Sunday, October 17, 2010

Clean, Green, Really?

Ok, so we all crib about the sad state of affairs India is in. We crib about the unorganized traffic, the laidback nature of policemen, we sadly look on as men pee merrily on roads, spit on roads or litter.

I have a policy of getting angry on person A and removing my frustration on person B. (sniggers) Yeah, because with some friends, you just can't show your frustration or if it's parents then you just have to give up without arguing. So why not turn towards the outsiders and especially such wrong-doers?

Contrary to what everyone thinks, I DO NOT WEAR the black coat or gown when I go to the High Court for my internship. Only after I clear the bar exam next year, I'm allowed to wear the coveted black gown (AND I WILL LOOK AWESOME IN IT-*gulps*) So, I don't have any proof to show ki bhai, I'm not as sweet and innocent as I look, I'm a nasty lawyer who likes to keep the streets clean and spitting on roads is equivalent to Kasab's war against India for me. My mom doesn't encourage this 'shouting on autowale when they spit' business of mine, because I'm a dainty girl and all that rubbish, and yes I admit it, sometimes the autowales abuse me or drive rashly or do ajeeb harkatein just because I asked them not to spit on the roads (A Hyderabadi experience, it was :P ). I don't think it's still a valid reason to stop them for spitting, right?

I ran a google search for the Ahmedabad Municipality Corporation (AMC) website, looking for the fine to be imposed for spitting, littering, peeing on the roads(unfortunately I can't stop a man from peeing on the road, but it's good to know, maybe I can tell/threaten all you males to stop it) But the website is like ridiculous. I couldn't find anything concrete, and my hatred for the government increased as high as Sachin Tendulkar's average against Australia this year (Above 100 I mean, btw) Somewhere randomly it is mentioned that the fine ranges between 50-500 bucks.

Now, despite being a lawyer, I cannot collect fines from them, but at least I can threaten them.
You can do the same, by just making an effort to stop them. Whether they listen to you or not is their headache, but at least you can contributing your part in keeping your city clean.

P.S- I didn't mean to make the full post about this.Man I can talk on the most random things on earth.... :(
Btw, the pic is true, spitting and littering is banned in Shimla.

See you next time :)


Randeep said...

Threatening wont work dear. First we've to make them understand what they are doing is "bad" rather than wrong. Only that awareness will help them stop repeating it.


Hit Wicked said...

Get angry on the ones who don't obey the laws for sure. Right thing. But we are the ones who create such mess. (Looks at your blog title and looks away now) Yes, I am with you Mads.

peter said...

Right !! peeing could be an emergency you know there aren't many public toilets on the indian streets and every time they cant go to their respective homes for the same, when they specially have to spend the day working in traffic. But spitting is really bad, and I have seen people who don't even look where they are actually spitting. sometimes they spit on other people too ...and i am not kidding !! thank god its not the same case wid peeing !

Dhanya said...

Yeah, you can talk about the most random things on earth and that's why we lurveee you :D Madsy jai ho che \:D/

Mayank said...

Everthng comes down to 'self'. You can fight the world but can seldom change it. Better to be the change urself.. Rest shall follow.

Mani Lalwani said...

Well, here you go.. 1 more follower who will watch ur every move :D
and post loooooooong comments :p (I am stretching it to show how long...most of the females understand the length better when things are stretched)

and mademoiselle, u went on the wrong blog.. had thought abt maintaining it looooong (no pun intended this time :p) time back... and now when I am back..
a new blog..

here it goes..

looking forward to hear frm u ASAP ;)

Harish said...

threatening wont work after an extent.. creating awareness through media and schools is one option.. construction of more clean toilets and litterbags in public places is another req.. ps: liked your blog.

Akansha Agrawal said...

Sooo true! I stopped my mom once from throwing out groudnut shells out of train window and she got angry at me, saying I was throwing a tantrum at unnecessary things! hmphf!

But my incessant tirades have had an effect. Now she cockily looks at me, and puts in inside to throw later *meri mehnat rang laayi*

Similarly, if you nag people all the time, set an example, they can change. My friends also look for dustbins because they've seen me keeping the toffee wrappers in my bag. *feels proud*

Do your bit. It helps. :)