Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pluto, Oh Pluto, we miss you.....

Pluto floated in space slowly and steadily. He was alone, some stars hovering nearby. The body of planets remained indifferent to its existence. They never talked to him since the day the NASA scientists had discarded it from the planets.

Pluto tried hard to remain indifferent and emotionless. His heart bled with sorrow and misery. It had cried enough, that tears refused to come out. He still smiled as he remembered all the years when the nine planets played with the stars together. They learnt their numbers together while counting the stars. They threw a bash whenever Halley’s comet arrived. They teased Saturn for being the most beautiful planet. Pluto blushed as he thought of Saturn and Venus. Pluto smiled nostalgically. Venus was the eternal beauty. He remembered his best mate, Jupiter. Jupiter and Pluto bonded well despite the difference in their sizes.

Pluto now had tears in his eyes as he recalled those days. The students on Planet Earth, smiling in satisfaction as they ended the answer to the question ‘Name the nine planets’, with ‘Pluto’. Pluto was a dwarf, and the most pampered planet of all because of his size.

It had all come to an end. No one loved him any more. Pluto wiped his tear streaked face as the moon passed by and pointedly ignored him.


anusha said...

Awww that was really cute!! n i luvd it! the empathy described is great! u must be an animal lover.. arent you?

P.S i ws reminded of how Mini Mouse cuddled Mickey's dog..also named Pluto ^_^


Abhinav Viswambharan said...


Convey my regards to Pluto. :D

Mads said... glad u loved im not an animal lover really..!it'll sound weird, but i really feel bad for pluto.poor thing.

btw lol nice one..never thought of the mickey mouse's pluto lol... :-)

@abhinav...planet earth isnt talking to pluto. so i cant convey ur regards :-( :-P

Mads said...
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alex paul k said...

nice idea
n a beautiful post sans ur usual humor

Mads said...

thanku =)

Abhinav said...

so sad re!
bachpan se 9 planets
suddenly 8!

we shud do sumthing abt it

Mads said...

@abhinav..i know...
im gonna sue those NASA idiots X-( X-(