Sunday, May 2, 2010

Nidhi Typos, Jay Sean, Bluetooth Fun !!


Ok, I'm high. Listening to Jay Sean(I'm obsessed with that idiot. Eminem who?? Jay Sean rocks :D), chatting with Akansha and Harshita(AFTER AGES), drinking Nimbooz (It's almost equivalent to Vodka in the dry state, people!!) and clearing my room (I'M BACK HOME!!) is so completely my kind of thing :D

BTW, I HATE Jay Sean's almost takla look. The crew cut, so very doesn't suit him. Doesn't he look cute and adorable and hot at the same time, in this hairdo??
Thinking about Nidhi Mangal now. Did you hear about her latest typos??

1) Nidhi: Yaar mads
Mads: Bol mangal :-w
Nidhi: Yaar I'm having so much hari fall all over my back.
Mads: *splutters* who the hell is hari?
Nidhi: :( :(

2) In one of Nidhi's posts, Harshita discovered the typo and pointed it out to me. For sadistic pleasure, we didn't ask Nidzzi to correct it and instead, I showed the typo to Dhanya and some other bloggers :P
The typo was:
"I love to make-out" instead of "I love to make-up"

We got holidays for 3 months almost. I'll have to intern obviously. I'm off to Hyderabad this time. Can't wait to taste Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani. Ever since I got my first tooth, I've been waiting to eat it. No, really!! I'm obsessed about it since, a really long time :D I am a fultoo PETAian, so I'm just gonna *taste* it. Just once, pretty please!!

For all the losers, who are going to attend college and endure boring classes, here's a tip- try sending random pics of the classroom or some random pics of some guys sleeping in class, and send it to any bluetooth which is switched on in class. I changed my 'neela-daant' name to Bhoot and sent it. Alas, people rejected the pics with a strained look on their faces, and Harini and I were so very dejected. Hope your luck is better.

In case, you are wondering why I laughed in the starting- It was a sadistic laugh at you people, that you actually read the whole random post till the end and you are still here with that stupid smile on your faces :D

Love you, bloggers :D


Harshita said...

Ting Ding.. Ti ding ting... *randomness*

Niddzzi will kill me for this... but then she loves me way too much :P :P

Nidhi and her typos will be written about in golden words in the history of chats and bloggers :D :D bwahahaha

*hides under the table and types frm there* -- Mads, all the best for ur internship.. Go and meet both hot hunks - AD and Peter.. and then jalaaofy mera dil..

*sigh* Peter is saxy che! :D :D

LOL!! *waits for Peter to read this* :D :D

AD se milkar aana... give him some gyaan... ;)

Miss me.. :D :D and find some hot guy (please leave Peter for me) there... :P :P

Akansha Agrawal said...

Nidhi ki taraf se... you're DEAD meat :P :P

I HAVE to listen to some more songs by Jay Sean now... :-w

Err... we send these images bluetooth se ;) but only to friends... unknown par toh nahi... and then keep giggling.. ahh! ;)

Saali sadist! :P <3 u too... :*

Nidz said...

see we love u thts y we read till end. have fun in Hyd. i too will join u in short time. if poss wil come along with RD. :P
i hope i d my exam well so tensed.

Nidz said...

i m so gonna kill for making fun of my typoes :P

♥ Chocolate Lover ♥ said...

hehehe nice post :D

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

JAY SEAN <3<3 <3 *hayyyyyyy*

yaar nidhi's typos are nothing in front of what one of our teachers says "Don't make love (laaaugh)"
u can very well understand what everyone thinks.
You named it neela-daant tooo?? My brother's blue tooth is also neela-dant :D :D

oh and btw *Hahaha.

(laughs back at you)

vanilla sky said...

All the best with internship and Hyderabad :)

Have you tried Bluetooth chat?
My mobile communications paper has a section called history of bluetooth and its so bizzare :O

akanksha said...

I loved this post!!!! :D :D :D
The idea of clicking pics and sending to anyone is just amazing!!!!

We just used to sms silly things! or call the teacher from an unknown number again n again! :D

enchantinganki said...

hehe, 'love to make-out'hohoho.. :-P
oh, so finally the queen will be going to Hybd..!!
Bring hyderabadi mojdis for me...
All the best gal :-)

Abhinav said...

aajaao aajaao aajaao! i certainly need some gyaan

peter said...

"And I am not black, but u dun have to be black to rap, just look at Eminem, triple platinum and that's a fact" --- these are Jay Sean's exact words closed !

nidhi and typos are like sidhu and proverbs !

welcome to hyd :)

Anonymous said...


You are mean!!

Still! Loved the way you wrote this post! :D :D

Shaunak said...

Aye! Peter stole my line! Sidhu and proverbs!
No matter...
Nidhi and typos are like Sachin and sixers :P

Her typos will have an entire wiki dedicated to it in a few years.

Mads will be the legal authority to confirm the authenticity of Nidzzisms.

Go go! Have Hyderabadi biryani from my side as well...mera trip toh hua hi nahi!! :( :(

Contact Esther for more foodie details.

Dhanya said...

Poor Nidziiii... *Feels for her* ;) :D *Yawn* Both Eminem and Jay Sean suck :D :D

You're right... being sadistic feels awesome :D :D

sawan said...

i leave hyd today!!!

Bikram said...

YEah a nice sadistic laugh.. I actually read the whole post, and had this stupid smile to make matters WORSE.. I am even commenting on the post ..

How sad can it become


reason:- you are reading this COMMENT ... i win i win....

excellent article :)

Divya said...

hehehe... i feel sad for Nidhi :D

Jay sean is cute :)

I am from hyderabad.... so u r all welcome :D