Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm 100 che.

I officially hit my century today. 100 posts! Feels great. And trust me, it wouldn't have been possible without all of you jobless people who bothered to read me and comment and thus, encourage me to keep writing (YOUR FAULT!! :D)

It all started with a challenge to write a blog better than a batchmate's blog, and after lot of full stops in my journey, I'm equally surprised as Mads is, to have managed to reach the 100 mark.
I would like to thank that batchmate firstly for gleefully putting me down right in my 1st semester, which really got Mads going to have me in the first place. I would like to thank Alex Paul (one of my first ever readers who still bothers to read me when he has time), Prabhu Dutta Das (for writing comments which I never understood), Nidhi (one of my best blogger friends today. And my first female blogger friend. Ballika Vadhu, Fuller lips hide women's age, her being scared of my ':-w' smiley, we have been through all that), Peter (for sharing his old blog background, because of which we became friends in the first place and for being one of my best blogger friends), Abhinav (for assuring me since the first time he commented on my blog that guys like girls who watch sports. I still don't agree with you but thanks for being one of my best blogger friends), Trinaa (for the 'Awwwww Ranbir' comments and for being so funny), HP (for being so smart and the 'gujju'ness we share and oh, the cool photography!), Bhawanaa (for being a sweetheart always), Harshita (who entered my blog pretty late but her comments were sometimes longer than my post. Thanks for everything from twitter to Rohan Mehra. And you know that you are one among my best blogger friends), Dhanya (for all the fun, scrabble games, wit and Lol's and rolling eyes exercises you give me on blog and on chat. She is my blogger sister since she is so much like me) Amith (for all the nautanki and !! and for being the butt of all my jokes always and for the rarely to be seen nice side of you :P) Nikhil (for the sweet comments), Akansha (for being so talkative and sweet and nice all the time :D), Annie (for having a great blog and being so high always :P), Abhishek Sardar (for his funny blog), Shruti (for commenting religiously on twitter,blog,FB...everywhere and for leaving Edward Cullen for me), Amrita Roy (for being one of my best blogger friends, for being so cool and different. Of course for the 'OMG Ranbir!!'), Saheli (for being koochie-sweet and for being one of my best blogger friends) Amrita~Ams (for being so sweet and funny and for all those discussions about hot guys >:D<), Chitwan (my senior in college, my frand, my unpaid commentor :P you rocks che), Rishi (my college senior who did bother commenting many times after I asked him too. Thanks!), Aninya (for noticing me on a busy Mumbai road and recognizing me-I still can't believe it!! And for being so cool and sweet!!), Shaunak (for having one of my favourite blogs and for the awesome humour and fun you provide all the time), Ajay (for the scrabble games and 100 arsenal videos and 0 comments on my blog), Deluded (for dropping in sometimes and oh, your blog rocks), Anurag Chatterjee (Jai Maharashtra! Thanks for commenting religiously all the while) Ashutosh (for having a nice and thinking blog), Scattered thoughts (who hates poems lol. Sorry, will not bug you more in future. Thanks for bearing me :D), Ankita (yup, the enchanting one! Thanks for commenting all the time!), Kajal (for being one of the oldest commentors and for having one of the pinkest, cutest blogs!), PJ (for being so sweet, cute, naughty and for her Rahul mania), Pallav (for commenting religiously always!!), Isha (for her sweetness and her awesome blog), Nandita (for the law-bond we share, and for her over excited way of writing her blog), Mayank (for the senti blog), Disha(for being a sweetie), Dr. Acula (for being almost a xerox copy of me, except the SRK love), Meera (for being so sweet), Anil Sawan (for commenting religiously again) Stupidosaur (for the cool posts and long comments which he rarely contributes to my blog- good, I don't have to read much then :P), Aayushi (for her awesome blog), Sarath (for his ROFL status messages on FB and his ROFL posts too), Urv (for having one of my favourite blogs and for being so funny), Kirti (for being so sweet and cute!!), Arnab (for his hi-fi blog), Prachi Bansal (for being so sweet and over excited), Aditi (for being so cute and having a cuter blog :D) Abhishek (garambhejafry- for the funny one liners and for the rare posts he throws on his blog), Sweta (for never bothering to update her blog but still commented on mine :D), Rohan (for barging in my blog once in a blue moon and I never bother to return the favour), Sugar-Cube (for her cute posts and sweet comments. And for hating Miley jab hum tum. Pah!) Reflections (for awarding me even without me reading her blog. Uber sweet.) Chocolatelover (for being so chocolatey and sweet :P).

