Wednesday, May 27, 2009

OMG!! But..Why?? How?? Thanks anyway....

I finally, finally, finally, shook off my laziness and ran helter-skelter on this HUGE google site and looked for awards for all of you. Phew. Don't expect any awards for the next 2 decades. I'll ask my kids to give you awards then. Hmmph.

The first series of awards go to each and everyone on my blogroll list (including Fake IPL Player, Chetan Bhagat, but not Shobhaa De, because I kicked her out. Other blogs are better than hers, grump grump) and also to those blogs where I have ever commented.

The next award is for my closest blog buddies and we share the same chaddi i.e. my joint shiters in our joint blog

For Peter:

The blogging world's Chandler Bing deserves nothing less than the man himself :D

For Abhinav:

The funny man, the comic relief, the definition of Lol and Rofl and Lmao. That's him.

For Nidzzi:

Don't beat me :D She gets up, she blogs. She sleeps, she blogs. She had Long Island Tea, and within minutes, the entire blog world knows it. That's my favouritest girl blogger and she's my 1st female blogger friend :)

The next is for ALL the girls I know. Which includes Nidzzi, Harshita, Amrita, Amrita~Ams, Bhawana, Sweta, Dhanya, Ne, Trinaa, HP, Kajal, PJ, Aditi, Dr. Acula, Disha, Akansha, Saheli, Aninya, Pseudo Intellectual, Enchanting Anki, Sia, Crystal. Phew.

We rock, don't we? \:D/

The next is the sweet blogger, which goes to the same girls as mentioned above.
Realize it would be too gay to give this award to guys :-s

Nexter (Wah Mads, and you claim you know English!) is the Versatile Blogger award.
These blogs always have something new to offer (heeheehee services nahi re) and they define the word hatke.

It goes to Abhinav, Peter, Stupidosaur, Chitwan, Amrita, Amrita~Ams, Fake IPL Player (saala haram khor. Accept this award, nalayak!!) Abhishek, Arnab, Anurag, Sarath, Urv, Abhishek Asthana, Multimenon, Mahul, Pseudo Intellectual, Crystal

Nextest is the Motivational Award. I used to look at my own blog for motivation, but when all is lost, these blogs make me look at life with a different perspective.
The winners are, Nidzzi, Pallav, Harshita,Mishra,Ashutosh, Chitwan.

Nextesti (This word sounds so pervert, somehow) is the passionate blogger. Their comments, their posts, brings out the love for blogging. It's for those who blog straight from the heart and for them (so it seems) the blog is not just a blog. It's something more than that.
It goes to Fake IPL Player (Seriously!!!) Dr. Acula, Dream'R, Peter, Multimenon, Shaunak, Buzz, Kajal, Pallav, Abhinav, Nidzzi, Amrita, Amrita~Ams.

Nextester is the funny blogger award. To humour me is not an easy task at all. It goes to Abhinav, Abhishek, Abhishek Asthana, Amrita, Amrita~Ams, Peter, Dream'R, Stupidosaur, Chitwan, More Orangee, Urv

I'm seriously not giving any awards in future. How taxing :O Ouch Owww Sob Sniff.

Barcelona just beat Manchester United to win the Champions League. Poor boys. Heart break moment che. It's so nice being a girl and obsessing over Miley Jab Hum Tum's story instead of seeing a match and brooding over days over it. Maybe my awards will cheer them up :-s

P.S- I know, I have missed out on putting some people's links along with their names. It's because my computer is playing a cruel trick on me. Sue me, will you!!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Lil' of Fag, Booze and Dope....

I guess I'm back.
I left blogging on my blog because of lots and lots of reasons. And I'm not really happy to be back here, frankly. It's more like I missed reading all your blogs, than writing over here. I love blogging, but there are lot of unexplained reasons why I don't want to blog anymore.

Also, I had taken some resolutions which I had to fulfil when I left, but I'm back and I've still not fulfilled them, but at least I'm in the process.

This blog will have some changes. I want to bring in different styles to my writing (Whatever that means), so will be experimenting....

Have nothing to write, so here's a poem I had written 2 months back, when I was in a bad mood.

Fag, Smoke and some Dope

Smoke 'em up,
Just feel the rush,
A puff, just once,
Forget yourself totally,
A long inhalation, high me,
I'm in heaven, baby......

A shot, just a quick one,
A sensation, throat's on fire,
I'm floating, up in air,
A flurry of emotions,
No worries, no caution,
Let me be, forever.....

