Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Mature lesson on Immaturity.

I deleted the last post because it wasn’t a worthy birthday post, rather it wasn’t worthy of a post at all :P This is a long post, with a LOT to tell you, so read it or else click the X button and leave.

I started my final year in college this week. This is the last of the 5 years that we spent together but I felt like I was meeting them for the first time. The tension of placements and confusion of what to do after graduation is getting on to everyone. I don’t blame them, but it’s just getting depressing day by day. People glare at you if you Facebook. People stare at you if you laugh. I’m not the person to stress or to become hyper even if it means staying unemployed after graduation. I’m a practical person with almost 10 back up plans after my graduation. I know I’ll figure out something, but no one is letting me just be me. This has been a really difficult week in college…If any of my batchmates is reading this…I want you to stay cool! Or if you still want to freak out every single day till college ends…Then let me be me. You take stress, you lose hair, you get pimples and wrinkles.
I never had good friends in my life ever. I became close to my school friends only after I started my college. Even in college, I made only 3 good friends- 2 seniors and one batchmate. So in short, I do socialize, I do talk, but some friends who I think I'm close to, suddenly say they can’t stand me since I’m too immature for them!

Now, let’s make this post on immaturity. Immaturity is doing something without thinking about the repercussions? No, wait that’s being impulsive! And better be impulsive and get done with what you want to do, than be confused and ponder whether I should/could/would have done it or not. Then, let’s see...Immaturity is when you nag and crib and create a fuss about things? I haven’t even properly nagged and cried my heart out to my mom or friends when my grandpa died. Beat that! Then, hmmm…Immaturity must be when you think of your future and list out the things you want to do. Isn’t that simply being ambitious? Ok, then immaturity is when you crack PJs or laugh aimlessly. Then just look into the mirror and count how many wrinkles you have, and while you are at that, check out my dimple on my right cheek! Next, immaturity is when you randomly say nice things and are affectionate to your friends. The last time I checked, that was being expressive and…cute! And the best way to let your friend know how much you love them!
I have loads of definitions for what I think is immaturity but it’s only mature not to do that, since the real immature people are going to freak out on me if I do that ;)
Am I immature? Think again.
P.S- A quote I always quote and I want everyone who has been called immature at any point in time to use it as your defence- “Maturity is when and where to be immature.”
P.P.S- I feel like God! Happy 3rd Birthday to my blog- Brian! This post will surely displease a lot of people, but I just want you to know…That it’s not worth it to judge a friend and simply term them as immature after a small misunderstanding or leg-pulling session. That little big thing called ego shouldn’t come in between, if you are friends.


Abhinav said...

Those who fear placements etc are super idiots. just have patience and if you know are capable enough to face the world, believe me you will. It might take some odd time, might be depressing if you dont get place, might feel suffocated by the pressure from around, might feels like puking on those who gets placed but in the end what matters is how are you able to handle failure Just be you is what I feel the best way to deal with life.

(I can say this now after seeing this!)

ANd maturity is doing things at wrong timings without caring abt others. thats it!

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

Happy belated b'day BRIAN ji


It's not only you, but almost everyone has very a few close friends .
Glad that you've a dimple instead of wrinkle.
Glad that you're mature enough to have 10 back up plans.
Glad that you're mature enough to know what to do.
Glad that you're mature enough to know that life isn't about showing off maturity but about living it the way you want it.

& to all those with the little big thing called ego "tyacha nana chi tang" ( it means teri aisi ki taisi)

- all the best :)

Akansha Agrawal said...

Immaturity is not knowing how to spice it up, live it down, push it aside and stay in the moment... :-s

It's ok... placements do tend to take a toll on people, and like one of my WAD friends said... 'last year mein sab log bahut jazzbaati ho jaate hain, isliye bhool ke bhi don't say anything that may spoil relations' :) coz it'll be relations for life that will get affected :-s

Calm down, ask them to... and leave them alone for a bit :)

<3 your comment :D

The Bald Guy said...

You're cute! Happy Birthday Brian!

Just be yourself, and stop worrying what other people think of you.

pRasad said...

Your friends don't talk to you cause they think you are immature?? ..How immature is that??????? :D

Personally, I feel immature is the one who troubles other people due to his/her actions or the one who does not know how to behave in particular situation..Like, talking too loudly ...or asking a friend to come to movie when you know he has failed in the exam..

If you don't fall in these categories, ignore those ppl & live happily!..

BTw, I just read your post about Sardar guy you met in plane..Too good..felt soo sad about him as you did not share your number..

peter said...

Happy b'day to ur blog :)

Getting People around you tensed is something which makes you tensed as well even if you don't want to and in competitive world the nerds are your biggest enemies !! If you have plans and you work on them, then plcmnt doesnt matter..

Maturity is less of doing and more of a seeing things that happen in front of you and then understanding what it might lead you up to...
But that's all I think, to each one his own !

Shalini said...

Happy Birthday and Congrats!!
The year just started right?? What the hell are they freaking about then? Last year yar...enjoy and have fun!

Aditi..............:) said...

Hey Madssss!!!

Amazing post! Your quote will be remembered forever!!! Its sooo good! :-)

Sorry for dropping so less on ur blog...but promise will visit more often!!

Happy Bday to your lovely blog!

Prianca said...

A very Happy birthday to your blog.
Maintaining one for three long years is quite a feat!
and though i don't know you personally mads, i'm still convinced that any person who has the sensibility to define immaturity and break down the jargon we often associate with it is not an immature by any means.
Its a good thing if you are not concerned about placements, that is one sign of your maturity right away and let ppl say what they want to say, just dont let it affect you. :))
and ten back up plans, seriously??? ;)

Gaurav Kant Goel said...


Happy birthday to your blog. Keep rocking!!

Sreeja said...
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Sreeja said...

Happy 3rd Birthday Blog :D
Ok i cant give any gyan on how to handle final yr college because not reached that stage yet u see.

Anyway U have 10 back up plans to fall back on :D
I have come up with only 5 till now :-|

I like the quote :D
Will throw it the next person who tells me to act my age :P

And im sure u will do well in life .Best of luck with that :D

p.S : Happy birthday blog -Brian ki Brain? :-o
Who is this Brian dude? :-o :P

Harshita said...

How did I miss this one? *bangs her head on the desk*

Happy Birthday, Brian. Love you.

Madzzie, people just have to open their mouth n blurt out crap...Ignore!!

and who are they to judge u n tell u if u r mature or immature...I mean,come on... I think they are too busy figuring out ur sad... :D

Love u bahby!! for who u

- Sugar Cube - said...

I like that quote and it says it all :)

Umm the best I can suggest is not to bother bout what these other people say. The definition of being mature or immature is variable to situation and people. You just be yourself and make the most of it.Enjoy and keep smiling :D