Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I enter the class, I sit and I see...

I'm usually this punctual kind of person unless:-

1) I oversleep because I forgot to put an alarm on my cell

2) I accidentally put if off and go back to sleep

3) I accidentally-on-purpose put it off and go back to sleep

4) I pretend I'm sick

5) I really end up being sick then (Every bitch has her day. Sigh)

So, I'm usually punctual. Even if it means arriving to college 7 mins before class starts (That's pretty decent. And it's enough time to gobble down 2 sandwiches. Without cheese, of course. Iniviting the mess wala's smirk when I shout, I want the dammed sandwich without cheese, of course) I come to class and my bench partner and my friend who's a 1st bencher (and who wants to bring me there and spoil me. Gah! With friends like this, who needs enemies) both haven't come yet. My bench partner is a full time late comer (she'll kill me for this. HAHA. At least I didn't name her. But anyway, all my batchmates who are reading this, will obviously know who she is.Muhahahahaha) And the 1st bencher runs in during the attendance or some seconds before the attendance starts....

I'm bored, even before the class starts. So what do I do ? I look around. Notice what everyone is upto. I was just telling my 1st bencher friend on gtalk about what I notice. And she was going all LMAO, ROFL and LOL at it. Of course, I remember my blog, my dear Brian(My blog's name is Brian-for all the newbies on my blog--who has started talking to me again after I removed the pink template of his blog) Why not scandalize/impress/frighten him and my poor readers with my observations? I'm so evil, muhuhahahaha. My batchmates are gonna kill me, for sure. Please pray that my soul rests in peace in case I don't post anymore after this one....

I come to class and immediately message whichever class is going on to the 1st bencher and my bench mate, so that they can hurry up or whatever, according to the lecture going on. Then, I start. Noticing....

1) I begin with my first bencher friend's reaction. Since she inspired me into writing this post. Muhuhaha. She'll hate herself. Or me. Or both.

Enters with huge, long steps, but not actually running. She's so whatever. Won't run, won't allow me to run too. Gah. How lady like can she get. Enters and raises her eyebrows slightly when she first sees the lecturer. Looks down, walks to the first bench, keeps her books (her back is to the lecturer then) grits her teeth harrrrrrdddddd, then rolls her eyes in a semi circle (that is bring it up half way then it comes down again. Maybe she doesn't know how to roll her eyes properly) Blinks very sleepily and sits down. AND STARTS TAKING NOTES. Dammit. With occasional sudden grins at me at the back (that is when she's not messaging me. She's good at messaging sitting right on the 1st bench) And it's left to my interpretation whether she's happy because of something I said, or did or she's happy because her bf messaged some senti message (Gah. It's so easy to tolerate classes when your cute bf keeps messaging u.)

2) My bench partner. Who recently got up at 6:30 and STILL came 5 minutes late to our class which starts at 9 :-)

She runs right from when the bus stops in front of the college gate (I know it, because on the occasional times when I've come late, she has always been at my side. Hahahahaha, that sounds so cheesy) I wonder how she can run on those heels of hers. Also, I wonder why she claims she's not athletic when she's so quick at running. Gah. Girls. I fail to understand them(us, whatever). She runs from the gate, through the lawn, up the steps, down the steps (Be in my college to understand how the process goes) and makes a sharp right turn, runs straight ahead, a sharp left turn, a sudden break when she reaches the entrance of the class. She looks harassed and immediately straightens her curly hair (which are already in place, don't know why she still bothers) She grins, as she sees me and comes over to the back.

"Is attendance over?" That's the way she greets me every morning.

Now, the reactions of the rest of my batchmates....

3) This guy...who drags his feet, slowly, very very much irritated and frustrated. Goes like "Arre yaar" at whichever faculty is there. The frown never leaves his face. He badly needs to hear my PJs, you know.