A sniff of the powder,
I wanna take in more,
Just a lil' more,
I can't think, I'm lovin' it,
I'm no loser,
I'm available, any takers?

P.S- The last line does not hold true. And the same applies to the entire poem, i.e. I really didn't try all this out, and its just fiction. I just wanted to try out something new, rather than the same old funny poems, and also wanted to make this one non-rhyming. Hope you like it.
P.P.S- Appreciate all the support (and taunts of "pagal!!" and "mads, your mad" and the like, which I got from you people,after my previous post. It's you guys who made me want to come back here and lift my spirits.
It's nice to be back :-)

P.P.P.S- Yes, I didn't get a nice picture for this post. Kill me. Hmmph!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

BRB, and it's not just a Bathroom Break....

Cutting my usual crap, and jumping straight to the point, I hereby announce that I am quitting blogging for a while.
It's not an impulsive decision, nor a publicity stunt (I wish it was a bloody publicity stunt)
I've lost the spirit to blog and the eagerness to read other's blogs. It's like a burden or obligation now. And I started blogging, for myself, to let myself free in this small window. But now, I force myself to open my blog link and vent out whatever I have to say. Which just doesn't seem right, because Mads Mad Mess wasn't born for this purpose.

The reason for Mads Mad Mess's birth was firstly, to vent out my personal experiences out here. Then it, by chance, changed into a funny blog where people came,laughed shamelessly, accused my family of being the funniest clowns ever born :P and ran away. I'm indebted to each and everyone who commented on my blog, since all of you have motivated me and made me realize how special I was to you.

A lot has been happening in my life. Like, I'm studying law, and I have 2 years remaining, and I don't know if law is what I want to study. At 20,everyone calls me immature,a kiddo who doesn't have any aim in life, and some worse insults which I would rather not put over here. I'm going through my lowest phase and I need some drastic changes. How is all that connected to blogging, you ask?


And once my Mom reads this post, the first thing she will do is take me to a psychiatrist :P

I have disabled comments for this post, and i request all of you not to comment on other posts regarding this matter, or on my orkut/facebook profile or gtalk chat. Nor ask me to read your blogs saying you miss my comments on your blog. It just doesn't feel right when I read posts when I don't feel like reading them.

No offence meant to anyone, but since each one of you is special to me, I'm writing a post and going away, otherwise I just would have vanished in thin air.
I'll stay alive and kicking on our joint blog, shit for tat....

I've been thinking on these lines since starting of April.
I will come back, I don't know when, I don't know how, but I will come back.
Rahul Dravid Promise.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Poor Gujarat, The Home Coming and a Grandpa Joke

Thanks to all those people who Mannat maangofied for me for the exams and a kick for those who didn't, I managed decently in 5 papers and fared miserably in one (Everyone screwed up, so I guess it's ok).

Who cares? I'm (mostly, hopefully, kinda) in 4th year now. Only 2 more years and I officially (mostly, hopefully, kinda) become a lawyer, although I don't know if a lawyer is what I want to become.

I didn't get my voter's id card on time, even though I registered through, which proves how efficient the government is. I couldn't vote, and I'll never forgive myself if Gujarat goes to the dogs, just because of my missing vote.


My sister is coming back to India after almost 9 months in the U.S. Things she will/has to do-

1) Start your entrance on the footsteps of India by asking, "Abbe, Sachin ne kitna banaya?"

2) Announce, "It's so hot here. You know, in the U.S. (in a bragging plus ironic tone) it was boiling hot at 2 degrees!"

3) Eat panipuri with special gutter pani and urine mixed with the chutney.

4) Drive the activa and turn and watch an accident, and meet with an accident yourself =)

5) Meet all the relatives who would say, "Hawww, you are 22 now!! Are you going back to U.S? When will you get married then?" And then give a'Wtf-is-wrong-with-you,understand-that-your-daughter-is-upto-something-with-some-firanga-who-is-out-to-rob-her look to my parents (Naah, my relatives are too cool for that, actually)

A Grandfather joke.

Q.How can you avoid mosquito bites while you are sleeping?

A.Sleep after the mosquitoes go off to sleep.

I'm betting on Mumbai Indians to win IPL. What about you?
(Bets are illegal in India)
If Sachin Tendulkar is reading this, please check out Urv's post on an awesome dedication to you.
Oh yeah, others can read it too....

P.S- I'm joking about my sis being a snob. She can't wait to come back to India and she can wait till eternity to go back to the U.S.