Friday, January 14, 2011

My awesome disorder B-)

I have this obsession of correcting people’s grammar, be it face to face or on Facebook or anywhere. I even told this to one recruiter who was mighty pleased at this disorder of mine. Most of my friends find it cool, some find it insulting and some find it as a good lesson (They learn better English in that way, so why stop?)

I tried hard to stop or make it a little subtle, but in vain. I guess I can’t change now, so people have to endure the change :D

There were these 2 incidents related to this disorder of mine which weren’t exactly pleasant….

1) My sister and I had been to an ice cream parlour. Now, in most of these shops in Gujarat, the guys there call ‘Chocobar’ ice cream as ‘Chocbar’. And me and my sister used to find it very funny and we used to ridicule them later. So, I walked up to this shop assistant and I ordered for 2 ‘Chocbars’. That guy stared at me and went like, “You mean 2 Chocobars?”

My sister and I hung our heads in shame. Yes, we acted pretty cocky there.

2) Lesson number 2 came when I visited Subway, in Jamshedpur. I was ordering a sub for Simba (Yo yo, we are real life friends :D Btw, I had a blast with her there. She made Jamshedpur feel like like home :D) One of my friends is studying Zoology. So, her batchmate had prepared a poster on '10 most dangerous insects'. So that girl tells this topic to her HOD and her HOD suddenly gave her a wtf look and told her that how can she make a poster on such a thing? This girl was confused, and so were her batchmates. So, she simply gave the poster to the HOD. The HOD sees it and laughs. He goes like, "Oh, I heard that as 10 most dangerous in sex. So I thought you wrote the dangerous things that can happen in sex."

Bloody pervert :P