Sunday, July 5, 2009

An Apparently Intellectual Tag :P

Tagged by Apparently Intellectual... :D

1. I've come to realize that my last kiss.....Was for Mom :P

2. I am listening to... Yeh dooriyan from Love Aaj kal

3. I talk... All the time

4. I love... Andy Roddick for playing so well

5. My best friends.. are the best ones ever...

6. My first real kiss... hasn't yet come

7. Love is... the ulta of evol :

8. Marriage is... far far far far far away :

9. Somewhere, someone is thinking... about me? No way :(

10. I'll always... take Facebook quizes, come what may.

11. The last time I really cried was because... When I got a horrible dream

12. My cell phone.. is my soul, my life, my obsession, my addiction.

13. When i wake up in the morning... I see my cellphone

14. Before I go to bed... I see my cell phone...

15. Right now I am thinking about... What to do next weekend

16. Babies are... cute...

17. I miss... Being carefree

18. Today I.. will not give a damn about anyone

19. Tom I will ... be early to class and will pay attention in class :P Do something worthwhile, and not give a damn about anyone

20. I really want to be able to... get a move on life.

I tag whoever wants to take it up...


Dhanya said...

Love is... the ulta of evol : <<< Lolz..

Nicely done Mads :)

Amrita~Ams said...

and her is my apparently..intellectual..comment :D

andy roddick..took my breath away....he rock the game..even if Fed won :|...

and abt luv :P..hehhe

MultiMenon said...

funny che.. :D love is the ulta of evol.. LMAO

U ll listen in the class?? ROTFL pleaaseee....venda.. ;)

A-Rod was awesome maddzi,fedex din deserve to win yesterday,I felt..anyways,HISTORY.. :)

Take care gal.. *hi5*


vanilla sky said...

Roddick was just awesome...last time he lost to Fed, he broke his kitchen sink, wonder what he will do this time!
FB quizzes are stuoid at times, yet addictive!
Yes, pay attention in class.
Nicely done !

Cяystal said...

Roddick played so Federer won..yayy!!
I like 7th =P..
You cell phone addict che..I find it sucha distraction! :\
Anwyay..intellectual kya tha tag mei Mado? :D

Apparently intellectual said...


love is ulta of evol!

and even i havnt had my first kis!!:(

n yes marriage is a far far far away thing for me too!!

cell used to be my addiction ..not any more:D

Aditi..............:) said...

Was fun to read....the first one was really cute!! :)

peter said...

4th Pete Sampras can suck on ROD DICK :P

7th is funny :)

11th ahh forget that :D

12th Babies are also ulta of seibaB :D

19th best of luck wid that :)

Harshita said...

1. how shweet :P
2. Nice song che..
3. Woh toh pata hain... kuch naya bolo... kuch naya...hehe
4. Me too... he played like a hero and I so wished for the first time that he beats Roger.
5 and 6 :)
7. Kya baat!! InteGILLEnt che!!
8. good... 9. Dil to pagal hain...
10. hehe... woh toh pata hain... remember THAT quiz... THAT!!Abt ur secret addiction...
11. uhuh! nightmares... 12. and who r u??
13&14 hey raam... I thought am the only pagal...thank god, i have company.
15...socho socho.. 16... hmm just like u.
17. ahem! ahem!
18. sahiiiii... lagey raho!
19. Pay attention!! vaada tera vaada...
20. Let me kick u to make u move... :D :D

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

ilike chor bazari too :)

best one was *love is ulta of evol* as in evolution.

point 11 mere saath bhi hua hai.

main karu main karu? but i won't be able to do this good a job at it.

Mads said...

@ Dhanya...hehe :P
Thanks =)

Mads said...

@ Amrita...haan ji..i agree with u... :-w
:P tu tag kab karegi re? :-w

Mads said...

@ Multimenon...
yeah for a change i wanted roddick to win...hope he wins it next year. seriously :-w
yeah i do listen in class, and i take notes
and i attend extra lectures too :P \:D/

Mads said...

@ Vanilla sky..yaar felt so bad for roddick..bichara cried so much. he broke the sink? :O
yeah FB is great tp \:D/

oh yeah i did pay attention in class \:D/ attended an extra class (without attendance mind well) and took notes \:D/
u also do the tag :-w

Abhinav said...

1. Mom :)
2. yeh Pritam original songs kadb dega? Twist bhi tan dole man dole! :(
3. Yes you do... aur bolo!
4. Yeh fedex kya aadmi hai re!
5. :D
6. It can come whenevr u want..
7. Love is 0.. Tennis se kuchh seekho!
8. :-| Okay. mine is far far far only
9. hehe... ask rahul..
10. FB :-(
11. Kya dream tha?
12. Beep
13. beep
14. beep beep beep...
15. Lets go party! \:D/
16. and I can even.. them
17. hehe.. 20-20
18. ok :-ss
19. u shud play badminton again!
20. Drink Castrol

Sarath said...

ur obsession with facebook quizzes is quite well known..

