Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Updates

1) My hair cut was a hit in my college. Although some guys weren't happy because they prefer long hair. Like I cared what those pigs thought. Anyway, for the first time, my hair cut got rave reviews. Long live the lady who cut it.
2) My sis is doing well. Happy happy. Am sure she must have found some hot firanga in her class.
3) I have not still got my midsem results. Hence, I'm still alive and kicking.
4) I watched Rock on!! It's super awesome. Although, many pigs (yes, boys) did not like it. Apparently, it's a 'mix' of Dil Chahta Hai and Jhankaar Beats. My review:- Farhan Akhtar is the hottest thing walking on earth right now. He should be jailed for being so intoxicatingly seductive. Why why why? Why didn't I work as Bani in Kasam Se? I would have got a role opposite him in Rock on!!(I love those 2 exclamation marks!!) then. He would have given me that loving, checking out look. I wonder how many retakes must have been taken......I will refrain from elaborating since my mom reads my blog too. She's sick and tired of her son-in-law's position changing every now and then. I don't blame her. It's hard to keep track myself. Oh yes, Arjun Rampal's super cool too. So are Luke and Purab.
5) Ronaldo is staying back with Manchester United. But I'm not happy. I hate hypocrites.
6) I'm drinking 2 cups of coffee. Complexion seems decent.
7) I haven't lost any more weight after exams. Yay!!!
8) People of my college have started admitting they read my blog !! They claim it's really nice!! Yay!! Sweet of the pigs to compliment me even though I call them pigs..... For the first time, I've done something good for my college. See, there's more to me, even though I can't get a magical and I don't manage to answer in class (How does the faculty manage to ask me a question when I'm day dreaming? I mean, what timing....) and I suck at law.
9) Virat Kohli played well. Yay!! He's so cute. And India won the series (finally). Jai Dhoni...

That's it for now.


peter said...

well I liked ROCK ON!! and I am a guy so wat do u think I am a pig or am I lying ??
well watever seem to have a mindblowing sense of humour trust me ....I keep LOL'ing evry time i go thru ur posts ..!
good tht u are becoming famous ..the virtual side of blogging...!

and yeah JAI dhoni !!


Mads said...

i so wish i would become famous...i invest so much of time and energy and humour in blogs, rather than my studies :P

pigs= guys in my college...
u= one of the few sensible guys alive in this world.. :-P

thank u for the mindblowing compliment :-D

ruch said...

Haircut looks nice! Rock on rocks!! And I love reading your blog.. I'm actually hooked onto it!!
P.P.S.- I'm not sure you care what I think but you write really well!! It's fun to read n that's what counts, right?

alex paul k said...

n u take dose shit ..sorry compliments from pigs??...n u thot ronaldo s a hypocrite??...wen somebody shows u d amount f money real madrid showed him ...yeah mayb u wil hate yoself

Mads said...

@ruch thanks a lot for ur comments :)

@ alex :O i dont take that shit. i needn't write that i asked them to FO, coz it's understood :O duh. i thought ronaldo was loyal to this club. forget abt the dammed money.

harini said...

heyy madhuri.. u told me dat now u drink only 1 cup of coffee!! u promised me u ll consume less coffee. but madhuri nevertheless am still very proud of u on ur efforts to cut down d intake of coffee. good girl.
and yes farhan akhtar is hawwwtt. he is tooo awesome for words!!!

Mads said...

harinaaaa this was before exam time!! i swear i drink only one cup now..!! really..!! exam time u can forgive me naa ;-)i do listen to u :-)

farhan akhtar...God...*faints*
check out the Jal's photo i put in my album..isn't Gohar too hot for words? :D :D :D (faints again)