Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tum anjaane hi thik the.

The smile in your eyes,

The charm in your talk,

The sweetness in your spice,

The ease in your walk,

The mood from low to high,

The love behind the angry glare,

The laugh behind your cry,

The awkward glance in your stare,

The kid in your office suit,

The handsome man in ganji-shorts,

The blabbermouth when you're mute,

The lame pics for which you have the hots,

The 'I need you' in your 'get lost',

My uncombed hair which you ruffle with glee,

The responsibility you take for my cost,

The sadness, in my wink, you can see,

The problem of mine becomes a solution,

My simple sniff also like a major disease,

My cruel words also like a love potion,

Every argument, debate, fight, you inevitably cease,

Even when things are perfect, things can go wrong,

This is bloody fiction, hope you enjoyed this song! :P

P.S- YAAR, you have no idea how much I'm expecting from Anjaana Anjaani. BETTER BE AWESOME!! :D :D :D

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