Thursday, August 27, 2009


It's ironical that my last post was titled 'Wake up Mads' where I cribbed about needing a Wake up call to get on with my life, and something did happened to wake me up. My grandfather passed away on 23rd August. Yes, he was 86 years young, but still he didn't really have any health problems; it was unexpected. He behaved like a teenager, his latest crush being Deepika Padukone (Why? Why? What did I do to that female in my last birth that she is being all mean to me this time around? First she steals my Dhoni, then my Ranbir, then my grandpa too!!! :O)

My grandpa got up at 5 in the morning to see whether Obama became the President of USA or not. He felt sorry for each and every beggar on the street and gave them money. He fed cows in the mornings on the way for his morning walks. He ate, drank, slept sports. Something which he forced into me, and I am forever indebted to him for that. He taught me and my sis to play badminton. He spoilt me like crazy since I'm the youngest grandkid. He used to predict the results of cricket matches, politics etc. (He predicted on the day of the finals that India would win by 5 runs :O) He felt sorry for each and every poor man. I mean he was real. No fakeness. So benevolent in such times where everyone is cruel in some way or the other.
He used to watch AXN and switch channels when we kids entered the room. Me and my sis used to call my grandparents up every Sunday and my grandpa used to ask us general knowledge questions and ask stupid jokes like: Q. How will you stir tea, with your right hand or left hand? A. With a spoon :P

Astonished me by using the word sexy once :O He used to comb my hair when I was small and my grandmom used to tie it with a rubber band; only to discover that both the ponies were lopsided :P
I went to their apartments in Chennai (my grandmom's health is not okay and she can't live alone in their place now so she lives with my aunt) for the last time before it was cleared out, right after the funeral. I found out all the questions he had written down neatly and carefully for us along with some jokes (one was about a bald man and in brackets, he had written 'takla'...Lol :D) He had preserved all the pics of us grandkids so carefully.

This post is never going to end. My grandmom and he taught us grandkids (my cousins, my sis and me) so much that whatever 4 of us are today, it's only because of them. We were/are closer to them than our how close we are to our own parents.

Losing someone who brought me and my cousins up is not at all easy. Life's changed after that dreadful Ganesh Chaturthi (at least my grandpa went away on a festival which belonged to his favourite God :D) For obvious reasons, I have not been able to read your blogs. Will get back whenever I can.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Wake up Mads !!

Happy Independance Day :D

Wake up Mads should have been the title of the movie, instead of Wake up Sid and they should have cast me and not Ranbir Kapoor.

Ask why?

  1. I'm lazy.
  2. I'm childish and I refuse to grow up.
  3. My grades suck and I have no goal in life.
  4. Like Sid Mehra (Ranbir's role in the movie, for those who are away from civilization, i.e. live in a hostel) cannot live without his camera, car , his friends and his X-box 360. I cannot live without my cellphone, computer, music, friends :D

But I LIKE it this way. I don't feel guilty when I have spent the day lazying around. I feel great when I play kabaddi with the ants running on the floor, blocking their way. I like switching channels on T.V every 5 minutes. I like clearing my hostel room and messing it all over again. I love listening to the same song for 20 times in a row. I love to work on my projects or study for a test just on the last minute. I love life the way it is. Without any aim. Without any goal. It's just cool che. Wasting time, enjoying in college. Even studying seems fun when I do it in the last minute.

I like this nonsensical post which is heading nowhere.

I like being 20, having 1 and a half year to graduate, and still not bothering to work and raise my C.G.P.A. I like going to the High Court and imaging myself as a lawyer there, after I graduate. I like to day dream that I'll become a journalist and write saaaxee articles and be phamous. I would love to start my own advertising agency.

A few concerned people lately have told me to grow up, to study, to become serious in life etc. etc. I am myself concerned about my future but nothing is moving in this little brain of mine.

I am like this.

P.S- Whoever thinks England is going to smack Aussie ass(h)es, repeat after me, Aussies suck :D

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weird che.

Tag lifted from my other blog shit for tat. Thanks Nidzzi :D

10 Weird things you need to know about me to get a good night's sleep tonight :D

1) I love to CLEAR. CLEAN. When I'm in a bad mood, clearing helps me forget my troubles. When I'm not well, I need to clear to get back to normal :D When I come back home for every semester break, I clear the very minute I step into my home :D

2) I hate Mehendi. Yuck. Dirty, stinking, cowdung like thing on my hands? Oh please. Spare me.

3) I love cricket despite being a girl :P And it's NOT for the cricketters and it's NOT to impress some dude with my cricket knowledge. Actually, it's a turn-off for most guys when I know the score update faster than the guys in my college. Still, I don't care. I will die a virgin (Harshita's recent dialogue) but I will not stop loving sports.

4) I hate Hrithik Roshan. Yes, despite being a girl who's straight, I hate him. He looks like a dinosaur. His dancing makes him look like he will fall over any minute. And his acting is just NORMAL.

5) I'm scared of escalators. I can stand lizards, spiders, reptiles, and even men :P I think I can even pass a dog (after screaming, abusing and screeching at the dog) but I will NOT go up(or down) an escalator. If there is an escalator in a mall, I will find the stairs or the elevator. If there is no staircase or elevator, then I will NOT go to the above floors in the mall. Yup, that's me. And this is one reason I won't/can't go abroad.

6) I was/am majorly obsessed with being Preity Zinta. I poked my pencil into my cheeks to get dimples like her. I changed my hair style to match her hair style in Koi Mil Gaya. Kept journalism as an option only because of her role in Lakshya (and also Barkha Dutt inspired me :P) Fought with boys saying, "Preity is mine!! No, she's mine!!"

7) I must be the only girl on Planet Earth who wants to gain weight :D

8) And I must be the only girl on Planet Earth who can finish shopping in a jiffy.

9) I still love my dolls and sleep with them :P

10) I cry in every movie, serial..From Mujhse Dosti Karoge to Saawariya to Kismet Konnection to Miley Jab Hum tum ke sad scenes, been there, cried it all.

I tag whoever wants to take it up...