Thursday, August 27, 2009


It's ironical that my last post was titled 'Wake up Mads' where I cribbed about needing a Wake up call to get on with my life, and something did happened to wake me up. My grandfather passed away on 23rd August. Yes, he was 86 years young, but still he didn't really have any health problems; it was unexpected. He behaved like a teenager, his latest crush being Deepika Padukone (Why? Why? What did I do to that female in my last birth that she is being all mean to me this time around? First she steals my Dhoni, then my Ranbir, then my grandpa too!!! :O)

My grandpa got up at 5 in the morning to see whether Obama became the President of USA or not. He felt sorry for each and every beggar on the street and gave them money. He fed cows in the mornings on the way for his morning walks. He ate, drank, slept sports. Something which he forced into me, and I am forever indebted to him for that. He taught me and my sis to play badminton. He spoilt me like crazy since I'm the youngest grandkid. He used to predict the results of cricket matches, politics etc. (He predicted on the day of the finals that India would win by 5 runs :O) He felt sorry for each and every poor man. I mean he was real. No fakeness. So benevolent in such times where everyone is cruel in some way or the other.
He used to watch AXN and switch channels when we kids entered the room. Me and my sis used to call my grandparents up every Sunday and my grandpa used to ask us general knowledge questions and ask stupid jokes like: Q. How will you stir tea, with your right hand or left hand? A. With a spoon :P

Astonished me by using the word sexy once :O He used to comb my hair when I was small and my grandmom used to tie it with a rubber band; only to discover that both the ponies were lopsided :P
I went to their apartments in Chennai (my grandmom's health is not okay and she can't live alone in their place now so she lives with my aunt) for the last time before it was cleared out, right after the funeral. I found out all the questions he had written down neatly and carefully for us along with some jokes (one was about a bald man and in brackets, he had written 'takla'...Lol :D) He had preserved all the pics of us grandkids so carefully.

This post is never going to end. My grandmom and he taught us grandkids (my cousins, my sis and me) so much that whatever 4 of us are today, it's only because of them. We were/are closer to them than our how close we are to our own parents.

Losing someone who brought me and my cousins up is not at all easy. Life's changed after that dreadful Ganesh Chaturthi (at least my grandpa went away on a festival which belonged to his favourite God :D) For obvious reasons, I have not been able to read your blogs. Will get back whenever I can.


Harshita said...


Main zyada kuch nahi bolney waali... par haan... I can relate to ur sorrow... lost my granny in a similar manner...

Ur grand-dad is an example for us... let us follow the same honesty,humility and wit in our lives.

Let us pray so his soul rests in peace.

I am sure he'll be up there watching u wen u graduate n he'll wink and smile at u... :)

Such a lovely and full of life person, deserves this kinda tribute...

I am proud to knw you learnt from a man like him... Take care.

Abhi ke abhi... gimme ur number on gtalk... wanna talk to u...


neha said...


Your grandad was a really cool person. I know he inspired you and brought you up (really well). and this article abt him has inspired people like me who have not even met him.

He was clearly a great man and I am sure that he has influenced many people's lives and will always be remembered and looked up to.


Shaunak said...


A person comes into this world with a purpose, and when his time comes, he is prepared to go. Your grandfather was really amazing. I wish I had a grandpa like that, competing with me for Deepika Padukone and making 'sexy' comments :D He lived a wonderful life, and I'm sure he passed away happy and contented.
May his soul rest in peace.

And something to relate with, here's something by a friend Divsi that touched me. I'm sure you'll relate too:

Take care buddy :)

HP said...

take care.

Apparently intellectual said...

Take care:)

Spica said...

There's nothing anyone can say which can make you feel any better. Condolences, mads. Take care of youself.

Anurag said...

My Condolences...
May his soul R.I.P ...
U T.C ...

Sweta said...

a big tight hug for u yaar
srsly ur granpa was such a lovey dovey person
Take care Mads that's all I can say

enchantinganki said...

Take care Mads..
May your grandpa's soul rest in peace!!
We are with you..

ScarletTd1ar1es said...

far as i can make out, he was a really nice guy.
you take care.

divsi said...

take care..i feel how u feel..

Dhanya said...

Hmmm. Can't say much to ease your pain, coz that can go away only with time. I know how it feels :( My grandpa passed away only last year and it certainly has created a big void. He wasn't exactly as funny or cool as yours but he was as affectionate.

Take care dear. Hope you feel better soon...



peter said...


Hope everythng is fine with u :)
take care and i know how much u ver attached to him ..specially after reading this post i can feel it literally.

Chitwan said...

this proves you are his granddaughter..genes you see!
may his soul rest in peace,which im sure will be..
the way u hv tackled the situation,i appreciate tht mads!yes,ur growing up.

abhishek said...

Looks like he lived a spectacular life.

He lived a good life.

may his soul rest in peace.

take care

Where thoughts are Word$ said...

Hope you're okay now.The loss of someone so close & so dear can never be replaced.

His life was surely very blissful and truly meaningful.Hope his soul rests in peace.

Take care.

spitvenom said...

I'm sorry gal... May his soul R.I.P

I'll try 2 be truthful said...


Akansha Agrawal said...

>:D< >:D< >:D<

Chitwan is right... genes have passed down... arrey he lives through you people re... He taught you to be the lively you... don't ever change!!! :D

MultiMenon said...

My words can never erase all the pain and the hard times that ur going through.. and now I have come to know of one of the realities with ur life maddzi.. :) You are a true copy of ur grandpa.. :) from what u have written,I just can relate u to him easily..

When the going gets tough,the tough get going.. :)

May the great man's soul rest in peace.. U have prolly been at ur best in this post(take no offence,but am much in awe today.. :) ) hats off bravo.. :)


MultiMenon said...
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Priti R said...

This too shall pass. He has only left his mortal coils. He is still there somewhere. :) In your memories, he shall live forever.

Sarath said...

ur grandpa really was a cool guy.
may his soul rest in peace

Don't remember my grandfather that clearly as he died when I was very young..

Amrita~Ams said...

he was cool on re..
u fine???

ki said...

Sorry Madsi :(


ki said...

Sorry Madsi :(


ki said...

Sorry Madsi :(


akanksha said...

I bounced here from Harshita's blog.

Your post reminded me of my own grandpa,whom I lost a few years ago...He was someone who could never see tears in my eyes,and spoilt me like anything by giving me anything and everthing I desired.

I was so close to him tht I used to write letters to him coz he wasnt comfortable reading e-mails

I can very well understand what ou might be going through...But,I guess that is life...There are some lessons which one can learn only the tough way:(

May God give u and ur family strength to handle such a huge loss.

Take Care

Stupidosaur said...

Condolences Mads.

I guess considering his energy levels , his soul will not like to be wished rest in peace.

May his soul jump around in joy and be the life of every party in heaven.

sambit said...


Dr. Acula said...

I have tears! ... :(
I'm so sorry yaar!