Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A Truthful Milk.

First things first, Nidhi (What? You don't know her? Blogroll her right now, if you value your life!!) had to change her blog's link. You can catch her at now. *Muft Muft Muft* !!

Why is it that when you want to post a tag, you don't seem to remember which pending tag you were supposed to do?

Why is it that you get thrilled and nervous at the same time when you realize you have 14 months left till you graduate?

Why is it that Jay Sean music gives you a high, which even 10 tequilla shots might not give?

Why is it that they don't make human boys like Edward Cullen ?

Why is it that there seems to be a generation gap between us, 4th yrites and the newbie 1st yrites ?

Why is it that God Uncle couldn't attach a paper on which our career, life partner, the way we will die, everything would be written down? Would save so many complications and depression pangs (Nahii!! I won't ever get a guy!! No one loves me!!), you see.

Why is it that I get a feeling I have made zillion of grammatical errors in this particular post ?

And...What did one milk tell the other milk?

Don't worry. I got an answer for this one. In fact, I got awesome replies to this one. Even better than the original answer.

1) Hello Milk!
Courtesy my rakhi brother in college. Ok, I know my jokes are terrible and pakao, but Hello Milk?!?!?!?!

2) Let's go to the milky way!!
I forgot who told me this. Good one, though.

3) Tumse 'milk'e naa jaane kyun
Garam Bheja Fry in true Bollywood style.

4) I'm hotter than you are.
My reply ^^

5) You are spoilt.
Daddy ji. This is my personal favourite.

6) Kya tum chehre par malai lagati ho? (I mean, how innovative, man.)
GBF again.

7) Tumhari safedi meri safedi se zyada hai !
Chitwan. Haan ji, I use Fair and Lovely all the time.

8) Aaj dekhe zara, kisme hai kitna paani !!
Mommy joke =D

9) Are you related to 'Milk'a Singh?
Amith's desperate contribution to be mentioned on my blog. Haha.

And the real answer is....
"Wat's up, doodh?"

P.S- Not my creation. Don't kill me. It's by my school friend.

P.P.S- I'll try to be truthful is so nice, genuine and I dedicate this post to her. I know, I know, it's hardly a dedication post. But I feel like dedicating something to her. And the questions I have asked in the starting are truthful, so get the connection, naa? :P And btw, Truthful, it wasn't your movie tag which I have accidentally forgotten :P


Aw.S.M said...

As random as it gets :P....a collection of questions and statuses i ve had to bare with over the week :P..

Btw jay Sean's music does not give u a high!! it infact SUX!! and doesnt need to be typed all the time :D

Human boys are not made like Edward Cullen coz not every1 has access to that much make up and somehow they dont prefer blood as a drink.

If god uncle did that..there would be no fun in life...

As far as the milk question my defence i did say tumse milke khushi hui but u r adamanet ki u wont give me credit for it!!


Apparently intellectual said...

How much i wish guys were like edward!!! *dreamy state*

and loved the whats up doodh wala answer!:D
n u dint ask me!! i wudve contributed some thing too!! i wanted to appear in ur post too!!!:D

Dhanya said...

Lol @ Jay Sean music! I still remember the attack you got the other nite.. and even kinda missing it now :P

How can you like Edward Cullen? Isn't he just a lil bit too... mmm.. fair ? :(

Nice answers for the milk question :D I loved your mommy's reply! Heheheh...

Wow.. Amith came up with another corny line ? :D Nicceeee...

Anurag said...

Hey You had asked me the same question and I answered what chitwan had...yet he gets a mention :((

And I don't have any answers to your above questions :P

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

Pata hai main thhoda sa senti ho rahi ho and was thinking of writing a cool comment like " hey you have * STOLEN* my name" , BUT...... yaar tu sacchi me mast kudi hai , agar hum real life me milte to i'm sure bohot masti karte and we wud've been friends without boundaries :)

I don't know why they don't make Edward Cullens types, but they sure make the opposite kind a lot more :(

haaii i was gonna get the "Nahii!! I won't ever get a guy!! No one loves me!!" pangs too , but thanx 4 saving the day.

I know I feel like a senior citizen in front of these facchhas ( u know fachha na bachha+fresher)

But we r the cooler ones you know ;)

- thanx for being my guide to smiley et al.

ps-- tune kabhi tequila try kiya hai??? :P :P:) ( I wish that you would hehe)

Aditi..............:) said...


Randomness lives in you!! :)
Btw I gotta listen Jay Sean....!! :P

Pallav said...

as always... u r such a star on blogs...

what a post..

oh yes yeh milk se milkha singh bhi hota hai....


n haan thanks for accpeting my i was away..thanks keh nahi paya...


