Monday, November 14, 2011


So those know me would know that I'm technologically challenged. I'm fairly good at computers but when you throw words like "Unix" or "XP", I'm like, whoa, talk in English please!

It's the same case with me and mobiles, only- I'm worse with mobiles than with computers. Apparently, CDMA and GSM (I had to google to confirm their short forms) are somethings every mobile user must know.

So, I got my first cellphone when I started college mainly because I was staying in a hostel. I SMSed away to glory, not knowing how much would be cut from my balance (What's that?) Slowly, I learnt it all but apparently it wasn't enough....

My protective parents decided to get me a post paid scheme after my first year instead of a pre paid scheme because I used to go like, "I can't call you because I have less balance" when in reality, I wanted to use the balance for other purposes.Of course, I could not exploit the post paid scheme since you can see the number of calls you make, in the bill which but obviously went to my parents. Facepalm.

I used to have a free messaging scheme of around 1k messages but during my 4th year, I cut down messaging a lot, I used around 200-300 per day. So, mom asked me to go to the Airtel centre and get the scheme deactivated and activate this scheme.

Now, WHY do mobile shops have such cute guys? Obviously I had to make a fool out of myself by displaying my poor mobile sense.

Me: I want to get blah blah blah activated.
Cute guy: You could have just call our toll free number and gotten it done. You needn't have come.
Me: Ohh..(gathers herself) But how will I know if you have really activated the scheme? Huh?
Cute guy: Fine fine, let me activate it for you.
Cute guy: There, you go.
Me: Oh thanks! How much do I have to pay?
Cute guy: *poker face* Nothing.
Me: Oh no, I insist, how much is it?
Cute guy: Errrrm.. You are having a post paid scheme. So you will get a bill at your place. You don't have to pay us anything.
Me: ..........

Simba, aren't you nodding along with this post? :P

In other news, I'm still having the same old post paid scheme, which I still cannot exploit despite the fact that I'm working, because I live with my parents. HELP !!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Alright... so I have that sad thing called a writer's block now... I read my previous blogposts, hoping to get the blogging mood but unfortunately I don't think it's working..So I am just going to yap for some minutes and then post it so that I don't feel guilty for not blogging anymore :P

I loved Mausam. Yes, you read that right. Yes, the last 15 mins were unnecessary but on the whole, it was very sweet and cute. I believe in the concept of soul mates. There is one special person made for each and every person on this earth. There was this Facebook page which was on the lines of- "The person who you are going to get married to someday is somewhere on this earth right now" Ok, that might sound gay and cheesy in the first read but oh c'mon! Isn't this the cutest? :D

I have had dozens of conversations with my friends, mom, aunt about my dream guy. Now that I am 22, I am even more open about the whole relationship concept with my parents who wisely advised me to find my own guy rather than putting them through the whole ordeal :P

My experience with my crushes or infatuation with some guys has been extremely SLOW with each one. If I like a guy, I need at least 1 year to be sure if I really like him. And especially if he reciprocates back, I need 2 years! Call it commitment phobia, but I am not someone who can easily fall in love. Yes, I have had dozens of celebrity crushes, but in real life, I just had one crush before college, and during college, I had one. Most of the time, the height factor didn't work out (I am 5.8"5. I seriously don't know if this awesome height was a blessing or a curse since I hardly find any guys who are even 6 feet tall!) Mom tells me I'm a snob because I am very choosy about my friends and my special man. Hell yes, I never believed in compromises.

My friend is dating a guy who is 1 inch shorter than her. Now, she is a very close friend of mine, so I actually considered not keeping the height factor important now. Another friend of mine is engaged to a guy (arranged marriage) but she wasn't very happy with his looks. We all say that personality is the most important thing, but we all know somewhere inside, everyone of us wants a good looking girl/boy. Maybe for the genes to pass on to the kids or just to flaunt him/her around or maybe for the simple reason of looking good together. But both these friends are now very happy with their respective guys, touch wood. They had to make some compromises and they will have to make some in the future.... Which again makes me introspect on whether I will be able to relax on my ground rules of my special guy?

To conclude this aimless post, I'm 22, single and on the look out. Here's to some new experiences! :D

My recentest celebrity crush- Bradley Cooper. OMG. Maal or what.
There's a Facebook page,I Wish Phil From The Hangover Was MY Teacher At School.. I'd Go Every Day.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Flying on a high!