No, I'm still not done :P

I would like to thank my silent readers- my mom (who reads and gives a thumbs up sign for almost all my happy posts), my sis (who gives me a wtf look plus wtf lecture after every post. Kidding. For being so supportive), my dad (for not bothering to read my blog. If he did, he would throw me out of the house :D), G Anna (for his awesome comments..and for taking out time to read the blog always!! Love you), Harini and her sister Namrata Akka (for religiously reading my posts, Akka reading more than Harini even though Harini is with me 24*7 in hostel and she is even mentioned many times in my posts :P), Adithya (for reading some of my posts and giving positive comments), Hemant (my rakhi bro, for reading my posts and commenting), Spoorthy (my junior who reads all my posts and always gives great feedback), Aparna (another junior who loves me :D) Gaurav (Nidhi's friend. Thanks for all the positive comments)

I'll admit, Mads Mad Mess has lost its sheen since it's started and some depressing posts started popping up and I guess it gets tiring for readers too to read cribbing posts. Bring in 2010! Mads Mad Mess has just finished his warm up (My blog is a MALE called Brian. Sweet name naa? All my diaries and my blog are Brians!) Let this blog get started now :P


Harshita said...

Hey Brian

How ya doing? How does it feel to carry 100 posts on ur shoulders :D :D??

I think Mads Madness is still the same and well thank god!! u dont write same happy stuff.. Thank God, we know you are human :D :D

Brian, wish u grow more n more. Probably you can get married to Harshita's Chill-out Zone, make babies n then let them carry ur load of posts. :) :)

Thanks Mads for the mention n for posting finally :P

peter said...

Look I wanted to comment 1st on this special post, but Harshita already did and I don't want to see anyone else comment, by the time i finish posting this comment.

Your blog has always been my fav blog(yeah I see Brian Smirking) for some reasons ..which I am sure you already know.

'Mads Mad Mess' is a theme in itself, Yes you can copyright it and if u sell it u will earn million bucks for the entertainment.

May 2010 be awesome for you and the next whole decade too :)

My blog is still 29 posts behind hence u proved u are way above my league :)


Raise your pen/Keyboard :P

bondgal_rulz said...

You are SUCH a sweetie pie!! Honestly!!!

And OMG!! Have you left out anyone in this super special post?? ;)
Must admit, pleasantly surprised to see my name too. :) :)

Keep up the writing and the spirit, more importantly. :)

Kisses to Brian. :) :)

Dhanya said...

*Aankhein gol guma rahi hoon* ;)

I don't have to say anything more here coz you already know how special you're to me, Madsy! :) If I had a lil sis, she would have been like you only I am sure!

So sweet of you to actually dedicate a post for all your readers and friends. And thank you for actually encouraging my 'Rolling Eye' exercises coz you know how that really cracks me up :D :D Muah. Lub you.

P.S : Namaste to your mom and sis.

Special message to Mad's Ammi Jaan - Like Madsy already told you, you do look a lot like my mom! :D And please don't judge me from all the *ahem* jokes that I have cracked to ur daughter. All in good fun :) :)

My conversations with GOD said...

Apparently intellectual here!

*does her lil bhangra over excitedly!!*
thank u for mentioning me yaar although i have not at all been active on blogger for ages now..
par i read ur posts(even if i dont comment most of the times on anyone's blog now)
Te ae le ik tight vali jhappi!! >:D<
N btw thank u for introducing me to 'che' word :D

Sandeep Balan said...

congos on the century madsy! Shabhaash...u hv done mankind proud *wipes away tears* ;-)

Priya Joyce said...

congrats on completing 100 posts..
badi mehenat ka kaam hei ji :D:D

yaah..Rahul made me famous warna mei toh kuch bhi nahi :P:P

may u write more..and mention me more in ur posts :P:P

Ajay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ajay said...

of all the posts u wrote...i loved reading this..:P:)

ur blog is a male one?? surprised!..still i wont tell u those anti-women jokes dat i know..:P

"It all started with a challenge to write a blog better than a batchmate's blog" - no surprises being u, urself, ie madz....:P

