Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Why we cricket fanatics aren't nice people.

Amazing what cricket can do to a person. Specially in India. IPL has turned me into a evil witch who takes sadistic pleasure in abusing Indians. Flashback. The final between Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Super Kings. No prizes for guessing who the super queen was supporting. I laughed like a maniac when poor Kaif and Akmal dashed into each other while taking a catch. "Injured injured, walk off walk off" I yelled. My mom shot me a dirty look and said, "He's Indian. Don't say that." I looked wildly and screamed, "But..." But actually, I couldn't argue. She was right. I changed my sentence to, "Akmal, Paki, injured injured, yaar please." My mom simply rolled her eyes. Later that night, I reminded myself how I loved Kaif when he won us the Natwest Finals 2001. How Akmal persistently bugged us with his irritating, valuable knocks in that Test Match.
Was it me who wanted to kill them off just some hours back?

Next. Mumbai v. Kings XI Punjab. Yuvi had said Mumbai crowd had forgotten that other teams play for India. I shouted, "You fool, this is not about India." I was on the stony Mumbai crowd's side which refused to support Yuvi henceforth in the tournament. I was in front of the tv booing merrily as I watched the Wankhede stadium boo Yuvraj when Kings XI lost to Chennai in the semi finals. Duh. Since when did I start hating Yuvraj ?

Not only IPL. When India toured Australia sometime, I had hoped for Jane Mcgrath's condition to worsen so that Glenn Mcgrath would retire and sit with her. I'll never forget the way mom looked at me then. I took it back but it was too late. Mcgrath's retired. Thanks to my bigmouth.

I'm learning it the hard way. I force myself to watch Pakistan beating India. It's not easily learning sportswomanspirit.


butterb_eer said...

ni(c)e...yes u r evilllll...but u will learn ..coz God is wid u!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-X

kunwar said...

very thoughtful actually

Mads said...

@butter beer...thanks :D :D love u...

@kunwar....yes it is :P