just want to send a clear cut message to everyone who thinks I'm a kid- Let me be! And you first grow up yourself. I'm ready to be your friend, but I don't expect you to be there for me, and hence, I need no advice on how to behave or who to talk with.

This generation is strange. In the past, we had friends who cared for us and about whom we cared for. Now, the new phrase is 'friends for benefits'. Friends need you only when they are low. And when you are low, you can simply go and boil your head, because there's no one who's gonna be there.

I know you are going to say, Mads, you have friends and they care and all that, but let's face it.

No one has time for anyone now.

P.S- Yet again a stupid disclaimer, this post is not directed at anyone specifically.


Chocolate Lover said...

"no one has time for anyone"

Shaunak said...

point taken.

Also, yes you do have friends and all that jazz...won't even get into that. Frustration's good to vent out. Kind of like taking a plate, writing someone's name on it whom you don't like and breaking it as hard as you can.(There's a restaurant in china that provides this service fyi)
Try it only if you have cheap plates.

Abhinav said...

Disclaimer : I want you to make a Disclaimer for me being my lawyer.

I like angry posts... Because you get to know the real person when he is angry.. this doesn't mean that when a person writes happily he fakes.. NO..

It just allows the reader to understand the person more..

and best is you settle the differences among yourself..

That's it!

IcE MaiDeN said...

SO MANY times have I contemplated writing a post on those EXACT same lines... But then some people (read: the ones who call me a kid) never actually grow up... so why bother?! I aint surrounding myself with negative energy when I have the most wonderful friends ever anyway... :)

Im sure so do u Mads, when u shut down ur lappy, I m sure you can pick up ur cell and call up some of the most real and true friends.... THAT is what makes this whole stupid show a lot less irritating and a LOT more amusing to me :D

Hasegi ab ya maar khayegi?! :P


Harshita said...


I love you for who you are.. and I don't need to tell u what I think abt u...

Also, even though u knw...still I am always there.. and I loved ur last post.. muaaaaah che!

Pallav said...

just be the way u r..
dont need to proove anybdy..

hey listen i m sure ur friends loves u.. bcz u r Mad...
n i too love u.... :D
so be happy..dont care abt all those...

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

Do you know what a very gyani person once said? "Stay foolish Stay hungry"

As long as we don't become assholic morons trying to show off our 'knowledge' and 'smartness' I think we can be what we want to.

I liked your last post call it my ignorance but some of the facts were new to me.

Don't frump for ignorants who think that grown up giri should be shown and if some body tells you to, then just imagine who wants to be a sucky grown up? "we'd rather be a has-been than wannabe"

intelligence and humour go hand in hand and ye tu janti hai :)

ps: that gyani insaan was Steve Jobs.
& i loved that "if you're low go boil you head" :D

amrit said...

I don't even know who you are, but when I read this post, I thought you needed a hug - so e-hugs from me - the Munnabhai way!

Scattered Thoughts... said...

If these are fumes? or I am imagining things!! :-/

mads.. dont go mad.. :) take care dear

vanilla sky said...

Arre just chuck them out !

Sick people are everywhere, you just need to ignore them .

Even in blogworld I see posts of people who call themselves 21st century woman and blah blah, and in next post they are cribbing about silly to silliest stuffs !

Arpit Rastogi said...

You are all fired up..

Now... Chhodo bi ye gussa ab jane do... :) :)

MultiMenon said...

nicely said.. Its a fact that in life,u end up being a loner..And the early u realize it,the better life would be.. :)

Take care


Dr. Acula said...

Madsie, Mujhe acha nahi lag raha ye post padh ke. :l :l :l

I think I know how you feel and I don't know what to say. :l

*Hugs* :)

nandita! said...

Finally Mads got mad! :P

We all love you the way u are.. :))

Divya said...

hmmm... thts rite... Friends for Benefits!!!

Sweet Addiction said...

loved the plate todke frustration nikalne ka thing @ Shanunak

@Mads- i have no words wht to say
i knw u show u r cool n kiddish . but whts wrong in tht? whts good in always showing a mature side ???
mature side sabhi dikhate hain.. pll dont shw their other side. which mads n me n some ppl loving Flaunt.
U if u dont like it we dont even sell it x(

Why on earth m acting so like mad??
y m i also x( angry like yahoo smiley???

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

sorry yaar :( that Stay hungry Stay foolish is from the whole Earth catalogue. But Steve Jobs made it popular .

anyway meaning is more important :)

Sam said...

Thoda paani pi. BTW "no one has time for anyone" , so freakin true!

Uncommon Sense said...

he he... it always nice to see ppl getting angry... ha ha ha, he he he

kunwar said...
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Sourav !!! said...

No, you are not immature, at least I don't think you are !
And I know it wasn't a feminist post .. I know better of course ! ;)

And remember when I asked you how many friends do u have .. numbers don't speak so well, really !

And you can boil my head at times, only if u want to :)

Take care !