So, I'm working as a volunteer at this NGO in Ahmedabad. The NGO mainly concentrates on the development of municipality school children. I won't elaborate more on what my NGO does or what my role is, over there, but I just want to vent out over here. Some of my closest friends thought I was a loser because I opted to volunteer for *FREE* for an NGO. I mean, the whole point of a non-government organization, is that you won't get paid, right? On the day Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows-2 released, my NGO organized this huge concert to raise funds for notebooks for the children. If you guys must know, I'm a HUGE Potter fan. I had to chuck watching the movie on the first day (the movie was shit anyway) due to my prior commitment towards my NGO. I felt very bad when one of my closest friend told me that I don't even get paid at the NGO, so why am I even bothering. But mom told me later on that she is very proud of me for sticking to my decision and not running off for the movie. Some other friends have appreciated my guts for working with an NGO. Thanks for the support, people. At such times, you actually find out who are your real friends and who aren't. And you figure out what is actually important to you in life.


I can't stop talking about my NGO. The kids there are so awesome. Some kids wanted to be a lawyer but they were afraid of wearing that white wig. Lol. I told them that there is no need of wearing that white wig- FYI, even judges needn't wear that! They literally die for company. They pounce on us volunteers when we come and blabber on and on and on !! A kid told me about his crush and how he doesn't believe in love anymore after his crush started 'playing' with some other boy :P

In other news, here's a Mom joke- Mom was scribbling invitation cards for her wedding reception in Chennai. She had the habit of writing 'fly' in short for 'family'. So, in Bombay, there was this Gujarati family called 'Macchar'. So, my innocent mom writes 'Macchar and fly' on the invitation card. Our darling Macchar doesn't come for the reception all the way to Chennai because he used to work in Bombay with mom. Later on, mom found out that he felt really bad because she wrote 'Macchar and fly' on the card :P :P

Friday, June 17, 2011

Nosey !

I live in a city called Ahmedabad which is in Gujarat. Gujarat is known for its hospitality- which is true. For a non-gujju family like us, we were welcomed pretty warmly in the city. The autowales, the grocery guys, the newspaper guys, the servants who works in neighbouring apartments- all know what each member of the family is doing. It's pretty much a pain in the ass for me because while my sister scores some 90% in Boards, they gobble up sweets and when they enquire about my results and I mumble 60-70%, they give me a go-die look. Hello, when my parental units don't care or compare us kids, WHY should you interfere??

There was this time when my cousin brother came down to visit us. He and I decided to go out in the afternoon when my mom went to work. We went by one of the autos waiting near our place. That evening, mom comes home and tells me that one of the auto guys told her that I(her daughter) was accompanied by a boy to a multiplex. Gah!! Luckily, my mom is uber cool even if that boy wasn't my cousin, i.e. if I inform her in advance that I am out with Mr. Blah. But, how nosey can you get??! :O

There's this Facebook page which says 'Hey, I found your nose, it was in my business again!' I couldn't agree more!

Reminds me of a time when I was Miss Nosey Parker. Ok, so I have this terrible habit of asking loads of questions and poking everyone, almost all the time. When I was in 5th standard, mom and I were waiting at the road end. This Rabari family (nomads from Kutch) have a bungalow at the road end. So this member of their family was peeing outside their gate. I peered, stared and peeked as to what he was doing. Mom was distracted because she was getting late for work and I was getting late for school. I tugged the end of her sari and asked her what he was doing. Mom mumbled that I should ask him myself. I hopped across to him and asked him in english, "What are you doing?" He just stared at me. Mom came and pulled me away from him. Hehe :P

Any nosey tale where you were the victim or you were the predator? Go ahead!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Whole New Path....

2011 has been and will be the most important year in my life. January was a turning point with some significant person leaving my life forever. I still don't know if it's for the good or for the bad, but it's his decision and I have to move on. It's been 5 months and I still have not moved on. I should be showering abuses on him and holding a huge grudge, but unfortunately I am not programmed to do so. For me, he is still a very good friend even though we will never talk to each other again. I'm too benevolent for my own good.

I finally graduated! 5 years in college- Who would have thought I would be in tears in my last week in college? I hated the fucklty. I hated the students who were hypocrites, mean and outrightly bitchy. Some juniors specially made 'I will miss you' cards for me and gave me many farewell gifts. It was so touching....I never knew that I was popular in our college for the right reasons. In school, I was always sidelined. It felt weird to be liked by all. I wish I could go back to college again and just be lazy and happy.