4) This girl. Enters with a huge smile but notice, her eyes flash a fiery look at the lecturer. The kajal on her eyes adds to the dramatic effect.

5) This guy. Starts off with "Arre ch_____ subah subah isse hi aana tha kya? Arre yaar attendance bhi nahi milega. Arre ch____ miss call nahi de sakta tha kya, m.c ?" I mean, loads of guys do it. Hilarious it is as well as fascinating to hear 10 abuse words in one sentence.

6) The previous point was our regular desi gang. Then comes the hi-fi gang.
"Fuck man, I missed my attendance. I missed the fucking bus by one fucking moment. That driver, son of a ____, couldn't he have waited for one fucking second, I could have caught the fucking bus on time? i didn't even fucking have breakfast." A dramatic pause. "I'm so fucking hungry." Conclusion. "Fuck man."

Okay, if you insist.

7) The rest of us, have an indifferent expression to every lecturer. We prefer it that way. Live and let live, you know.

NOTE:- I'm not defaming my lecturers or my batchmates in this post. It's simply meant in light humour. No offence meant at all. I'm as usual kidding around. Sincere apologies to those who took it in a serious manner.


peter said...

well there u go ..batch mates unplugged :P

same experiences some how wid me too can relate to it !
btw u owe me a treat for ur new blog template duntu ?

Mads said...

@peter. u hardly attend classes.
and miss ankit fadia's lecture on top of it.
and u hv same experiences?
:P :P :P

Prabhu Dutta Das said...

Yeah the girls, making the highs higher and the lows lower!

Nidhi said...

When I read the reason for bunking class I felt these are all my reasons. One more added to it is when by bunking partner bunks I bunk too :)
She msg sitting on first bench???? Damn smart.
Its not even easy to hold blushes after reading cute msg of bf ;)
"Is attendance over?" lol I guess that is one of the main reason we attend college.
" Conclusion. "Fuck man." ---- LOL I’ll die laughing if I read more...

Mads said...

@prabhu dutta das. WHATEVER THAT MEANT...

haha..she blushes and buries her head in her book and takes
haha..long live attendance :-)

Mayuri said...

hehe....seems like u described my clsmates as well..:) and yeah..about the hi-fi gang--hilarious and true..very true!!

Mads said... thanks a lot :-) :-)

vishy said...

well this specific post i liked.....n she sent a what madhuri means? to u too? i got a what vishwanath means two days ago n she threatens to kill me if i dont read it....anyway u write really well (as always) but wait till my new post comes up........anyway.....didnt my blog interest u??[:x]

Mads said...

hehe..i think she must hv seen it over here only...she didnt send me the link..i saw that through a fellow blogger's blog... :P but it sucks, everyone's is almost the never mind..

im peeping into ur blog now...
thanks for the comments.. :-)

alex paul k said... post with dat gud(?) humor

i often wonder hw many times pple use d "C" & "F" word in their lives

u really observe yo bench partner n i hp she s stil lady like aftr readin dis post

Mads said...

lol thanks..and i know, it's amazing how C and F words are like good morning,good afternoon,good evening and good night types in our lives :D :D :P

my bench partner got thrilled after reading this post..May God bless her lady-likeness forever.. :-)

Lavanya said...

lolzz....funny...but i can't believe u missed an imp person...A VERY IMP PERSON!!!
(hint: B.A.N)(hint 2:oily)
im also getting to know the world of "c" and "f" words...ppl throw them around at the rate of 5 words/ ur abuses ;) hahaha
mutttaaaa boyyyyy!!!

Mads said...

@lavanya hahahaha :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

sayak said...

i read the last one (batchmates unplugged) in quite a hurry coz i had those thing they called breaks which start late but tend to end pretty soon.................newyaz madz u r an amazing writer........i really liked it a lot.............will defintely go thru the remainig ones ASAP............till then keep da way Bryan/Brian is also one of my favourite names

Mads said...

hey, thank u so much sayak :D :D