Sunday, February 28, 2010

Now that's called fun :D

Ok, I know I've bored everyone silly since 27th Feb 2010 , continuously yapping about the match I went for. And yes, this post is about that, so brace yourself! It's a long post, if you ignore it, I don't care :)

I went for the India-SA match in Ahmedabad. My first match LIVE in a stadium. I had made a list of 'things I want to do before I turn 18' and the only thing I hadn't done then was bungee jumping and watching a live cricket match. And now, when I'm almost 1 month short on turning 21 I'm so glad I saw a live match!

Due to the %$@#%@# traffic, we reached inside the stadium to greet the Indian team in a huddle. I didn't know how to react when I saw the lush green grass and the Indian team who were so close to our stand. I screamed and the uncles in our stand chuckled at me. Btw, the person who gave me company is a girl called Shruti, who's my mom's colleague's daughter. She looks like blogger Akansha and was just like her- talkative and very chirpy! I was absurdly screaming till I got to my seat. Rohit Sharma was the lucky one to field in front of our stand. He looked back and gave a casual wave. Sudeep Tyagi and Abhimanyu Mithun came later on but both didn't look behind. Newbies naa. So expected. Then came, THE VIRAT KOHLI. OMG. His eyes are adorable. His tatoo was like sexy. He ran like dynamite. I screamed and screamed and screeched and yelled. He finally looked back and gave a casual wave to all of us. But no, yours truly wanted a special Virat something. I waited till he ran ahead to field and then slowly walked back to his original position. He looked up, luckily straight at me and I blew him a flying kiss. He shyly smiled and looked down. OMG. Cardiac arrest no.1 it was.

We weren't really lucky since SA posted 365. De Villiers was awesome. Luckily the A'bad crowd was sporting enough to applaud the century makers. Our stand was right in front of the SA dressing room. So during the innings break, we dashed in front of the stand and stared inside. A guy with goggles was looking at a laptop. He suddenly looked up and I waved. He stared back and I put my hand down. Then Shruti waved. He stared at her also. Then he waved and we waved back. We cheered thinking some random support staff guy waved at us. Then that dude comes out, and oh shit, it was HERSCHELLE GIBBS!

Ok, it's getting too long. During the Indian innings, Parnell and Peterson who weren't playing the game were sitting in front of our stand. After the first 7 overs, after a lot of exercising of my hands, Parnell finally waved at me. We had a lot of eye to eye contact after that, but he has a girlfriend, so never mind! Peterson was cute. He danced a little too. Steyn was OMGod-ly dashing. He gave a thumbs up when I blew a flying kiss, lol.

Ok, so we lost the match by 90 runs but I had the bestest time for my life. After so many years, I did something fun for one whole day. Being surrounded by disappointments and irritation all around, thank you India-SA for giving me that one day of happiness which is surely going to last for some months :D

P.S- I gave my stand a reason to be embarassed. Yusuf Pathan came nearby after the presentation ceremony so I screamed "YUSUF" and he looked and waved. I lost my head and yelled "Dhoni ko bulao please" and he wasn't wearing his shades, so he gave me such a venomous wtf look while my stand chuckled happily.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sue the Farm-villers for causing mental trauma!

Dear Makers of Farmville,

Finding mystery eggs? Gifting cows to each other? Horse stable and barn raising events? The horror of it all! (Amith trademark). I see my batchmates and school friends desperately ploughing 24*7. I know gaming is addictive, but ploughing, fertilizing and making a fake profile to get more cows for your farm is way too much! I hate you and I will keep joining anti- Farm-velle groups on Facebook to get some amount of sadistic pleasure.

Yours grudingly,
And Dad defends the Farm-villers saying "India has 70% of it's people working in agriculture sector, hence due to the recession, lawyers are now keen on becoming farmers." Haha. Hmph!

Another Dad Joke- During my internship at the High Court, I had to wear a coat, and formals and formal shoes for court. And formal shoes ALWAYS hurt my feet a lot. Yes I have big feet, thank you very much.

