Wednesday, July 16, 2008

New Semester Resolutions

This blog post is dedicated to whoever thought of the concept of “New Year Resolutions”. Thanks to that person, I found a topic for my new blog post. And an innovative way to kill valuable time.

1) Be early to class. (I’ve been late only 2-3 times in the 1st week)
2) Don’t miss your attendance. (I missed my attendance only 3-4 times in the 1st week)
3) Take notes. (I’m trying, I’m really trying)
4) Control your temper (I lost my temper only on the 6th day of college. Not bad, at all)
5) Eat well (I hog lunch and dinner. I should have better breakfast and snacks henceforth)
6) Don’t sleep in class (Naah, I won’t)
7) Answer in class (Yeah, I did it once! And will continue to answer!)
8) Don’t abuse. Even if it’s Ricky Ponting (Tuff one. I’m trying. Seriously)
9) Don’t shout and howl and scream and yell (Sigh. I won’t)
10) Write more original stories and don’t react to criticisms. You are not perfect. (Yes Sir)
11) Behave in a civilized manner with everyone. ( Cool.)
12) Get decent marks in mid sems and Continuous Evaluations. It’s no use getting great marks in end sems if your marks suck in mid sems and CE (I realized this after 2 years. Yes, I’m dumb)
13) Improve your vocabulary. And I don’t mean abuse vocabulary (Hello, why you being sarcastic to yourself ?) Extensive vocabulary would help your career (???) as a journalist.
14) Jump to the front benches. Then you have no option other than paying attention in class. And you can't even use your cell phone sneakily-I got caught, just yesterday. *sighs* (See, I promoted myself to the second bench, because I used to come late--oops, I broke my 1st resolution, I'll improve, I promise, I promise!!!---yeah so I come late, so all the places at the back are occupied, so I sit on the 2nd bench, and it's actually not that bad. So, I'll jump to and fro from the third last bench and the 2nd bench as per my "mood")

And the list is to be continued.....Let's see if I can follow 14 commandments of my "life"....


alex paul k said...

lol me in2 ma new sem in a week

common resolutions & promises r 2 b brocken

Anonymous said...

Goshh..that is quite a resolution I see.All the very best.I have tried sticking with schedules since the last 3 years and have failed terribly.Hope you will do us all proud !!

Mads said...

Today I was caught talking in one class, I came late in one class, I walked out of one class, and I took notes only in 2 classes because I sat on the 1st bench coz I was talking too much at the back :-)
Now do u think I'm gonna follow these resolutions? (pls say yes, pls) :P
I agree resolutions are meant to be broken..but im still trying... :D

Girish Mahadevan said...

wat r u gurl, Ms.Perfect or something....LOL!!

Ny how dont do things just coz people say its right, just loose out & b the way u always have been.
Change is very essential but not when u force urself 2 it.

best o luck with them..ciao

Mads said...

@girish, u actually think I'm following these?
anyways, i thought i should reform and mend my ways. have been taking life too lightly so should repair myself :D :D
p.s- i do sit on the 1st bench. sometimes. :D :D :D :D :D