Thursday, August 7, 2008

Why things don't look as they appear

Don't criticize me saying it's a weird title after you read my post. It suits its purpose, alright.
So there I was shopping with my mom and sis, before her trip to USA. Well, she was given to green signal to buy whatever she wanted, without looking at the price tag (but obviously, the poor girl had to look, sneakily) I was given the green light to buy whatever I wanted, by looking at the price tag. Oh well, I will have my moments some day.
I browsed around in the Pepe Showroom. I'm pretty quick at choosing my stuff, so I grabbed out a nice looking pair of jeans. The guy in charge smartly stared at my lower part of the body and asked me to get a 26 size jeans. I took out the 26 size and marched off to the trial room.

It didn't fit. It was too tight. Ok, I must be 28 size, I thought, as I came out of the trial room. The guy gave me a 28 size, along with a huge smirk, and I marched back to the trial room.

It didn't fit. It was too tight.
So what? I must be 30, I thought, trying to shake off my depression.
The guy changed his smirk into a serious frown as he sneakily checked me out again.
Naah, I can't be that fat. 30 would fit me, I thought optimistically.....

Nope. 30 was too tight.
I nearly burst into tears in the trial room.
I questioned God:-
1)Will 32 size fit me?
2)How could I ask for size 34?
3)Was I fat?
4)Will someone marry me?
5)Why did I look slim and trim when I am actually not ?
6)Again, will size 32 fit me?
7)If not, then will size 34 fit me?
8)Was there any size above 34?
9)What was that guy thinking about me?
10)Was he telling the rest of the guys that I was holding my breath in order to appear thin and I was actually fat?

My mom knocked impatiently on the door and broke my one sided conversation with God. I didn't meet her eyes or that guy's eyes as I muttered that it was too tight.
"Too Tight?" said the guy in charge as loudly as possible.
"Get one 32 size out, please" he shouted louder than before.
I silently thanked him for announcing to the whole world. Now, surely, no one will marry me.

I tried size 32 on. Hey. It was loose now.
I came out and gave the jeans along with a superior smirk to the guy. "It's too loose for me. You need to alter it" I said in a pompous manner.

Moral of the story:- Never, ever say I'm anorexic or I look anorexic again. Never, ever say I'm size zero again.
And I will get married. Hopefully I'll fit into size 28 at least by then.....


alex paul k said...

hilarious post
n d title ws as perfect as it cud get touch wood
a typical girly agony

btw s size 28 d best?

Mads said...

hehe...thank u :)
yeah actually size 26 or 28 would be perfect...

Prabhu Dutta Das said...


peter said...

blame it on different companies and their sizes ....I have seen even the same sizes f diff companies dun actually giv the same kinda hold on ur waist....!!

though I can't think of putting myself in ur shoes neither dresses lolzz...but still I can understand ...size conscious mentality in the case f gals !!
nice post !!

Mads said...

@prabhu dutta das :-| why are ur comments bouncers for me always?

@peter...thank u...glad u understand my plight :P :P without hving to step into my shoes or rather those damn 31 size jeans... :D

Prabhu Dutta Das said...

Tathastu == AMEN!!

Twas for getting into 28 or 26 size by the time you LEGALLY comprehend MARRIAGE (Marriage==Gaining more size :)).


I think I am a bit coherent now :(

Mads said...

i understood wat's tathastu means but didn'tunderstand the context :D

it's for saying i'll be size 28..i doubt it though :-(