Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm 100 che.

I officially hit my century today. 100 posts! Feels great. And trust me, it wouldn't have been possible without all of you jobless people who bothered to read me and comment and thus, encourage me to keep writing (YOUR FAULT!! :D)

It all started with a challenge to write a blog better than a batchmate's blog, and after lot of full stops in my journey, I'm equally surprised as Mads is, to have managed to reach the 100 mark.
I would like to thank that batchmate firstly for gleefully putting me down right in my 1st semester, which really got Mads going to have me in the first place. I would like to thank Alex Paul (one of my first ever readers who still bothers to read me when he has time), Prabhu Dutta Das (for writing comments which I never understood), Nidhi (one of my best blogger friends today. And my first female blogger friend. Ballika Vadhu, Fuller lips hide women's age, her being scared of my ':-w' smiley, we have been through all that), Peter (for sharing his old blog background, because of which we became friends in the first place and for being one of my best blogger friends), Abhinav (for assuring me since the first time he commented on my blog that guys like girls who watch sports. I still don't agree with you but thanks for being one of my best blogger friends), Trinaa (for the 'Awwwww Ranbir' comments and for being so funny), HP (for being so smart and the 'gujju'ness we share and oh, the cool photography!), Bhawanaa (for being a sweetheart always), Harshita (who entered my blog pretty late but her comments were sometimes longer than my post. Thanks for everything from twitter to Rohan Mehra. And you know that you are one among my best blogger friends), Dhanya (for all the fun, scrabble games, wit and Lol's and rolling eyes exercises you give me on blog and on chat. She is my blogger sister since she is so much like me) Amith (for all the nautanki and !! and for being the butt of all my jokes always and for the rarely to be seen nice side of you :P) Nikhil (for the sweet comments), Akansha (for being so talkative and sweet and nice all the time :D), Annie (for having a great blog and being so high always :P), Abhishek Sardar (for his funny blog), Shruti (for commenting religiously on twitter,blog,FB...everywhere and for leaving Edward Cullen for me), Amrita Roy (for being one of my best blogger friends, for being so cool and different. Of course for the 'OMG Ranbir!!'), Saheli (for being koochie-sweet and for being one of my best blogger friends) Amrita~Ams (for being so sweet and funny and for all those discussions about hot guys >:D<), Chitwan (my senior in college, my frand, my unpaid commentor :P you rocks che), Rishi (my college senior who did bother commenting many times after I asked him too. Thanks!), Aninya (for noticing me on a busy Mumbai road and recognizing me-I still can't believe it!! And for being so cool and sweet!!), Shaunak (for having one of my favourite blogs and for the awesome humour and fun you provide all the time), Ajay (for the scrabble games and 100 arsenal videos and 0 comments on my blog), Deluded (for dropping in sometimes and oh, your blog rocks), Anurag Chatterjee (Jai Maharashtra! Thanks for commenting religiously all the while) Ashutosh (for having a nice and thinking blog), Scattered thoughts (who hates poems lol. Sorry, will not bug you more in future. Thanks for bearing me :D), Ankita (yup, the enchanting one! Thanks for commenting all the time!), Kajal (for being one of the oldest commentors and for having one of the pinkest, cutest blogs!), PJ (for being so sweet, cute, naughty and for her Rahul mania), Pallav (for commenting religiously always!!), Isha (for her sweetness and her awesome blog), Nandita (for the law-bond we share, and for her over excited way of writing her blog), Mayank (for the senti blog), Disha(for being a sweetie), Dr. Acula (for being almost a xerox copy of me, except the SRK love), Meera (for being so sweet), Anil Sawan (for commenting religiously again) Stupidosaur (for the cool posts and long comments which he rarely contributes to my blog- good, I don't have to read much then :P), Aayushi (for her awesome blog), Sarath (for his ROFL status messages on FB and his ROFL posts too), Urv (for having one of my favourite blogs and for being so funny), Kirti (for being so sweet and cute!!), Arnab (for his hi-fi blog), Prachi Bansal (for being so sweet and over excited), Aditi (for being so cute and having a cuter blog :D) Abhishek (garambhejafry- for the funny one liners and for the rare posts he throws on his blog), Sweta (for never bothering to update her blog but still commented on mine :D), Rohan (for barging in my blog once in a blue moon and I never bother to return the favour), Sugar-Cube (for her cute posts and sweet comments. And for hating Miley jab hum tum. Pah!) Reflections (for awarding me even without me reading her blog. Uber sweet.) Chocolatelover (for being so chocolatey and sweet :P).

No, I'm still not done :P

I would like to thank my silent readers- my mom (who reads and gives a thumbs up sign for almost all my happy posts), my sis (who gives me a wtf look plus wtf lecture after every post. Kidding. For being so supportive), my dad (for not bothering to read my blog. If he did, he would throw me out of the house :D), G Anna (for his awesome comments..and for taking out time to read the blog always!! Love you), Harini and her sister Namrata Akka (for religiously reading my posts, Akka reading more than Harini even though Harini is with me 24*7 in hostel and she is even mentioned many times in my posts :P), Adithya (for reading some of my posts and giving positive comments), Hemant (my rakhi bro, for reading my posts and commenting), Spoorthy (my junior who reads all my posts and always gives great feedback), Aparna (another junior who loves me :D) Gaurav (Nidhi's friend. Thanks for all the positive comments)

I'll admit, Mads Mad Mess has lost its sheen since it's started and some depressing posts started popping up and I guess it gets tiring for readers too to read cribbing posts. Bring in 2010! Mads Mad Mess has just finished his warm up (My blog is a MALE called Brian. Sweet name naa? All my diaries and my blog are Brians!) Let this blog get started now :P

Friday, January 1, 2010

Looking back at '09

You are over, you are gone, you're finished,
Thank God, you ain't gonnna be back,
Guess you are happy your job's accomplished,
Hope you hibernate, whilst you hit the sack.

What about that gut feeling that,
You are gonna suck, fuck it all out?
No, I didn't put on weight, no fat,
Didn't lose my temper, not a shout.

Just when it was getting bearable,
A glimpse of myself was shown,
Naah! Realized, life can't be stable,
My happiness couldn't be borne.

A sudden jerk, of horror, shock, pain,
Like a flash it was all over,
Picking up the pieces, had to be sane,
Nowhere to run or hide, had no cover.

Cheers to 2010, not hoping for the best,
Since 2009 took away everything of mine,
So, 2010, take what's yours, be my guest,
Coz whatever you do, I'll have to smile.