Friday, September 26, 2008

Random randomness....

Blah blah blah.

1) Our Sports Meet. My batch lost the Batch Championship on the last day. We lost out closely to our immediate juniors- the 2nd yrs. Nevertheless, we are proud of our performance. Maybe, next time...But as they say, Coming second means being first loser. Gah. I hate losing.

2) Due to the above mentioned incident, I fucked up my Civil Procedure Code Test, which was scheduled the next day. I couldn't get an exemption, inspite of being a member of the Organizing Committee. Exemption was given only to the football team and badminton team, who played on the last day (Others who play better than me, were in our badminton team).That's the disadvantage of being the only girl from your batch, and the other guys who are in the Committee, also play football, and get exemption. Gah. Nobody loves me. Adding insult to the injury (knee injury, plus cold, cough, fever), was the football team, who was standing outside our class, throughout the test and smirking at all of us. Anyway, I didn't know anything in the paper, so I was shooting dirty looks at them.

3) My knee doesn't hurt much now (Yay!!), but I got a cold, cough fever (How come this trio always strikes three-gether? I wonder...) I look pale and sick now. Also, my complexion has ruined since I was roaming around in Gandhinagar sun, which has a Ph.d. in sun-burning you. Sigh. I will never, ever, get married now. But, but, I still continued having only ONE cup of coffee daily, despite, the depression and sorrow I was going through.

4) My friend got a sms asking her if she wants to know what her future is: love marriage or arrange marriage? SMS Pyar DOB to some number. Will cross check and put up the correct procedure in my comments section. She showed me this sms, to have a good laugh. That poor girl, does not know me yet. I made her sms my DOB to that number. Those marriage (sex) hungry bureau whatever, charged her 3 rs. for it (that reminds me, I have to pay her for that.) Reply came within minutes.
I got 36% chance of love marriage.
I should remember to be nice to my parents henceforth. What if they arrange my kundali whatever with some bald, fat, hairy (everywhere), man wearing a lungi through which I can see his chaddi colour?
No. I will be nice to my parents henceforth.
Next message was. SMS your partner's name and his DOB to see if you are compatible with him.
No partner. Sigh. My friend giggled. Fine, you have a boyfriend, I don't. Such sadistic pleasure, committed people get, I tell you....And the next minute, they(not referring to my friend. Referring to committed girls, in general, in my college, who's boyfriend is back home) get depressed because they are so, very far, from their boyfriend/s (boyfriend/s refers to those girls who two,three time. One boyfriend in our college, one in the neighbouring college, one back home, etc. etc.) I console them by saying, don't worry, you'll get to fuck him when you go back home. A dirty look is flashed at me. But it works!! They are no more depressed!! Har-Har...

5) 2 projects, 2 tests coming up. I need to study and avoid Brian for a while. (Brian is my blog's name. I need to keep mentioning this, since some whatevers will assume I'm deewani for some Brian)

6) Have to study for my end sems abhi se since Diwali is coming up (which means eating, shopping, bursting crackers, wasting time for a good reason). Have to keep myself updated during the Indo-Aus series, and study at the same time. Which reminds me. I have to talk to my grandparents, before the Ind-Aus series starts. And abuse Ricky Ponting, along with my grandpa.

7) Have to celebrate Ranbir's birthday tomorrow. Remember to eat black forest pastry at Laxmi Bakery, and do "cheers" and say his name and blush.

A mere receipt for money does not amount to a promisory note, even though it might contain the terms of repayment. I need to study Banking and then sleep and rest.


peter said...

He he I wish u at least get to see a bald hairy guy wid a colorful chaadi wid a nada thru his translucent lungi :D

study nicely,break a leg in the next exams :)

and yeah get well soon mamu :)

Mads said...

:-| :-| :-|
*having horror nightmares of the bald hairy scary man*

alex paul k said...

lol @ no 4...was funny

sad dat u along with yo grandpa r preparin 2 hurl abuses at ricky who is my fav ausie cricketer

hp ranbir had a drink 4 yo health & not wishin u at all 4 yo xams dis tym

Abhinav said...

ohh sad.. that u lost..!
Get well soon... :-)
bald, fat, hairy (everywhere), man may be very rich and nice.. think again! :)

all the best for semesters!

Mads said...

@ alex. gah. ricky ponting sucks. u keep him fav aussie cricketter is gilly...
hope ranbir has a drink with me on his next birthday n we drink to deepika's ill-health... thanks for not wishing...seriously :D and nice doesn't matter when he can't hide his hair and fat body in a paper bag..ewwwwww :-(
and thank u..i need all the luck for this semester :-|

Crystal.. said...

New round yr place..but Lmao..bald guy?..ew!!..
nice n neat place you have..

Mads said...

heya...thanks a lot.. :-)

Nidhi said...

hey mads whts Civil Procedure Code Test?? wht r u studying?
awww baby get well soon..
36% chance of love marriage?? Ahem

ROFL :) >>you'll get to fuck him when you go back home.. u r so funny.
btw wht made u choose this name for ur blog?? Brian ??

Mads said... studying law...civil procedure code is one of the codes that governs the supposed civil laws in our country :D never mind, in short... :D :D
thanks :-) im better now...
36% chance of love marriage.sighs in depression.
I have a personal diary..and i had named it Brian, after the Backstreet boys lead singer, named my blog too..and i just love the name :-)

VrFranKs said...

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Mads said...

i got exams during diwali.
happiness is here?
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Mads said...

i got exams during diwali.
happiness is here?
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