Wednesday, November 11, 2009

On Fingering, Roadies and MUMBAI !

Got nothing really to write about. Thought of a funny incident which happened this semester so posted about it. And after a long time, posting a Dad Joke :)

The Nobody (That is the nobody in my batch who tries to be a yo che dude): "Abbe suno, pata hai aaj kya hua ??"

We (with an expression that we couldn't care less if Obama came to our college to give a guest lecture): Uhuh?

The Nobody: (in the typical India TV sansani khabar tone): Pata hai, X ne Y ko finger dikhaya???????????

We (indifferent as ever. I think it's in the blood of lawyers to be indifferent to everything that happens which doesn't involve sex, money, internships, and c.g.p.a- not necessarily in that order): Uhuh... (Read: Buzz off!!)

Nobody: (determined to make an impact) WO BHI MIDDLE WALA !!!

We: (too stunned to respond)
It was on the tip of my tongue to tell him, "OMG! And there I was thinking he showed him the little finger and went off to do susu...."

Dad Joke:

I was watching the endless repeats of Roadies 6 when Dad entered the room. He looked at Bobby and Palak wrestling, kicking and pulling each other's hair. I looked innocently back at Dad, who in turn gave me a 'you useless fellow' look. I can't help it. My semester break coincides with MTV telecasting Roadies all day and I'm forced to watch MTV since Miley Jab Hum Tum has finally become boring. I continued watching, pretending I didn't catch the dirty look thrown at me.

Dad coughed and dryly remarked, "Is it Roadies you are watching or Rowdies?"

Mom sniggered from the kitchen and I continued watching, pretending I didn't hear that.

Thanks Akansha for the shower of awards :D
Am off to Mumbai for my internship. Hoping to have some fun at least at the end of the year. Will keep you posted.