Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weird che.

Tag lifted from my other blog shit for tat. Thanks Nidzzi :D

10 Weird things you need to know about me to get a good night's sleep tonight :D

1) I love to CLEAR. CLEAN. When I'm in a bad mood, clearing helps me forget my troubles. When I'm not well, I need to clear to get back to normal :D When I come back home for every semester break, I clear the very minute I step into my home :D

2) I hate Mehendi. Yuck. Dirty, stinking, cowdung like thing on my hands? Oh please. Spare me.

3) I love cricket despite being a girl :P And it's NOT for the cricketters and it's NOT to impress some dude with my cricket knowledge. Actually, it's a turn-off for most guys when I know the score update faster than the guys in my college. Still, I don't care. I will die a virgin (Harshita's recent dialogue) but I will not stop loving sports.

4) I hate Hrithik Roshan. Yes, despite being a girl who's straight, I hate him. He looks like a dinosaur. His dancing makes him look like he will fall over any minute. And his acting is just NORMAL.

5) I'm scared of escalators. I can stand lizards, spiders, reptiles, and even men :P I think I can even pass a dog (after screaming, abusing and screeching at the dog) but I will NOT go up(or down) an escalator. If there is an escalator in a mall, I will find the stairs or the elevator. If there is no staircase or elevator, then I will NOT go to the above floors in the mall. Yup, that's me. And this is one reason I won't/can't go abroad.

6) I was/am majorly obsessed with being Preity Zinta. I poked my pencil into my cheeks to get dimples like her. I changed my hair style to match her hair style in Koi Mil Gaya. Kept journalism as an option only because of her role in Lakshya (and also Barkha Dutt inspired me :P) Fought with boys saying, "Preity is mine!! No, she's mine!!"

7) I must be the only girl on Planet Earth who wants to gain weight :D

8) And I must be the only girl on Planet Earth who can finish shopping in a jiffy.

9) I still love my dolls and sleep with them :P

10) I cry in every movie, serial..From Mujhse Dosti Karoge to Saawariya to Kismet Konnection to Miley Jab Hum tum ke sad scenes, been there, cried it all.

I tag whoever wants to take it up...


Dhanya said...

1 - Think you're just like the roomie I had at hostel. She used to be a major cleaning freak and found time for it even during exam days :P

2 - I love mehndi! I HATE the smell... but I still love it :)

3 - Ahhh! Interest in Cricket keeps coming n going for me. Was majorly into it when IPL was going on...

4 - You hate HR? Really? :-o

5 - Guess what? I was scared of escalators when I was a kid. But I overcame that by actually using it whenever I saw one :P YOU SHOULD DO THE SAME!

6 - I LOVE PREITY ZINTA! :D She's so damn cute isn't she? And such a FAB personality... Love her...

7 - Me too :) I wanna gain weight!

8 - Lol... that would depend on what I'm shopping for actually :D

9 - Awww... so cute! :) Pssst... I had a big teddy who I used to sleep with too. It was gifted to me by my niece on my last birthday :D After few months, she demanded her gift back :P

10 - I hardly cry during movies! :(

The Geekie said...

last one is funny

loved d list :)

Abhinav said...

1. First point k prraaaojak they Clean & Clear..
2. Mehandi laga k rakhna.. doli watever atleast when aayenge tere sajna!
3. That is why I talk to you!
4. hehe... see he doesn't falls even when it looks when he is about to.. probably you are referring to Koi Mil Gaya's Idhar chala song.. Michael Jackson did the same few years back..
that's his USP.. dance without falling!
5. Shh.. look that escalator is watching you...
6.Dimples! Take them frm me! :D
7. Tathaastu
8. Wow!
9. bah!
10. MJHT se bhi koi rota che?


peter said...
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peter said...

1. Monica aren't u ?
2. Do u mean u hate a girl named heena :-w
3. yeah!! that's weird !
4. Weird again if u say he looks like a dinosaur, specify which dinosaur are u talking about ?
5. Hawww, i din know that old are u 50 ? and u can stand spiders, din know that again. X_X
6. yo Hi5 ! but u are not getting her ..we can share her if u want to though !
7. no i have seen other girls too !
8. That's gud :)
9. Now that's a real turn off, i mean it's not weird lots f girls do that but yeah it sounds/looks/feels bad.
10. :| did u cry in Andaz apna apna ?

Yes said...

I am in complete awe of your preity zinta part of personality. She used to look good to me until she made a mess of herself in that movie with Saif.

Cry baby that you are- I guess I just found my match :)
Nice to know you

Pallav said...

it is really weird..
u dnt like mehndi..whr all girls go crazy for it...
u dnt like hrithik..whr all girls die for him..
i loved ur poking pencil of dimples....hehehe....n for hairstyle...

oh my god..u cant use escalators....phew... :(
my mother too..arey!!! yar usme gir nahi sakte as per latest technology..why dnt u understand.. i dnt knw wen my mother n u will get ths..anyways...

loved ur post as usual :P


Shaunak said...

