Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My other half

This blog post is dedicated to my other half. Who incidentally, is not my better half. Because we are the same halves. It’s my elder sister who I am talking about.

She cried when I was born. (Sigh, how rude can she get starting from day 1 of my life) I followed her wherever she went (Bathroom, NOT being an exception). She sang the poems and recited the alphabet to the guests while I hid behind her, ashamed of myself (Was I stupid since then?) She had a perennial laugh on her face while I cried on my mom’s lap (What opposites we were, man) My grandmom was on her side while grandpa on mine (That’s why our grandparents keep fighting!!!!) She famously slept on 7 pillows at once (I still wonder how come her neck is still not paining) She did my homework while I did hers when she was in 4th standard and I, in 2nd (!!!!!!) She fractured her hand while trying out some acrobatics in the garden, while I fractured my hand (many years later) while running in the house at night (!!!!!) We watched an Aus-SA match (why??) the night before our Gujarati final exam and Dad roared at us for disturbing him (Who can be so stupid to switch on the T.V in front of which Dad was asleep and cover the T.V with our homework books so that the light won’t fall on Dad?! Although, it did work for some minutes!! He finally woke up when my sis asked me to switch off the T.V and I switched on the tubelight-Why me , why me, why me? Was I a tubelight since then or what?) When we went out on our expeditions (exploring the roads near our house), we entered a road with a dead end. We reached the end and a pack of dogs came barking, howling towards us. She ran away but I was rooted to the spot (Was I that slow since then?) I succeeded in jumping over the dogs (I should represent India in hurdles competition, hmm) and running away. Our cycling days (she drove, I sat behind her lol) to those dumb drawing classes (it helped her, not me !!!!) Our “adventurous” games at those friends’ houses and those picnics in the compound of the house (!!!!!!) Our grandpa getting us a basketball net and teaching us to play basketball. Our grandpa teaching us badminton. (NOW, EVERYONE KNOWS WHY WE PLAY SO WELL!!!) Our grandmom forcing us to recite 30 times tables when she bathed us !!! Our grandpa forcing us to support MSK and Sadagopan Ramesh because they are Tamilians (!!!!!!) My sister shouting at the girls who bullied me in school (Yes, I was bullied in school, that’s why I’m a bully now!!) Our games of out-out (Oh man, she’s an expert in that game) and our lunches being snatched away by that girl who gobbled it up in one go (And we let her do that?!) Our grandpa wading in the waters to get us home from school. Our grandmom shoving dosais and idlis into us all the time. (Presses fast forward button or this post will never end)

Now, she’s 21, I’m 19. She likes Nadal and I like Dravid. (No more common crushes for us!!!) She’s going off to America, Australia, whatever for Post Graduation (When? When the hell did she become a Graduate? Where the hell did the time fly?) I’m pondering over the meaning of life in Gandhinagar.
In short, I’m only “huri” now. Because my other half (The “Mad” one) is off to Uncle Sam’s land.


Prabhu Dutta Das said...

I so fervently wished I had a elder sibling! Having a younger one makes me nod-nod at this post..

Girl, you played basketball and recited tables till 30... Holy Crap!

Anonymous said...

You do have an interesting style of narration.I loved it.Keep writing more.Will blogroll you.

Mads said...

haha @prabhu dutta das :D

thanku @mishra! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi ,

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Mads said...

@ray wow!! thanks a lot for the idea...i'll try it out.. :-) glad u liked it.. :-)

Mads said...

@ray ur blog is not opening. :|

Express said...


My elder bro left for US last year, and yes I miss him. the void in the family is thr, always. Prolly coz u don live at home, u wudn't feel like tht, yet//......

Thanks for ur visit on my blog :-)

butterb_eer said...

best post till now hoh!
coz its about SEESTURS SEESTURS :D
wow we have some great secrets,don't we ?? eehehe!!

alex paul k said...

quite amazing dat u ve so much 2 (re)write abt ur sis.....jz luvd all dos contents inside(brackets)

keep posting

:) said...

that's a nice post :)

btw, how can you call yourself slow when you can jump (0G-3G accleration) over a running dog?!?:p

Abhinav Viswambharan said...

You have a good humor sense.

I too have an elder sister, whom I used to hate the hell at times as she always used to complain about me to Dad n Mom.

But then, when I look back to all those days, it indeed was fun. I somehow miss all that. I get to meet her only once a month. :(

Girish Mahadevan said...

you know what, this post really assures one phrase for me
"two to tango"

BTW it was a "Road to the sissy world" i guess..

happy blogging gurl!!!

Anonymous said...

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Mads said...

thank u so much for the comments @ express,butterbeer(seestur),alex paul, :),abhinav, girish

:-) :-)