Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Secrets blogged :P

Dhanya tagged me :D

There is something about tags that make my day :D
I'm supposed to reveal 7 secrets which no one knows about. Now it's difficult since I'm a girl. Almost a woman. I have one mouth and a non-existent stomach to hold back any damn secret. I have to tell someone all my 'Don't-tell-anyone' secrets. Hi5 Dhanya! Why are we girls like this?

1. Harini (Bichari, her reputation is ruined since my blog started) and I always rename people. Like if there is a 'Raj', we claim 'Raj' doesn't suit him. Arjun suits him more. Poor thing has a name, and he doesn't even know we exist, and we are there, re-naming him :D

2. I have planned how many kids I am going to have, what are their names and what they are going to do. I won't reveal it here. You will copy it for your kids then! :O

3. I want to star in L'oreal ad before I die. No need to laugh. Hmph.

4. I made one of my barbies be my pretend husband and made my other barbie my pretend me. And we threw a party for the other dolls. (Lame? I was a kid !!)

5. (Is this going to end?) I hate 90% of the people I meet.

6. I drool when I sleep :D (Thanks Harshita! She asked me to write down one of my irritating habits. Thanks! Now no one will marry me.)

7. I am going to burn my marksheets after I retire and I will not tell my kids or my husband what my grades were. (Lame? Sue you !!)

Dhanya-waad for this :D Would love it if someone else took up this tag :)

Friday, December 18, 2009


Searching and seeking,
For The perfect plan,
A reason for my real smile,
Them, with whom I can share,
Blink, and there's no one around.

Oh yes, you are there,
But still not quite here,
What am I doing? Myself I know not,
One down, one erupts back,
Punches my face, flat I fall,
Picking up the pieces, bruised,
Alone, I collect myself.
I smile, and be with you,
Not let you know, your wrong,
Dance to your moves, tunelessly.

Have to let it go, as usual,
Wait for the verdict of my fate,
Nothing can be worse than this,
I'll bet there's more to come....

Friday, December 4, 2009

Is it a sign?

Was chilling with friends, that day,
Laughing, yapping, just my way,
Suddenly, I spotted you right there,
I continued to stare and stare.

She nudged me and I told her,
She shrugged and turned back to her burger,
Your body language, it was you right there,
Smiling, eyes dancing, that look of care.

Upto your table, I walked with my head low,
It was now or never, I had to know,
Whether it was you, who I thought I knew,
Or that someone who made it, where, venture few,

Alright, it wasn't you after all,
Why did I care? You don't deserve that call,
It's sudden, it's a burst of unwanted emotion,
Or is it a display of old affection?

P.S- It may appear ambiguous to you lot, but no worries, I'm doing great, mentally and physically. Internship is great, wish I could tell you more about it, wish I could tell you about Mumbai, wish I could tell you a lot more...And I wish I knew what I want to wish for.

P.P.S- But you can make your wish through Mads Mad Mess Make a Wish Foundation !!
Wish Harshita a very Happy, Hearty, Hersheyful Birthday today :)