Sunday, August 3, 2008

My poem on Child Abuse

My entry for the poetry contest conducted by Elan.
I think I won't win it, so might as well show it off over here....
It's not one of my best efforts. I don't usually write poems on such serious topics....

I entered the gate,
On time for my interview,
With Mr. Kumar, the renowned politician,
I rang the doorbell,
Nervous about my first journalism assignment,
A small boy all of 10 years opened the door, smiling,
I smiled back, asked him where's his dad,
His smile disappeared; ignoring my question,
Showed me into the living room,
I sat down, within seconds,
Came another boy, smaller than the previous one,
Offered my a glass of water,
I took it, confused, seeing the boys in tattered clothes,
The boy had bruises on his face, his teeth looked bashed up badly,
As I drank the water, my eyes spotted blood clots on the boy's face,
I pointed it out to him, and he shrank away,
I looked up and saw a tiny boy running up,
As fast as his tiny legs could carry him.
After some minutes, the kid came down hurriedly,
"Sir is coming soon" he said nervously and shot off.
There was blood on his pants.
I was paralyzed with shock,
Mr. Kumar came, with a pleasant smile,
He motioned to one of the boys to get snacks,
He started speaking on the topic of the interview,
Which was Prevention of Child Abuse in Maharashtra.
I stood up, shaking with fury,
As far as I was concerned,
The interview was already over.


alex paul k said...

the idea was great

i always appreciate poems bcoz i myself find it hard 2 compose one

on a critical note as u knw try 2 bring in dat rhyming effect n it shud b perfect

peter said...

man !!
that was touchy for sure ....u knw wat ..u wrote a very nice and sensible poem though it doesnt have much rhyming but matter is awesm !!
keep blogging !

Mads said...

hey alex, i usually rhyme my poems, but cudnt manage to do anything in this one..thanks for the criticism, appreciate it...

hey peter...thanks a lot :-)

Girish Mahadevan said...

ohh superb work, i mean the content!!
it totally has my thought process 2 it...
but but but but honestly its not poetic,the rhythm is no were 2 be seen & continual reading ain't possible (I guess!!).

Mads said...

@girish. agreed, its not poetic at i wrote before, its not my best work at all... :-) thanks for d criticism...agree wid u totally...

Rishi said...

this is z d 1st post wch i hv read on ur blog...
i must say impressive work :)
u hv expressed a routine lyf incident in a simple yet thought provoking manner..commendable job maduriey..
keep up d good da best :)

Mads said...

rishiiiiiiiiiii thank u sooo much :-) :-)

Chitwan said...

madhuri great job...a simple incident portrayed just like a professional author would do...

u will soon be a chetan bhagat some day.. :P
all d best..keep writing

Mads said...

@chitwan, thank u so much...awesome compliment..

the Geekie said...

nicely put ur thought


Mads said...

@geekie thank u so much :-D