Randeep said...

Milk chat !@#$ mmm.. nice to know none is wasting their life (loving you ;) )


Harshita said...

*With a raised eyebrow"... Where is my answer?? *frowning*


I love Jay Sean too... :) his music is SUPUKK!! :D :D

Abt that dude Edward.. comments are reserved.

If u already knew everything abt life.. wud it be fun to live it??

hota hota hain...title shud be THINKING milk... hahaha... ;)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

hehe this is the 3rd time I'm coming to read this post :D milk ke baare me zyda to nahi pata except that I used to like Milky Bar ( not the one with the sparkles ) :)

May god bless you with lots of cads wo bhi milky bars;)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

I"m going for love aaj kal's first day first show 2mrw :D:D:D

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

tere is post me->"Of Totas and Maals"

'tota'lly sounds like bappi lahiri :P

Nidzzi said...

and i read it twice, milk and more milk :)
i drink women's horlicks hehe.
last night i had tht and i was so energized, i studied for another 1 hr at 1 at night
i knw my comment is so out of topic. but m happy m back to blog.. :)
m a horlicks girl :)

Abhinav said...

*With a raised eyebrow"... Where is my answer?? *frowning*

(refer to my pic for more details)

:) this is is the most intelligent PJ I have ever heard..

Chitwan said...

aah...i dint no u were askin me this question as your empirical research data preparation!!

i can smell idleness perfectly woven into your nicely drafted post with all bizzare and good things going on inside your cerebral hemispheres and cerebellum

edward cullen btw isnt tht hot..get over him please!

Stupidosaur said...

"Aaj mi-lk aazma!"

(song "aazma luck aazma" from Luck)

"Maine tujhko kahan PIYA yeh tan man tere naam kiya! Le teri ho gayi yaar sajna ve sajna.."

The milk shall inherit the world!
Tum paanidar ho yeh koi achhi baat nahi. Tum ghoda nahin :P
Jab tum aise milk powder lagakar aati ho, badi hi sunder lagti ho priye!
Taney DOODHaji ni MILKat mathi kashu nahin maley!
(gujju che :P)
Aaj mera aakhri insaan ka daant gir gaya!

(Like aaj mera aakhri doodh ka daant gir gaya :P)
"Yes I can!" (It was canned milk :P)
"Waqt aaney de! Dikha dooonga ki mein bhi kya cheese hoon!"
"You should get toned like me!
"Whole Cow! Look at you!"
("Holy cow! Look at you!")
Another separate inpromptu PJ:

What did a drop of curd say to a bowl of milk?
Ans: Apni jodi jamegi!

They say, early in the morning, a person should stretch.
I think I stretched this too much ;)

Anonymous said...

Aww! I love i'll try to be truthful too! :D So daaddycation sahi hai ;)

peter said...

Have u heard the song 'Milk & honey'?
I can tell u what Milk said to Honey ..and that too in Arabic :P

kewl answers there .and btw why is this Edward guy getting so much hype ?
He looks Gay (does he do it the other way ? :P )

I'll try to be truthful ka itna accha naam hai ..naam se bula ussey !

vanilla sky said...

Well, the sad thing is Edward Cullen will not survive in India's tropical climate :(
We can get hold of Dr. Cullen and ask him to turn people into Edward like guys.

Garam Bheja Fry said...

One milk to another " Maine suna kal gas pe chadhte hi teri phat gayee"


hee hee! nice post madzeee! always tickling some or the other funny bone! :)

abhishek said...

GBF and stupidosaurus are incredible!!

nd I would like to remind you that you ARE loved.

Edward Cullen is pale as a fuckin' vampire...what's wrong with today's girls???

ankita said...

chalo milk-ee padhte hai Mads ka post.. :D

where is edward cullen..plz koi dhundh k do usse....!!

Akansha Agrawal said...

you could've used my answer too :-s :|

Amrita~Ams said...

:| :| :|

i want to give answer...itni bakwas karte hai hum dono..ek question nahi pucha tune :P:P

btw brilliant pj :P

Mads said...

@ Amith... thu thu thu thu thu :D
jealous of edward cullen, eh?
Happens... :D
You milked your way through in my don't cry :D

Mads said...

@ Apparently Intellectual..
haha... :P :P Arre, this post ka idea came :P

Mads said...

@ Dhanya...haha...will attack u once again soon :D :D
Arre..Edward Cullen has got something re :D

hehe thanks for liking it :D
Amith is too despo re :D

Mads said...