I'm looking for a job now outside my hometown. Unfortunately, my parents and I are having contrasting opinions over my preference of a job. Coming back to home after living in hostel for 5 years (and I used to go out of station for my internships) is a serious pain the ass. I just want to get out of my hometown. I need a new environment. Need to meet new people.

Ok, I really have forgotten have to blog. Later.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hah-lah-peh-nyohs and Kamran Akmals :D

*waves* Ok, I am blogging after light years, but then again hardly anyone is reading my blog since the last few posts so boo to you, it's okay if I didn't blog all this while, you didn't even miss me !! :(

I didn't finish my last post actually...I published it before the hostel net could go off (My net keeps going in and out of coma all the time).I was talking about my disorder of correcting people especially their grammar. So, during one of my trips to Subway in Jamshedpur, I had to get a sub for a friend of mine Simba, who is very specific and stubborn about her dos and dont's in her sub. She called me while I was at the Tata Steel office for my internship and much to the amusement of the junior associates there, I wrote down diligently in my pad- "No tomatoes, no cucumbers and put in more jalapenoes and pickles" (Yes, the sub turned out to be tasteless and she knows that and she doesn't mind that!!)

So, I go to the counter lady and blah blah the instructions. Jalapenoes is pronounced as hah-lah-PEH-nyoh, btw for those ignorant souls. The counter lady goes like, "No JALAPENOES?" I smirk and roll my eyes thinking, "Lol, obviously they don't know the correct pronounciation."

The lady was called by her boss for some other work, so she left and was replaced by this guy. So I repeat the same order to him, only this time I pronounce it as JALAPENOES itself. The guy goes like, "You mean no hah-lah-peh-nyohs?"

Needless to say, I looked down at my shoes for being Mean Mads yet again.

Anyway! It's the last semester going on in college so I'm enjoying to the fullest. I got the tickets for the quarter finals of World Cup to be played at A'bad and I'm hoping for an Indo-Pak clash! The Sports Meet at our college had football for girls this time which was awefucksome....I was the goalkeeper and it was a dream come true to learn football !! College life getting over is pretty depressing, but hell yeah, I'm ready to get out and conquer the world \:D/

Btw onto World Cup 2011 news, have u heard the Kamran Akmal jokes? To rewind, Kamran Akmal dropped Ross Taylor on 0 twice and that bloke went on to make a hundred. Lovely Kamran jokes were floating around. Like:

1) What's Kamran Akmal's favourite pick up line?
Can I drop you somewhere?

2) What's the worst way to get out?
Caught Akmal

3) If Pakistan won the World Cup, they should not give Kamran the cup.

4) Why are we targetting Kamran Akmal?
Just DROP the topic now!!

I haven't blogged for ages, but it's not that I'm running out of ideas to blog...I shall be back sooner the next time with a complete mads-like post, I assure you!!

Loadsa love che :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

My awesome disorder B-)

I have this obsession of correcting people’s grammar, be it face to face or on Facebook or anywhere. I even told this to one recruiter who was mighty pleased at this disorder of mine. Most of my friends find it cool, some find it insulting and some find it as a good lesson (They learn better English in that way, so why stop?)

I tried hard to stop or make it a little subtle, but in vain. I guess I can’t change now, so people have to endure the change :D

There were these 2 incidents related to this disorder of mine which weren’t exactly pleasant….

1) My sister and I had been to an ice cream parlour. Now, in most of these shops in Gujarat, the guys there call ‘Chocobar’ ice cream as ‘Chocbar’. And me and my sister used to find it very funny and we used to ridicule them later. So, I walked up to this shop assistant and I ordered for 2 ‘Chocbars’. That guy stared at me and went like, “You mean 2 Chocobars?”

My sister and I hung our heads in shame. Yes, we acted pretty cocky there.

2) Lesson number 2 came when I visited Subway, in Jamshedpur. I was ordering a sub for Simba (Yo yo, we are real life friends :D Btw, I had a blast with her there. She made Jamshedpur feel like like home :D) One of my friends is studying Zoology. So, her batchmate had prepared a poster on '10 most dangerous insects'. So that girl tells this topic to her HOD and her HOD suddenly gave her a wtf look and told her that how can she make a poster on such a thing? This girl was confused, and so were her batchmates. So, she simply gave the poster to the HOD. The HOD sees it and laughs. He goes like, "Oh, I heard that as 10 most dangerous in sex. So I thought you wrote the dangerous things that can happen in sex."

Bloody pervert :P