Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Date with the Future Indian cricket team star- Part 3

I'm sure all you oldies must be remembering this post of mine?
And all you newbies need to read Part 1 and Part 2 of this post, to be able to understand this post! :P

Guess what? I found him on Facebook! Well, not exactly his profile. His fan page! I got it through Team Punjab fan club. I was busy avoiding my projects, so something came up and I decided to google search for him again. This FB page just started, so well :D

His pic isn't that clear, but hey, something is better than nothing :P!/pages/Preet-Kamal-Rai/139476882751258?v=info

Let's see if he ends up googling his own name and reads this post. All I can say is, hello, remember me? :P
P.S- Read the wall! He made 147*. Btw, he didnt' even lie about his birthday despite knowing he is younger than me! He was in college 1st year, studying psychology when I was in my 3rd year. He's only some months younger than me though. Oh, I should shut up now. I don't like him!



I'll try 2 be truthful said...

aha the plane banda is back!!

My bro is also younger than u, but u.... .... :P

anyway do I sniff a *crush* ?

will mads finally give in to her restriction of 'not dating younger guys'? will she? won't she?
Wait for the next post, same blog same place :D

Simba said...

I likes :D
*Waits eagerly for preet kamal to become team india's captain :D and madhuri iyer to become first lady of indian cricket and then for her free VIP passes from Madhuri for every match* :D :D \:D/

Dhanya said...

This is actually so cute :D

Preet Kamal
Preet Kamal
Preet Kamal

I repeated the name three names in case he googles for himself. He will rush over to ur blog when he sees his name mentioned so many times :D

vanilla sky said...

the plane guy is back, then !!

hope he gets directed to this blog soon!!

Aditi..............:) said...

I hope your dream guy would actually hunt for your blog and read it day!! :-D

peter said...

Read it the same day u posted but, commenting now.
the question is..did u send him a req ?
if not then why :O

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Mads said...

Amrita: nautanki!!! maaro maaro!!
i still don't date younger guys. Hmph. stubborn che, till my last breath. will turn a nun but no younger guys for me =|

Simba: Materialistic simba :O :O *whacks* :P

Mads said...

Dhanna- ROFLMAO u r so cute :D :D

Vanilla- Lol as if he's gonna drop in here :(

Aditi- ex-dream guy :P :P :(

Peter- my dear cheater peter...Read the post's his fan page not his profile :P

Mohammed ji- Did you even read the post? :|