100 arsenal videos?..i guess ek do kam honge yaar...:P

n scrabble games, ohh yeah....i remember ur "haar jao, haar jao plzz"..& "throws scrabble board in chembur ka church" so clearly..:D

trust me u can still win it wid me..:)

n zero comments on ur blog??

ohh ur angry status once upon a time for pple who dont bother to comment on ur blog was meant @ me never realised it until 2de..:P:P

i only started following ur blog after ur fingering vala post...though i was ur follower since long back...i admit my mistake..:(

dis wont happen again, now onwards im ur regular reader,follower n commentator, mark my words...*god help me*..:P:P

n finally...100 posts is a big thingy yaar..i m sure wid my speed i'll need 200 years to reach there..:)

keep entertaining pple wid ur posts n may 2010 n all forthcoming years be awesome to u n all ur readers out here...n wave ur bat & acknowlegde the crowd's applause for ur maiden century!!:)...

phew..dis is my longest comment ever on ny1's blog....hope it makes up for the ones i skipped b4..."khekhekhe" :D

keep writing n

Akansha Agrawal said...

Madzieee >:D< >:D< iske aage ab aur kya kahoon... janam samajh jao... :P

Badhai... for 100 posts :D

Sorry for not being active on blogger :| so of late no comments... :(

Abhi bhi no brain waves xactly... :-w

MultiMenon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Trinaa said...

Century maara!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaayiii.. :)

Have been away for such a long time that I've probably missed 80 of your 100 posts :(

How you been? I miss blogging and reading blogs.. waaaah!

But, kintu, parantu! No crying today. :D

I love your blog..always have :) hopefully i'll get back soon and continue our fighting over ranbir.. Tc Mads :)

The Bald Guy said...

Congrats! That's all I will say for now. I'm still confused who's Mads and who's Brian.

Urv said...

Sahi pic chhe :D

Yaar life mein kabhi na kabhi toh thodi mess hone waali hai. Toh zaroori nai hai ki posts bhi hamesha happy types ho. Its just a way of letting the steam out na. Toh zyaada tension nai lene ka chokri.

Me is one of your favorite blogs :) Yayyy :)

Urv said...

And congrats on the ton :) Ekdum Dravid types solid khelte rehna aur postte rehna. I might not always comment but I rarely miss out on catching up on reading em :)

Chocolate Lover said...

hey mads!
congratulations for the 100th post :D
'am really happy to see my name there
thanks :D
Keep blogging ^^

- Sugar Cube - said...

Congratulations for the century Mads!
Was a bit surprised to find myself in your list :) Actually feeling quite privileged :D

Your blog is awesome.
Keep rocking.

MultiMenon said...

Congratulations on scoring a century..Ranbir's first,rahul's 43rd and ur first too.. :D

Hope u bring smiles on everyone's faces with ur posts.But then hey,just being yourself is more than enough to spread smiles.. :)

God Bless Ya!! :)


I'll try 2 be truthful said...

yay :D and i say this really enthusiastically :D may you write 1000 more posts.
accha I saw I have the distinction of being one o' the few ppl jinka surname likha hai :P :P

hehhe oi we like the 'R' guys ! :P :D

and thanx for being my smiley dictionary.
I loved your family dedication the most :D tere 'dad jokes' ki yaad aa gayi.
congrats mads :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

oi Brian,
tum lagte angrez ho, but ho to sadde mads ke. sambhal lena kudi nu. pata nahi awai sochti hai ke tu achha nahi hai *blah blah*. maaaf kar diyo inna nu, 2009 ka bura asar tha, je bechari decide hi nahi kar pa rahi thi ki kaunse 'R' ko pref. de. upar se tum .
khush rahiyo, mads ko happy rakhiyo
100th post mubarka :)

The Double Inverted Commas said...

Congrats my dear. Now thats some feat!

ki said...

Happy 100 oye!!! :D

I like reading you very very much toh stick around till 200 okay? And tell mads thanks for keeping us all entertained with her posts, her new new smilies and her 'toilet', 'susu' on FB!!!

P.S. Mads? Anjana Sukhani = susu.


nandita! said...

Yours was one of the first of the thousands of blog I stumbled upon in Blogger and its still remains one of my favourites! Congrats on hitting 100th mark!!

So Brian is officially 100, but still young at heart not to mention funny and charming!:D

When ever I read your blog I am all similes and yeah I have noticed a few emotional posts too but that again brings out some special feeling when expressed by you “the Phunny Mirage”.