1. Someone has a Monica mode :D

2. LOL! Tattoos are better innit?

3. I actually hate cricket. Football's a lot more fast paced.

4. Good dancer, good bod, not much of an actor except half-whispering into the camera(off screen seduction...?). Only role I really liked was in Lakshya.

5. Roller-coasters?

6. The Perk-girl? why? coz she's so perky? She's old :P My sis used to sing Piya-piya all day long once upon a time. Got enough of Preity for a lifetime.

7. Good till a certain point. Click pics every month and create a Fat-chart.

8. You're my type! =D

9. Do G.I.Joe action figures count? I got them all out again for the upcoming movie.
Oh and Hot Wheels too!!
Plus one He-man, one Skeletor, a few Masters of the Universe guys...

10. Ditto as many cases at least(yea, being a guy n all...don't...DON'T LAUGH! :P )

Where thoughts are Word$ said...


You hate Mehndi??

I hate it like hell.I hate that smell.

Thankssssss...I thought only I was the "weird" girl who hated mehndi :)

You hate Hrithik?????
I hate him too,be it Jodhaa Akbar/ hatred has only increased :)

And about shopping...
I get soooooooooooo BORED while shopping :D I can finish it off faster than a jiffy! :)

Loved it...Will take it up after exams,if I get some more weird things in me !!


Apparently intellectual said...

1. Ditto! No mater how tired i m ..i clean up the mess and then sit!
2. I like the smell of mehandi! in fact i love it!:D

4. I used to like him. But now i think he's okay.

6. :O:O
i m sorry to say but i hate that female..hate as in hatred! Abhor! despise! every possible synonym!

7. :D

9. awww:D

10. me too:D

Amrita~Ams said...

u hate mehendi.. :|...
even on hair?????
even i dont like hrithik...thou i lyk his dance...

I can stand lizards, spiders, reptiles, and even men :P..lolz
escalator scares u...:O:O:O..hehehhe

tu preity se cute che :D

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

wah mujhe bhi ye tag karna hai and I"ll write something very darawana *hoohaahhhaha*

1>aahh ye t meri bhi fav habit :D i clean my desk, my brother's desk, my mothers table :D ekbar maine switches bhi clean kiye the :D :D ( but i do it only to get the stress off ) but I have a pretty dirty handwriting :(

2>I like mehendi re, the only sad part is that my mom thinks its like cowdung and had thus never allowed me :(

3> *I will die a virgin but I will not stop loving sports.* kya baat hai, now go and utter this in front of dravid .

4> hhehe u know i saw jodha akbar on fast fwd mode and even then found it boring. tujhe atleast hrithik's acting NORMAL to lagti hai, for me its like overacting ( koi marna nahi)

5>huh! meri dadi ko bhi escalator se darr nahi lagta!!!!

6>I liek priety Z. too, only smart heroine and thums up 2 her for dumping sissy wadia .

7>shabash !! :)

8> contrasting character ! half characteristics are completly pink girly baki ekdum different.


10>hhehe my tear glands kind of dry up in a hall :( ( ek bhi tear nahi nikla aaaj tak!!!)

vanilla sky said...

1) Yes, yes. I too a cleaning freak. And after every semester I clean desks, tables, chairs, switchboards etc etc. You like Colin?? I toh, love spraying them on the switchboards, telephone receiver, keyboard and cleaning them.

4) Yeah I find Hrithik insufferable in the ads he does, esp those Cinthol ads.

5) Escalators ? Upwards/ downwards / both?

6) Ya Priety! From her Cadbury days!

10) I too cry at times, but MJHT??
when?? Seeing Sheena and Samrat ?? :p

Priya Joyce said...

bha bha bha...

u know wat cricket is a real passion if u start watching it u'll fall for it...I remembr the days of t 20 wrld cup every tym one talks of cricket..cos tat ws the tym i was at optimum passion for the game :P

well wow preity yepp she's commendable i adore her too..
wah wah dolls..gud hei..konsi barbie ?? :P:P

well crying..tu bahut roti hei ri :P

i remembr crying at the tym of titanic n kuch kuch hota hei ;):P


Harshita said...

1. Same pinch, it helps... ;)

2. No same pinch... I love mehendi once it is washed off.. the color is soothing.

3. hahaha... ;) Die a virgin but will nt stop loving sports... I think Men love to hang arnd with women who talk sports...wat say, AD?? Peter??

4. I hate him too... I mean I am still trying to figure out why women love him...what for?? Yaa fir meri hi aankhein kharaab hain...hehe

5. I WAS scared of them...not anymore...somday...wen u will hv no choice but to take them to survive... you will overcome this... :)

6. Oh! how cute... ;) I love PZ...

7. Well this one is for sure true... ;) Gain weight!!

8. I am one of those too.. Jhappi paa...

9. Kiddo!!

10. hehe... :) ki farak painda hain... apni aankhein...apney aansun..bahaao!! bahaao!!

Ki said...

