Friday, July 25, 2008

Reasons why my sister should not go to New York

1) She has to share her house with strangers. Bathroom specially. She gets bugged when both of us need to use the bathroom at the same time. (telepathy, I know) What if her turn to use the loo there doesn't come at all?
2) She has to cook for herself and for her other room mates. What is she food poisons them? I'm not even a full fledged lawyer to bail her out of this mess!!!!! I won't even be there as the guinea pig i.e. taster-tester of the food she cooks. And yeah, my occasional helping her out while wiping the vessels and putting them away. (though I talk most of the time, while she wipes, puts them away and replies back!!)
3) Who will I talk to at 1 am when I'm bright, energetic, full of life? My mom would take revenge and wake up at 6 am if I dared to wake her at 1 am and ask her to 'talk' to me.
4) She can't borrow my clothes. (And of course, vice versa)
5) She can't abuse me watching K serials anymore. And she'll be obsessed with weird 'normal' American 'soaps'.
6) If it's urgent, she can't pee on the roads which is only humanly possible in India.
7) She won't be able to drive on roads devoid of cows, donkeys, buffaloes, dogs.
8) She'll get a firanga boyfriend who will become her husband. They will get a kid who will ask me to play baseball with him. And he'll think I'm crap because I watch cricket. He won't love me at all !!!!!
9) She will forget bargaining and will end up spending zillions of dollars extra.
10) She will not come out of the air conditioned room when she comes back to India. She'll become phobic to Indian summers.
11) She won't step into Gandhinagar to visit me. She won't even like Mumbai, forget Ahmedabad, saying it's too 'small' a place. (Anyway, she hates Mumbai.)


Prabhu Dutta Das said...

I think you missed on spicier foods and non limited beverages!!

Mads said...

right !!!!!
and the pani puri on road side which they make from urine and gutter water !!!

alex paul k said...

my sis nt intrsted in cumin bak aftr she left 4 UK
life s so cool(in evry sense) der

Mads said...

@alex paul. my sis had better not be like ur sis :-|

sss5 said...

I know the feeling.....but my sister left a long time ago... u'll get used to it I suppose...though it is hard

Mads said...

@ss5...madhuri sighs in reply...