Monday, June 9, 2008

Why I will not/do not want to become a lawyer.

This post does not imply any defamation or mockery at anyone. It's my personal opinion. (This is one of the reasons why I do not want to become a lawyer. I have already started footnoting my own words, dammit.)

I woke up one fine morning and walked up to my mom. I announced, "I want to do law."

My mom smiled her usual encouraging smile. I had woken up many mornings and announced many a times that I'm going to become an artist, join the army, become a pilot, a linguist expert (!!!!) , a journalist. And finally I decided. I wanted to become a lawyer.

I started reading about politics. I realized the newspaper contained more than the sports page. And I fell in love with the newspaper.

It all happened all of a sudden. I got through to a National Law University. I was on my way to become a lawyer.

But 2 years later. I realized I was not moving on. Maybe I was not going to become a lawyer, after all. Here's why...

1) My c.g.p.a sucks, and the irony is that the c.g.p.a matters a lot in your career.

2) I like law. Don't love it. Don't see myself as a lawyer. Get me ? Don't bother if you didn't.

3) I spend half my life writing stories and poems or reading about some damn cricketter's some damn half century of 20 balls. And put my research for the latest legal essay writing competition aside. This is why I don't win those competitions. I know it. And I still don't improve.

4) Cricket has led to me ruining my academic life. I know it. And I still don't learn. Team India rocks.

5) Damn the day I read Perry Mason and John Grisham and imagined I'll be a lawyer. Either I was too foolish or too confident in judging my abilities.

6) The big money does NOT excite/inspire/motivate me into becoming a lawyer. I'm being honest.

7) It's lawyer. Not a liar. Ha-ha. I'm bored of that joke even before I become one.

8) I used to love hanging out with friends, sleeping. Law school has turned me into a sick and twisted being. Whenever my friends tease me, I threaten legal action based on things that they've never heard about or understand. I smirk wisely at the irritated, confused and worried look on their face. DUH. What will become of me if I become a lawyer? *scowls*

9) Law school drama has made me a psychologist. Yes, you love him. Yes, he loves you. But why do you drag me into it?! And I thought I came here to become a lawyer.

The list should continue, but the authoress has slipped into the ultimate depression mode. It is wise to discontinue it.
Again, I do not intend to defame anyone. Or defame law school for the matter. It's actually really a wise option. You work hard, you get it. I didn't, I haven't got it.YET. There's still time and hope for me. I guess.


harini said...

heyy gal... i really think u ll make a great lawyer... & am not kidding ... chuck cgpa...dont let ur cgpa discourage u from becoming a lawyer... it may sound cliched but failure is da stepping stone of success...

Mads said...

hehe who knows it better than the two of us :-) ur so right...

harini said...

law school & its politics can be realy frustrating & discouraging... but who cares!!! jus 3 more years & we'll be done wid it...

peter said...

if i can turn in to an engg so can u in to a lawyer :P

Mads said...

@ Peter..aww :D