I like cleaning meself :D

and btw, mads, abroad na, escalators usually don't have stairs.... they're moving platforms! and stairs everyhwrere baba!

Akansha Agrawal said...

1. Nah given my way, you'll find a proper bachelor room... only problem is I don't get my way!

2. Even though I hate traditions, I LOVE mehandi... the fragrance and the way hands look... I love it... <3

3.I love all sports, though Lawn tennis is THE favourite...

4. Dunno... I find serial actors more cute than B wood ones...

5.I will cure you of it... don't worry... once we meet... >:D<

8. Nah... count me in too

10. again count me in... :D

Nidzzi said...

ohho.. good post. weirdest was i didnt expect u to be scared of escalators. and the clean funda as well :)

Apparently intellectual said...

Oh and btw About shopping, I HATE SHOPPING!
I am too lazy to go out and then choose n give pains to my eyes and brain and hands!:D
koi la ke de de toh pehan lungi! and that is why i end up shopping like only twice an year!! fir poora saal vohi kapde!:D

Anurag said...

Aptly titled...Weird things...must say..Some were ouch things poking the pencil to get dimples......I just have one thing to say though mads after reading this post .....

"Grow Up" :D

MultiMenon said...

weirdness personified.. :)


MultiMenon said...

Match Point.. :D


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Aw.S.M said...

Yes yes be happy..i m commenting :D :D..

1)Monica all over again...if only u were as hot as her yaar :D
2)Hating mehndi actually makes u normal. Y girls put cowdung all over their hands is beyond me..welcome to normality mads :)
3)Again another very normal an indian it is one of your duties to love cricket and cricketers...though u take ur luv for cricketers to an extra level alltogether..but still almost normal che
4)Weird but COOL....i hate HR too :D
5)Oh!! very u know y u r so skinny...use the escalator and avoid stairs..u ll put on weight :D...dr awsm's advice to the skinny lawyer to be :D
6)Weird Lesbo che...
7)That toh u r ..congrats on being all skin and bones :D
8) Not interested in girls shopping che
9)sleeping with dolls..nicee...not at all lesbo :P
10)Shows u r very sentimental, considerate and nice and also ki u r WEIRD!!
:D :D :D

Dr. Acula said...

Hiiiii Madhuri!!! :D

Guess what!!! i came to blogger (You might have noticed that I've been ignoring my blog for a couple of months. There's A LOT to do that's keeping me busy!) because i really want to sleep but am not feeling sleepy at all!!! And here I come, and the first line says "to get a good night's sleep tonight :D" LOL. I sooooo wish!!
After I'm done with my comment which, as usual is probably going to be looooong!

Achaaa betaa!! You hate hrithik and YET Mujhse Dosti Karoge makes you cry??!! Jhooothiiii!!! You love hrithik!!! everyone loves hrithik!! Plus, I LOVE, you've GOT TO love hrithik!!! :P :P Ohh..I LOVE mujhse dosti karoge btw..and yeah, ahem..i too am a big crier(if that's a word)..exactly like you!! :D there's not a single movie in the world which hasn't made me cry!!

Okay, 1. ---uhh, me, not so much!! i prefer to live in a mess. lol.

2. I LOVE mehendi!!! :D :D It smells so naice yaar..nothing near cow dung!!

3. ME TOO!! ditto!! :D

4. Uhhhhh...ohkkkkkk?????!!! :P Again, Uhhhhhhhhh?????!!!! Stilll????!! lol

Okay..I'll confess that I too used to be afraid of escalators..but that was when i was VERY young and i heard about this girl my age..who got her leg caught in an escalator and died..u might ave heard of it too. Not anymore!!! Grow up maddie!! :P

6. HEHE..good for you! :P Umm, that reminds me.when i had to get myself clcked for the school magazine or sumthin in class 8th..i too tried to fake dimples by sucking my cheeks in and the photo is totally LOLable. i look maaaad. still have it stuck on my study!!

7. No, there are others. :P Oh, wait, are u like reeeally thin or sumthin? cool yeah! i sooo want to lose!! although im happy kareena has got her double chin back..saw an interview of hers yesterday!! :D

8. Yes, totally. The only one.

9. Uhhhhhhhhhhh, ohhhkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!! :P :P :P

10, Yeah, me too. told you! :D

Priti R said...

Vogay madam. Blogrolled you :)

AMIT said...

Hey that means you are a senti girl?Right?Good good.

How to make a website

bliss said...

hey, i think i am similar to u in most points u mentioned. i am no cleaning freak but i particularly clean wen in a sour mood. really helps yaaar!!! i, too, hate hrithik roshan! i mean wats the big deal with him and his dance!! its not the good! even shahid is better! i dont like cricket or preity the way u do but yeah i hate shopping too. but only if it isnt shoe shopping!!! and yeah, i love lazying arnd too! only thing that majorly differs here is that i did my growing up which sometimes bothers me cuz it takes childish fun out of life! wat say?

Pria said...

denying with 7th point.. even i am in the race of gaining wt. gud luck!! ;)