Sunday, October 3, 2010



This is one question I ask myself gazillion times a day.

I cry and crumble into pieces wondering what I am doing.

Where am I headed to in life?

Do I even like law?

Was it just another bloody impulse when I took up law?

Frankly, during all my internships, I have worked hard, but I am not happy doing that.

It's like a burden on me. My knowledge in law is almost zilch.

What are my parents and sister gonna say if I tell them I don't know what I want to do after I graduate?

I graduate in April 2011.

I can't go for career counselling because I have been there after my 12th and my aptitude results showed that they didn't know what is perfect for me! Hah! I was born screwed!

I changed my blog url so that none of my relatives or college friends read my blog now. And if they do it, they'll drag me for career counselling, or a psychiatrist or make me drop a year, something.

Ok, I ranted crap right now. And if I'm depressing you to death or I bored you, don't bother commenting CRAP and I don't care a damn if you didn't like the irritating music coming out of my playlist. That's the least of my worries now.

Almost forever, I have helped each and every friend of mine get through their problems and shit in life, so when I need someone, just stand by or else fuck off.

I have had enough with people.
P.S- Just a little happy element in the post- Anjaana Anjaani was awesome.


Dhanya said...

Make this blog available only when you're sure about what you want :)

You know for a long time maybe you won't know what you are actually destined to do and most probably you will take the easy way out now and listen or do things what others close to you are doing! But then one fine day you will realize what's apt for YOU! Wait for that day -- it's so worth it! Take my word :D

Muah.. don't stress too mucho.. love u!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

I remember a comment when I was ranting similarly on my blog.

' Aish kar tu aish kar
duniya jaye tel lene
tu aish kar'

sawan said...

let not the hours put in the last few years go for nothing. as dhanno says, destiny would whisper the magic word when its time, till then lets play around with life.

"fear is not good for success" - 3 idiots [the movie]

wake up to the world and smile, the way ahead is your's to conquer.

arshat.chaudhary said...

@I'll try..
I think the song goes like this -
Aish tu kar yaara
Aish tu kar..
Duniya jaye tel lene
Aish tu kar :)

Is it dorky tht i rem such old lyrics?

Nice post :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...


I didn't even know that was a song !!

Nidz said...

ya one fine day You'll realise wat you need to do. wat you enjoy, the way to get there. Till then do something instead of doing nothing. Love you

A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...
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A Benevolent Sultan for Life said...

Replace This with the guy in the blue shirt in This.

I like things a little more animated, specially when someone promises not to bite :)

Its when you get used to your usual nightmares, that your subconscious gets more creative.

Harshita said...

Okay, bitch!!

I am not going anywhere.. and am here to stay... Get it??

We are in it together... so letz sail thru....

Chal, give me a hug ;)