Chitwan said...

love and evol?? wow....khud ka logic kya?
yet another hilarious tag from hilarious lady on the blogging planet

Aw.S.M said...

1)...lame bolu kya awww karu??!! :P
2) u r always listening to yeh dooriyan DUH!!
3)Xcept when......
4)Roddick is the man...poor dude re..really feeling bad for him..but he has a hot crew u fedex!!
5)Very revealing indeed...thank u ..i m honoured :D
6)Prude!! (or waiting for prachi??)
8)Lucky dude...atleast he has time on his side..
10)Yes yes..come what may indeed..FB doesnt like u u know...u should just quit while u r actually while u r behind
11) dreamt of urself??
12),13),14) Bah...Girl!!
19) Yeah yeah..and i ll be a symonds uncle!!

nice answers na :D


Chriz said...

haha.. nice one.. gud to be back here.. sleep in class :)

HP said...

"12. My cell phone.. is my soul, my life, my obsession, my addiction.

13. When i wake up in the morning... I see my cellphone

14. Before I go to bed... I see my cell phone..." --- hahahah !! best !

Mads said...

@ Crystal..arre blogger apparently intellecutal tagged kept it as the title :P
why arent u obsessed with cellphones yaar :O

Mads said...

@ Apparently Intellectual....arre :P why not addicted to cell any more? :O

Mads said...

@ Aditi..hehe thanks :P :D

Mads said...

@ Peter...hehe.. :P yes sir :D

Mads said...

@ Hershey..sorry..i cannot do a lamba comment like u did..coz my hostel net is moody :(
when are u doing this tag, dudeni?? :-w

Mads said...

@ jhoothi...ill try to be truthful..FINALLY!! Someone understood its evolution... :D *pats u on the back*
yup like chor bazaari too... :D
arre do this tag :O i'm sure u'll do a mind- 'blow job' i mean..mind blowing job on it :D :D
sorry for the non veg joke :-s hope u didnt mind :-ss
waiting for ur tag :-w

Shaunak said...

1. Was for Mom, who'd you give it to then?
3. Obvio na?
6. :O
7. which means Love is the opposite of the beginning of evolution. Which means it is what keeps us from evolving. Which is why Devdas never got Paro but Dev D got Chandramukhi =P
10. *Shudder!*
12. Ditto
17. WHY??
18. Do you ever? No? Good. \m/
20. Make a move on someone. Helps.

I take your tag and postpone it on grounds of procrastination.

Btw, dig your playlist.

Raz said...

i talk all the time :) lawyer le... :)

love ur blog simple and from the heart...

i ve blog rolled u. will be visiting u often.

deluded said...

thats a lot of cell phone!


nice huh..
so how many years ur marriage is far far far away?? :P
ha ha ha

seriously_frivolous said...

hey....thanks for your comment. I dont really have a reason...I jus stopped blogging...Jus read your tag questions...very nice, honest and cute

Mads said...

@ Abhinav...too lazy to reply to all.. :D

Mads said...

@ Chriz..kya yaar..dont discourage me.. i am taking notes in class these days :D

Mads said...

@ :D

Mads said...

@ logic.. :D illogical logic :D
thanku thanku thanku :D

Mads said...

@ amith...
my answers were better :|
too lazy to react on these ones :P :))

Mads said...

@ HP..hehe :D :D :D

Mads said...

@ Shaunak..yaar playlist bahut purana hai :( hv to update it..
procrastinating it too :D :P
i didnt understand 7. never mind :P :D
used to be carefree :-s now kinda become serious :| which is good i guess. dunno :-s
dont care :D

Mads said...

@ Raz..thanks a lot :D :D :D :D :D

Mads said...

@ Deluded... haan ji :D

Mads said...

hahaa.. a lot :P

Mads said...

@ Seriously.. :O seriously stopped kya? but why...
anyways hope to see u back. u write really well so pinged u in ur blog to ask u whats up with u.
thanks for liking this tag :)

Shaunak said...

7. Love = ulta of evol
Evol = beginning of evolution
Therefore, love = opposite of beginning of evolution.
Therefore, it keeps us from evolving.
Since Devdas was in love with Paro, it kept him from moving on i.e. evolving.
Dev D accepted he was a slut, therefore got Chandramukhi in the end.
I'm never gonna get over the lawyer thing =D
I'm loving it! para pa pa ra! :P

Mads said...

i see... :O
but i have not seen dev d (sob sob no one came with me)
so meri galti nahi hai :| >:P

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

lameass!! tu mujhe aunty sochti hai ???

Mads said...

@ i'll try to be truthful..naa...but i dunno naa if u are those types who wud mind :O
isliye added the disclaimer to my joke :D
cool :D i can maarofy any non veg joke abt u now \:D/ yay!!

AMIT said...

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AMIT said...

Hey so have u updated the list?or its still old?

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