Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jab she left

Yes, I'm still obsessed with Jab we met. Although, I didn't meet anyone in a train.(why?why?why am I always surrounded by goons or sad middle aged ladies who shoot dirty looks at me, or stare way too much at me?) One of the mantras to be followed- I should not expect meeting anyone even remotely close to Shahid Kapur.
Ok,so this post is written on the day my sis left (see, if you read my blog, you are supposed to know the when,where,how,why as to my sis's departure. I'm not that jobless to keep a hold on my emotions and keep writing about her purpose) Anyways, till afternoon, packing was still on.A debate was going on as to where to pack scissors and nail cutter, because the security guys are going to check it or remove it or some shit. So it was necessary to keep it within reach in the bag so that she could remove it with ease. If you didn't understand the above mentioned explanation, don't break your head on it. Anyways, so the debate was going on, and I was completely lost. So I jumped inside the computer.
Yes, I was upset. But of course, I couldn't show it, because of all that bull shit that I have to be strong and she needs my love and support and blah blah. It's true bull shit, I guess. Mom hovered inside the room many a time and sneakily looked at me to see whether I'm crying or not. Of course, she was doing an equally commendable job by flashing fake smiles and making sad PJ's while she bustled around. Gah, she is my mom, and I'm her daughter, we both know each other's tricks of the trade.
Guests kept coming and the bloody phone never stopped ringing. I cursed every 5 minutes with flourish. Ok, it’s not their fault, that they love my sister, but what the heck !!! I come all the way from Gandhinagar, (Huh, 40 mins only, but still, it’s 40 damn mins!!) bunk college, (only 5 damn lectures, but still, I might have those weird sudden cough-cold shit and miss classes and hello, I have attendance shortage) and get up early at 9:30 and stare at her running around packing stuff. And live on one coffee a day since my dear friend lectured me (rather scared me) on ‘the latest way to die is to drink coffee’. Hey, I just had a brainwave. Now that I stopped having my usual 3-4 cups of coffee, why don’t I scare you into giving it up? (if you’re a coffee person, that is. And if you aren’t, you’re just dumb) Ok, here it goes.
1) Caffeine is as dangerous at nicotine.
2) It ruins your complexion, and you become dark. (My friend happily pointed out my face as an example. I was hurt, hey my complexion isn’t that bad!!)

So, I was glued to the computer, pretending I don’t exist, while my mom and sis entertained the guests. I applied plan A which was a strategy to show the guests I’m there, and to buzz off immediately. The plan was to serve them water and serve them ice cream later on. And sneakily come inside the computer room after serving them. I was feeling lost. It was seriously hard living on one cup of coffee. Glum Glum.
Finally it was airport time. It was pretty normal. Mom sniffed a little. Dad was indifferent as ever (I admire the way guys hide their emotions, seriously) My sis and I exchanged a big bear hug (My dad screamed, hey you’ll fall down- I still don’t know how we managed that hug, man) and she was off. She did the security check and shit, while we waited outside (They didn’t allow us inside, maybe security was beefed up after the Ahmedabad blasts) I stared at an ad of Bank of Baroda which showed Rahul Dravid with a V for Victory pose, to kill time. Finally, security shit was over, and she waved us bye for the last time (Kabhi alvida mat kehna, phir milne ki ummeed kho jaati hai!!!!) She was smiling way too much. I wondered if she had met a hot guy already.

But the point of the whole thing was that I didn’t cry at all. Was it Rahul Dravid’s presence that worked wonders? Was it the fact that I had grown up finally? Did I become emotionless after experiencing shit in the hostel?
We reached home and had our dinner. I watched K serials merrily while mom burst into tears after making a call to our cook (Our cook too cried that morning)
At 11 something, I went to my bedroom. I had to change the goodnight mat. I realized I didn’t know how to change it, because my sis did it always. I experimented with it, and finally the red light came on. Phew.
The bed was too large now. I could sleep comfortably with my 5 dolls. Ewww. This was bad. All responsibilities shit on the head. I had to wipe the damn vessels and take all the calls in a polite manner and shit. And I had to learn cooking and shit soon. Ewww.

But the tears had still not come out.


butterb_eer said...

ohhh...so finally i know the whole story...the truth about what happened after i left..and what happened BEFORE i left too !! :-)
very nice post seestur...im glad u have grown up..yeah its a drag to have responsibilities on ur head...u know what, i prefer to have responsibilities on my head back HOME in India..it used to be such a drag to go shopping even to suvidha...but now i'm dying to do that...after all India's India...and family's family,right?

and yeah, that hug was huge wasnt it! even i don't know how we managed it..eehehe!! waiting to c u again scooooooooop!!!!!!!!

Mads said...

yes eelk ;-)
mom misses ur tea :P
family's family :| u mugged up kabhi alvida naa kehna dialogues huh :O
cya soon :D

alex paul k said...

undrstand yo emotions
n a gud ode 2 yo sis

btw dravid s no mor d brand ambassador f bank f baroda....too old it seems

Mads said...

But he was there on the ad !!!
Yeah his contract is getting over this year... sigh sigh sigh :-(