2010 is going to be awesome for you Mads and Brian.. :))

Divya said...

How sweet!! congratulations! i hope u ll write many such 100 posts :)

ur acknowledgment list is cool :)

akanksha said...

Way to go girl!!! Keep writing!

Dr. Acula said...

OYEEEEEEE....Maddieeee i totally totally agree with Ishaaa..I mean, I don't think you've left ANYone out in this SUPER DUPER special post!!! Matlab..main toh special hoon...but even the rest of em all!!! :P :P

I wish I knew in person, you know :l you're SO like me as you mentioned there :D i love it :D u shud really start liking SRK you know..LOL

And happyyyyy 100!!!!! :D :D I love ur blog! :) Ohh..and my best friend reads it too..religiously..she just thinks commenting takes a lot of time..Lol :D

Abhinav said...

Standing up and Clapping...!

A century is a century after all. Yes, I still love those girls who know about sports.

I wish Brian and you best of the best.

I will keep commenting on your blog till I get old enough that i will not be able to read or hear!

Well Done Mads!

IcE MaiDeN said...

Hey there! Congratssssss on completing your 100!!! *does bhangra along with you* :D :D

Agree with Isha n Ishani.. Havnt left ANYONE out in this awesome post... Awwww!!!

I didnt know ur blogs called Brian!!!!! (sounds super awesome btw :P)

Wishing Brian and you the very best of luck and hoping you have more centuries ahead of you!

God bless,
Lots of love,

Meera said...

:P Thanks for mentioning me dear...happy 100! Congos! :)

Where thoughts are Word$ said...

Hey thanks a lotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!! :)

And my heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to you & Brian!!

You both ROCK!!!!!! ^_^

Keep writing.I know I can't comment these days,but I surely read all your posts.They all are just awesome!! :)

Thanks once again!

Scattered Thoughts... said...

You know what.. I have had a very bitter experience with name Brian. All of my clients named Brian ended up threatening to sue me or other way around.. Hope things change for good with this Brian.. So Brian.. howdy? how does it feel to turn 100? and stop smoking.. not a good idea in your age.

Oh BTW, its nice to know about someone from the eyes of someone else but then you wrote only good things so it was not that fun ;)

BTW, I expected that "batchmate" will be a link but apparently it was not.. sad :(

sawan said...

yeyy madhuri turned 100!! oops.. Brian turned 100!! :P congratz girl :) may god bless you and Brian. may you pen for another 1000 and more and may Brian smile all the waay long :)

Congratz again. and all the best for ur academics :)

Amrita~Ams said...


so sweet of u ( *stares*..u wrote abt hot guys discussion :O...mai toh sabhke samne sati savitri banti hoon :|)..anyways...chod..

nacho.....gao...aish maro..

brian turned 100 >:D< HUGS >:D<

♥ LOVE :)

i toh like brian...Asmi( my blog) bhi like brian :P..
(make a note Asmi is female :P)

hope ur mads mad mess continuesss.......continuessss....n continuesss......


Shaunak said...

One hun dread! Kitna likhti hai Mads! Brian must be working too hard. He really should ask for a raise.

Brayan! Congrates phor yawr achievement! Bring on the next 100 posts faster. And if Mads doesn't post often, come to me :D

Madsie poo! :P Thank you for the mention, and for considering my blog one of your faves! :-h for that Hehe...I've got 35 more to reach your level of experience. Your writing had me hooked from the first post I read. Don't be so busy being a liar and blog more often.

Abhi, PARTY!!!

Chitwan said...

a major chunk of my 100th post of Thanks giving ceremony wud go to you as i begun my e-scribbling journey only after reading ur posts and coming to know how happy this virtual world makes u!!....
keep writing always,even when all IBM/Lenovo/HP etc. get replaced by Apple Macs' suuuuuuperior 3D invisble keypads on whom you find yourself too old to cope with the technology :P (Your computer fiasco post is still my reading pastime)

Lets celebrato...whom to call?Awwww ranbeeeer or Dhu-dhoni? :P

Lavanya said...

CONGAGULATIONS !!!>:D<....tum jiyo hazaaron saal saal...
keep's great to read ur posts, epecially with all the cool n apt pictures u find for them all :)

Garam Bheja Fry said...

*Does two and half somersaults and kisses ground*

*and writes this comment too*

heyaa! Congrachulations! 100 posts + more than 100 posts per day on Facebook! You are the "Cisco" of social networking!

