Monday, August 18, 2008

7 Reasons why my life is a mess now.

(I'm not usually a cribbing kind of person. But I need to vent out my anger and irritation somewhere. Why not my blog? Anyway, even if I complain about the particular people, and they read and understand it's about themselves in my blog, they can't say anything. Because that's proof that they read my blog. Hah. I know my logical reasoning, I can become a top notch lawyer now, yay!!!!

Am I boring you with my constant cribbing and complaining that I don't fit into my jeans? Or that I want Ranbir Kapoor right here right now? Or that the boys in my college are the most irritating, chauvinstic, pigs roaming around? Or that stopping myself from abusing every minute is killing me day and night ? Or that everyone around me irritates me by stabbing the tomboy in me ? Or that the so called nice, sweet, dainty girls in college who walk so slowly and have a stupid smile 24*7 on their faces while they take their food slowly in the queue? And not to forget the stupid, foolish, idiot guys who follow them like dogs on a leash, and walk equally slowly. Behind the girl, of course. Aargh. Useless, irritating, foolish, dumb, idiots all around me.

Seven reasons why my life is a mess now.

1) My laptop is fucked up and it refuses to play Khuda Jaane from Bachna ae hasseno ko. I listen to that song for minimum 10 times a day, and now it stops playing out of the blue.

2) Both my exams sucked. First was Banking and Negotiable Instruments Act,1881 (You got lost reciting the name of the subject itself, didn't you? Think about my condition. Mugging the sections under the Act, actual concept of the Banker-Customer Relationship, mugging the case laws, no, no, you can't even dare to write Kumar v. State of West Bengal instead of Sukumar v. State.) I did study for Banking. I really did study. I didn't go online. I didn't watch Olympics on t.v. or news on the internet. I didn't even talk to my parents, man. Then why? Mom works in a bank. And her daughter ended up screwing Banking law paper. Don't be surprised if you see me shifting to Dharavi Slums in Mumbai after this semester ends. Wonder if they'll have internet connection in Dharavi Slums?
Second was Constitutional Law-3. I did study. I only went online for 15 mins in which I Gtalked with a friend, checked orkut, checked facebook, read Olympics news, checked hotmail,(My sister's mail has come finally, and guess what? It refused to open. Fuck All in 15 minutes. I even paid attention in class. (First bench, taking down notes, clinging on to every word what Sir says. Only once in a while messaging or talking to whoever's next to me. And no staring into space at all !!!!) And still the exam was just ok ok. That's it. My C.G.P.A had already gone to the dogs. Now even the dogs wouldn't want it.

3) I have like, 4 coffees a day. (and night, considering it's exam time) My complexion which had become a little decent is back to square one now. I've lost all hope of getting Ranbir Kapoor now.

4) I'm the Official Agony Aunt in my college. Will write in details in my next post (without taking my client's names, of course..)

5) People in my college accusingly ask me why I'm smiling after an exam. Yes, I have screwed up as badly as you guys, but I'm not the one who has a Ph.d. in cribbing. Duh !!!! Someone teach them to be see the silver lining in the dark cloud or whatever.....

6) My friend (a guy, if you must know) does not get tired of being sarcastic to my indecisiveness. What are you going to do with your life? The conversation begins with this question. The excessive smileys I ping to change the topic does not help. See, it's difficult being over ambitious and asking to choose one. It's like asking guys to choose between Angelina Jolie and Katrina Kaif. See the dilemna?

So, I get my B.A.L.L.B degree in 2011 (hopefully). The career options I have in mind are:-
a) Masters in Journalism. Chuck law forever, muhuhahaha. Then I'll get a job through placements. Maybe I'll get to interview Ranbir Kapoor and con him into getting married to me.
b) L.L.M in Sports Law (But I read the course curriculm in some firang university. It's all law. Shitty shitty shitty law. Where the heck is the sports in it? Ok, I'm over reacting, without knowing the actual crux of the matter. Anyhow, this option is almost out, though)
c)M.B.A (*blank* Ya, ya and then go into sports management. Howzzat?)
d) Stay in Dharavi Slums and stare into space.
e) Continue writing my blog and be the oldest woman ever to have a blog (There was a newspaper article on the oldest woman to have a blog. She died at some 100+) I'll at least be famous after I die then, hmmm. My grandchildren(i.e. if I get married) won't think I'm the laziest grandmother ever, then, Yay!!)

7) The main reason why my life is so shitty. I was supposed to sleep at 1 and get up at 3:30 and start studying for Evidence paper. And it's already 2 now. Yay!!

Even if you don't want to comment on my blog, the least you can do is to pray that I clear my exams.



peter said...

see i am the 1st one to comment on ur u did on mine ..!!
tht was a very lng post but um no one to complain ..I write even bigger than this one !!

so ur all reasons &...ambitions are ambiguous I m sayin this cz ...i thought either u ver srsly joking or jokingly serious..LOL :)

btw I hope ranbir kapoor reads ur blog ...and chooses u ..( u never knw)
nice hilarious post !

Prabhu Dutta Das said...

You are not alone in this disgusting world. If that helps!

Mads said...

@peter lol :P i was frustrated..try to understand...i didn't deserve any comments on that frustrated post of mine !! :D

@prabhu dutta das... but still..why can't i get ranbir kapoor?

Prabhu Dutta Das said...

Maybe if he wouldnt have stpped flirting and his killer style till he saw deepika in the movie who knows you could have stood a chance!!!

Go taxi Driving before his bungalow:D

Mads said...

good idea.. :D :D :D :D

Prabhu Dutta Das said...

Idea toh mein dete rehta hoon.. Good toh apne aap lag jaate hai.. (Happy Singh style)...

I guess it was lot better than Killer thoughts..

Mads said...

Gah. Killer rocks any day compared to happy nappy singh...

butterb_eer said...

awww bad week huh?
dont worry..God is with u :) and Greek God will soon b wid u:))

Mads said...

hahahaaha @lavs... :P :P :P

alex paul k said...

seriously no better place 2 vent out ones anger

a frusto post 2 b honest,though its always a pleasure 2 laugh in b/w

hp u find some solutionts 2 all your crap problms b4 ur grandchildren strt readin yo blog

Mads said...

:-P told u before only it's a frustrated post...i didnt deserve any comments...

thanks for reminding me i need to find a solution before my grandchildren(?) started reading this blog... :-|

himanshu said...