My parents are good at sending sms's and we do send sms to each other many times. So, Dad messaged me asking how my internship was going on. I replied back saying, it's good but I'm having a horrible shoe bite so it's hurting.

He messages back- "Is it a sue bite or a shoe bite?"

P.S- Yes, I haven't been posting a lot because angry posts don't work here and sad posts aren't entertained either. Will post happy posts more regularly (hopefully) :P

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Grow up, Kids.

The last post needed some clarifications, hence I'm posting this one early. Firstly, it was not a feminist post, because I have not mentioned his/her at some places. That was a deliberate attempt to signify that even boys can be attacked or sodomized. I know your reaction will be a straight faced smiley at that one, but hey, the racial attacks in Australia were only at boys, FYI. Next, I know many of you read it in a forward but one particular point was a recent judgment by the Delhi High Court, so hey, caught you there. And lastly, when I said no male/female under the age of 15 can be punished, it is because it cannot be proved that they had the mental capacity to commit whatever offence they committed. So ultimately, if you smart people 'use' under 15 kids, it's only you who is going to be punished. And if you say, "Hey dudeni, I was just kidding", then I'll just say I feel sorry for you for being such a moron.

I chat with smileys and I may appear to be this immature, stupid prat. Copying some wise dude's quote: 'Maturity is when and where to be mature', I think this quote sums it all. But whatever I do, if it's not in favour of the other side, its accused of being 'immaturity' or being a kid. Oh yes, my hair style makes me look like a kid, but trust me, I've faced more shit in life to succumb like a kid to everything. I know people who mourn for days when their nails break by mistake. Or people who sulk for days when a thread of their sweater comes out. I've learnt to be patient, since I ONLY have such people around me all the time. I'm a great listener, hence people can't take it if I vent out something by mistake. I can take any shit that people come up with, but I cannot take shit that people blame me for. If I care I suck, if I don't care, I suck more. Hah!
I just want to send a clear cut message to everyone who thinks I'm a kid- Let me be! And you first grow up yourself. I'm ready to be your friend, but I don't expect you to be there for me, and hence, I need no advice on how to behave or who to talk with.

This generation is strange. In the past, we had friends who cared for us and about whom we cared for. Now, the new phrase is 'friends for benefits'. Friends need you only when they are low. And when you are low, you can simply go and boil your head, because there's no one who's gonna be there.

I know you are going to say, Mads, you have friends and they care and all that, but let's face it.

No one has time for anyone now.

P.S- Yet again a stupid disclaimer, this post is not directed at anyone specifically.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Something for everyone.

Well, most of you know that I'm a law student, but you haven't really seen the lawyer side of me...Because I haven't shown it to you! Because most of you get bored so yeah, I never bothered talking about it even with my close friends.

So, I'm not going to bore you much, it's just some general information about some laws that can help you in your everyday life- both girls and guys.

1) A woman can be searched only by another woman with strict regard to decency.

2) Nothing is an offence done by a child under seven years of age.

3) No male or female under age of 15 years can be summoned by police as witnesses for investigation at any place other than their own residence.

4) A woman can be arrested only between 6 P.M and 6 A.M. only if she is arrested by a female officer and taken to an all women police station. If she is arrested by a male officer, he has to be assisted by a woman officer.

5) Sex before marriage amounts to rape. Even if there was promise of marriage, it cannot be proved, hence it would be rape.

If attacked:
1) Poke the attacker in the eyes since they are the most sensitive part of the body. Carrying a pepper spray would be recommended for working females who go home late at night through lonely roads.

2) A hard kick on the attacker's groin will leave the attacker unstable for some minutes.

3) A certain point in the neck area will cut off the attacker's breath. Kicking the knees will also help in slowing down the attacker.

4) If the attacker points a gun at you and asks you to get into a car, don't do it. Most criminals cannot shoot moving targets, so run away immediately.

Found this site while researching for this post. Might be useful for you people, if you are interested:

Thanks Harshita, for asking me to write a post on this topic. Hope I didn't disappoint you :)

Happy Birthday to Nidhi !! Please wish her on her blog :)

P.S- Most of you must have read all this in a forward, I know.