Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sue the Farm-villers for causing mental trauma!

Dear Makers of Farmville,

Finding mystery eggs? Gifting cows to each other? Horse stable and barn raising events? The horror of it all! (Amith trademark). I see my batchmates and school friends desperately ploughing 24*7. I know gaming is addictive, but ploughing, fertilizing and making a fake profile to get more cows for your farm is way too much! I hate you and I will keep joining anti- Farm-velle groups on Facebook to get some amount of sadistic pleasure.

Yours grudingly,
And Dad defends the Farm-villers saying "India has 70% of it's people working in agriculture sector, hence due to the recession, lawyers are now keen on becoming farmers." Haha. Hmph!

Another Dad Joke- During my internship at the High Court, I had to wear a coat, and formals and formal shoes for court. And formal shoes ALWAYS hurt my feet a lot. Yes I have big feet, thank you very much.

My parents are good at sending sms's and we do send sms to each other many times. So, Dad messaged me asking how my internship was going on. I replied back saying, it's good but I'm having a horrible shoe bite so it's hurting.

He messages back- "Is it a sue bite or a shoe bite?"

P.S- Yes, I haven't been posting a lot because angry posts don't work here and sad posts aren't entertained either. Will post happy posts more regularly (hopefully) :P


Dhanya said...

Lol sue bite :D Dad jokes rock che! Include mommy jokes also no ? I know she's damn funny too. Sad posts always are less popular... and they should be ! This means that people don't like you to be sad and want you smiling always. But don't let that stop u from posting what you want. It's your blog!

sawan said...

cheers to dad :)

smitzy said...

hehehehehehe You know, I used to LOL at my friends for "laying eggs", begging each other to gift "pink cows" and spending hours in ploughing, harvesting and selling stuff which has no link to real life.

The bad news is I'm one of them now :|

The good news is I'm not addicted to it. YET. :|

ah well... MOOO to that :D

MultiMenon said...

Ur dad reminds me of another super dad.. :D U have big feet,yeah I could see that..Maybe u shud look out for airplanes which are flying at low altitude.. :P

Take care.. :)


Abhinav said...

I am not commenting on Farmville because it doesn't exist for me. Blocked 6 months ago!

Mads, you can buy bigger shoes if you think you have big feet. And yes, formal shoes hurt a lot. :-(

Dad jokes are as always mast! :D

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

wow! my mom takes like half an hour to sms "where are you" :P
mads fir se gussa hai lallalalla

kaise formal shoes hai re tere?
tip: rub some candle wax where it hurts( or wear socks) whats ur feet size?
coz my dad says I have goofy feet.

farmville isnt for me , that's all I can say abt it. :)

Anonymous said...

Lol @ Sue bite. I don't play Farmville! I'm not even on Facebook!

Scattered Thoughts... said...


nandita! said...

Sue bite!! Now my dad would have asked me to get plasters for the shoe bite! :D

Your dad sounds hilarious! :D

And lets together sue the farmville players for causing nuisance! :D

peter said...

Farmville are for Rahul Dravid ..ask how ?
Coz he is Kissan (jammy) ..and this is the worst joke I have ever cracked..!
whatever has happened to my SOH :(

Formal shoes are suffocating and makes me slip on chikney floors :-s
My parents SMS me only when it's a children's day or when I SMS them on Dad's day/mom's day ..etc etc...else they call only ..typing on mobile is actually to much of work :P

Shaunak said...

I need to meet your dad once in my lifetime! :D

I was about to crack the same joke as Peter...saala pehle hi post kar diya! :P Did you know they started getting referee cows and what not!! Kya paka daala hai. Itna pakaya ki they should have roast chicken there :|

My parents sms me just to ask when I'm coming home :P

vanilla sky said...

You haven't disabled Farmville feeds , kya?
Even though I used to play, I had disabled everything and never used to get feeds on lost cats or baby tortoise !!

Same here on formal shoes. I remember holding them in my hands and running back, after the day was over.

Anonymous said...

It's just tht u dnt knw hw to play farmville tht's why u writing such a post
I Love my Farm:)

mele mumma papa meko sms nahi bhejte:( bt ya my nani sends me mssgs daily:)

kunwar said...

Please dont Join Anti Mafia groups though...I dont play it now...But I love it still :D

Harshita said...

I am so glad that the dad jokes are back :D :D

and u dont have to be heppy all the time... be human coz Salman says so :D :D am talking bullshit

I hate Farmville and Mafia.. have blocked it :D

- Sugar Cube - said...

lol @ sue bite

The only reason I don't play farmville is coz I can't make the head and tail of it.
Quite glad that I don't understand it :D

Gaurav Kant Goel said...

:)))) Glad I didnt pissed laughing.....

So, you have a new follower now!!

Keep rocking Mads!!!

ki said...

post MORE :D

enchantinganki said...

Ok!! I have almost stopped playing FV **(Shying away)**
"How is ur 'sue bite' now?? :-D

Dr. Acula said...

LOL!! Anti-farm-velle!! crsly!!

hahaha!! your dad is so cool! :D

aprasharmadutt said...

hi mads/madhuri...apra here...well, your blog is just awesome....and i especially felt the need to comment on this post coz i really dont understand what the crazy youth of today is doing with this over hyped farmville....its just obnoxious....i support your cause fully....take care...hope to see you around...