Keep rocking! :)

Sweet Addiction said...

Wooh wht a long list mads..

U Rock

Shruti said...

Oooh congrats for hitting a century!! Gosh! this is interesting-'leaving edward for me' :D
u made it a point to mention everyone!!
u r a sweetheart n the official blog darling :) ..n u know dat ;)

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Anonymous said...

quite interesting read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you learn that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

vanilla sky said...

Awww...happy hundred Mads and Brian!! ** slaps herself for joining the party so late**
One of the sweetest posts which I can recall right now is the one about Pluto..I found it soo soo sweet !

Aditi..............:) said...

Hey Maddss!!!

Congrats for the 100th post and thank you for the mention!!! It means a lot to be remembered and written about!!! Keep writing!!! Love ya!


Stupidosaur said...

Let me fortify your comment list with comment no. fortify (45 ;) ).

Congrats for 100 posts!
Actually 99 posts only. It would not be right for giving someone an award for winning 100 awards, when that award itself is the 100th award. If this were an actual post about something, with additional mention of it being 100th post n all, it would have been a valid post. But this '100th post' itself is an award ceremony for '100 posts' where like the oscar winner you thank mummy pappa chunnu munni bunty and others who 'made this day possible' and do nothing else.

Anyways I guess that was enough irritating you ;). 100 posts doesn't make you the granny in the pic. If it were true, I am already three times dead by now! I didn't even notice when I crossed 50, 100, 200, 300, whatever. I guess its simple for me. Just spew junk, and they become like 'cool' posts eh? ;)

Also, the pic is not a correct analogy. If 100 posts make the blog a granny, it means its soon going to die too! And that surely isn't true!

BTW how come Brian agrees to the double humiliation of being somebody else's mess and being forced to wear pink! Wait, tripple humiliation of being shown as a grandma when he's actually a 100 posts old grandpa ;)

Anonymous said...

It was certainly interesting for me to read that article. Thank you for it. I like such themes and everything connected to them. I would like to read a bit more on that blog soon.

Aw.S.M said...

Hey Damsy,

Congrats on completing a 100 posts..though we deserve a lotta credit for bearing u through it all. I remember readin your blog for the first time and i found it offensive for all the abuses but the wit involved meant i d leave a comment here and there.

And then in time, we became friends, first through ur feeble attempts at tryin to convince me to join yahoo messenger and then through our online cricket league and then in time we became friends and i have to say i have enjoyed every moment of it.

So here i thank Brian for givin me such a straight forward, in your face, sweet friend..and heres to a 100 more posts...


PS: So there is the rarely to be seen good side of me for all to see again :P...

Anonymous said...

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Arnab Majumdar said...

First up, Thanks so much for mentioning me! It's been quite a while since I've left the blogging circles, but it's always nice to see when your name pops up in a post such as this. Cheers...

About Brian... 100 posts already? Blogs, they grow up so quick, don't they...? Sigh.... :P hehe


Quest said...

Mera number kab aayega- Quest ruminates (for over 2 years its ruminating the cud) :D

Sweta said...

whoopieeeeeee i think me d last one to comment on ur blog post
well Congratulationsssssssssss
May u keep writing such awesummmm postssss nd me comment karti rahun unn pe :P

pardy pardy pardy pardyyyyyyyyyyy

Sam said...

I love the way you write babes!! Its awesome..

Harini said...

Hitting 100 is a great feeling aint it. I am on my way there and i hope to hit it soon. Happy hundred :).

Anurag said...

ohh damn how come I didn't see this...dats coz I am not blogging enough :P

Anyway Happy 100'th mads...and yes Jai Maharashtra ! :D :D

Mads said...

Harshita- :D :D :D lol che. thanks! ;) and lets see whether mera Brian gay che or not :-s

Peter- thanks a lot :) and no, we don't have separate leagues here. huh! Blog vibes is sax is his own place ;)

Isha- :D :D :* :D

Mads said...

Dhanya-awww :) i so wish you were my 2nd akka :(
koi nahi...*rolls eyes with pride* :D
and message from amma :-w "arre i know ur jokes are aewhi in good fun only..*shrugs*" :D :D

Prachi- OYE !!!!!! :D *bhangrafies with u* :D
ur also damn cool che ;) >:D<

Dean said...

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