@ Anurag...forgot che.. :-s next time pakka :D

Mads said...

@ i'll try to be truthful..pehle to sorry for replying was playin a cruel trick on me :(

next...i used to see some netizen visiting my blog from calcutta daily...and i was like...yeh kaun hai jo mere blog (aur mera) deewana hai...kambhakht tu hi nikli wo :P :( :))

nexter...i saw love aaj kal too (boooooo!!!!!! :P) i liked it..deepika... :D deepika... :D deepika... :D lol. climax was super. cried mast :D arre 1st half mujhe utna accha nahi laga waise....

nexterest... totally and bappi da?? lol che !!! :))
yes yes i hate them facchas for making us feel old, although we aren't :D :))

arre tu senti ho gayi?? tu senti ho gayi?? (repeats it a dozen times, ekta kapoor style)
we'll meet at ur marriage and ur coming for my marriage or we'll meet at vanilla sky's marriage :D i want no excuses that u cant meet coz im just mads mad mess to u and not a real madhuri. got it? X-(

kutti :D (pyaar se saying) :)) u rocks che :)
thanks for the milky bars... :D :D which is ur fav chocolate waise? i love five star.... :D bar one cool che too... :D

Mads said...

@ Aditi..hehe
yes, do listen :))

Mads said...

@ Truthful..just read cads wo bhi milky bars...
hahahaha =)) :P

Mads said...

@ Nidzzi ... i love chocolate horlicks yaar... so yum. never tried women's horlicks :-s

Mads said...

@ Abhinav..hahaha :P :P :))

Mads said...

@ Pallav..thanks a lot :) Arre tum thank u kyu bol rahe ho.
u rock, my friend :) :D

Mads said...

@ Randeep..Thanks a lot for that :|

Mads said...

@ Chitwan...haha :D
Arre..Edward mei x factor hai re...vampirishness :D

Mads said...

@ Stupidosaur...
Are you Dhoni? Only then can you drink milk, breathe milk, sing milk, dance milk and comment milk so much :O

Mads said...

@ Ki... totally :D :D

Mads said...

@ Peter...hehe :P
Arre i wanted to bring out the truthfulness. So didn't write her name.If you know what I mean :D

I like her real name too waise :)

Mads said...

@ Vanilla sky..haha..good one :D

Mads said...

@ Harshita.... (arre i dunno why im replying to everyone hap hazardly :O)
hahaha :P cool che.
thinking milk is good..but truthful ko dedicate karna tha :P :))

Mads said...

@ GBF...this was super re...
and thankuuuu :) :)

Mads said...

@ Abhishek...hehe... :P thanks
and he's a pale fucking he's hot :D :))

Mads said...

@ Ankita...haahahaha..join the club ;)

Mads said...

@ many answers could I have milked in.... :-w

Mads said...

@ Amrita~Ams...arre i had no intention of writing this post.aewhi likh diya...

haan re..waise maine tujhe is pj se irritate kyu nahi kiya? :O :(

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

hay kamini :)

arre love aaj kal dekh ke i was coming back on a metro and mujhe upar se akashvani type feeling ayii " tere saath bhi aisa hoga amrita, yaad rakhiyo, practical ban ne ke side effects" dhish dhish dhish.
fir maine fir se tera post para :)

haan yaar tu plz shadi kar le :P kitna mazza ayega, tere hubby ke best frnd se mujheb bhi milwa dena :P :P

Stupidosaur said...

//Are you Dhoni? Only then can you drink milk, breathe milk, sing milk, dance milk and comment milk so much :O

Aisa statement court mein ek minute be nahin tikega. Except commenting so much milk, you have no evidence of any other alleged crimes :P

Besides, how can I be Dhoni?
I am Curd Cobain :P

Stupidosaur said...

And for the proven allegation, I will appeal to the judge saying I was instigated. Which is quite true :P


Sarath said...


awesome answers...

Pri said...

lol!! looks like u have all the answers ;)

Anonymous said...

You are phunny person Miss !

Shaunak said...

Edward Cullen? Seriously? I mean, the book was one thing, but the movie guy? Apart from the spikey hair...
Anime guys are cooler :D
10 tequila shots? We really should meet :D
Kya re mads, din ask me the milk question?

You look a little pale today.
Lets curdle!
(lets cuddle)
Don't be a sourpuss. It's only a joke.


Akansha Agrawal said...

Ok my answer which Mads forgot x-(
'Will you skim with me?'

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Geile Girls



Mads said...

Akansha- mastam :D