Friday, August 14, 2009

Wake up Mads !!

Happy Independance Day :D

Wake up Mads should have been the title of the movie, instead of Wake up Sid and they should have cast me and not Ranbir Kapoor.

Ask why?

  1. I'm lazy.
  2. I'm childish and I refuse to grow up.
  3. My grades suck and I have no goal in life.
  4. Like Sid Mehra (Ranbir's role in the movie, for those who are away from civilization, i.e. live in a hostel) cannot live without his camera, car , his friends and his X-box 360. I cannot live without my cellphone, computer, music, friends :D

But I LIKE it this way. I don't feel guilty when I have spent the day lazying around. I feel great when I play kabaddi with the ants running on the floor, blocking their way. I like switching channels on T.V every 5 minutes. I like clearing my hostel room and messing it all over again. I love listening to the same song for 20 times in a row. I love to work on my projects or study for a test just on the last minute. I love life the way it is. Without any aim. Without any goal. It's just cool che. Wasting time, enjoying in college. Even studying seems fun when I do it in the last minute.

I like this nonsensical post which is heading nowhere.

I like being 20, having 1 and a half year to graduate, and still not bothering to work and raise my C.G.P.A. I like going to the High Court and imaging myself as a lawyer there, after I graduate. I like to day dream that I'll become a journalist and write saaaxee articles and be phamous. I would love to start my own advertising agency.

A few concerned people lately have told me to grow up, to study, to become serious in life etc. etc. I am myself concerned about my future but nothing is moving in this little brain of mine.

I am like this.

P.S- Whoever thinks England is going to smack Aussie ass(h)es, repeat after me, Aussies suck :D


Abhinav said...

Aaayushmaan bhavah: When you become a phamous journalist... interview me please!

Get serious! and still act kiddish!

Aussies suck but when they play against india!

vanilla sky said...

Wah, you're already a news portal coz I came to know about the movie right here.
Btw, its good that you change channels every 5 mins, coz I used to change every 5 seconds and most of the buttons have stopped working :(

This is such a honest, compact post .

Dhanya said...

Somehow my sixth sense told me that Madsy will be coming up with such a post soon! How cool is that? :D We're SO connected I tell you! Hehehe

Stay the way you are! You are so much fun!! Lively and always in high spirits! :) :)

Lol@kabaddi with ants! NICE!

Apparently intellectual said...

hehe same pinch che! yea soul sister bhi che!:D
i refuse to grow up too..!!
but i think u r clearer abt what u want from life than me..that way u rock!:D

Anurag said...

ohh you took my comment to heart kya :D :D ..I did mean it though when I said Grow up :D

How can u judge a movie only by seeing it's promo...Let the movie come out and find for urself if mads= Sid....

But still mads...Aussies will beat england though I too want england to win :)

Aw.S.M said...

Oye bloody cheater!! That was my story..the movie is MY STORY!! All rights reserved...first my kids , now my movie...!!

Anyways...yep u dont know where life is taking you..but in many ways u do know what u want from life...and u r happy the way u r...even though the ants might object..tum happy ho toh who cares :D...thats what counts in the end..

Journalist ho ya High Court Judge..u ll do real SLEEP MADS...but wake up in time to watch Australia and Punter whip some British ass!!

Aussie Aussie Aussie


Nidzzi said...

hehe. i too like the way u r .. then to wake up mads. sleep.

Where thoughts are Word$ said...

he he...

Me tooooooo...I loooooovee hearing the same song 50 times in a row :D

"Even studying seems fun when I do it in the last minute."

Loved this post...


abhishek said...

Kash main tumhare jagah hota.

Life ko seriously lene ki kya zaroorat hai yaar...aaram se baitho...5-6 saal me tumhari kisi aiyar ya subramanium se shaadi ho jayegi jo tumhe silicon valley le chalega.

Tab tak chill yaar.

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

and there i was rejoicing about ranbir's next movie, kinna cute lag raha hai, though konkona sen?

u and sid sound like soulmates ;)

ab mujhe bhi hostel jana hai !!

-enjoy karle :) u have dhed saal left now :)

peter said...

See the alarm is already fixed, just get up when it starts waking u up. Don't snooze it then, and till the time It's not ringing take a nap, dun go in to a deep slumber ;)

Know what i am sayin :P

Pallav said...

Arey!!! Aussie Sucks:P Aussie Sucks:D

haan u r so cool che..infact ur life too.. but infortunately not everybdy, honestly speaking we all r lazy :)

Anonymous said...

Aussies suck!

Shaunak said...

Na. Work pays off later. Sleep pays off now. So sleep yaar...don't bother waking up too soon.
Cool post che. Even I'm confused as to where I'm headed. At least you imagine you're a hi-fi liar in some hi-court.
I'm toh happy with a 21, lazy-ass study-cum-party life that I lead. Will head somewhere soon, but not too soon :P

ankita said...

me a velli too..same pinch..aree fun hai yaar...enjoy..

And "aussies suck"!!

Harshita said...

Aussies Suck!!

Now abt the post... pehley toh I am angry with Blogger... *does not show updates* :( :(

Mujhey aaj pata chalaa.. ki yeh 2 din pehley ki post hain... grrrrrr

Anyways... I shud co-star with u in the movie then... :D :D khe khe...

Yaar yehi time hain.. mast se jee... sahi mein.. n college mein last minute study is the mantra of success... atleast I feel so... gulp it down and vomit it... simple!! :D :D

Its gud to be lazy and fun in these times of logic and reasoning... haina!! :)

Chitwan said...

i thought u made a wallpaper of ranbir...sachchi mei movie hai kya!!!?? kool...

yah u shud be part of this innovative project as well...valuable inputs u see, if not acting wise..may be acting with ranbir will give u a direction ;P

m back to hostel and even when i ws out all this while..i ws still the forgotten soul.lumbering here n there...TV se duur :(

Gymnast said...

Life after college sucks. Even PG sucks. Or so i've heard.

So better enjoy and be as jobless as possible now, when you can ;-)

Kapman said...

5 minutes !!!
thats a long time per channel !!
i beat you there
adn besides playing kabbadi with ants , try playing "flick the ant" do it all the time, just flick ants at your roomate ! person who's ant lands on designated body part WINS !!

Ash @ thy...Call sign:Humbug said...

Aussies suck!

Anonymous said...

To quote Monalisa Smile- "I've heard her called a quitter for leaving, an aimless wanderer. But not all who wander are aimless. Especially not those who seek truth beyond tradition; beyond definition; beyond the image. "....

One of my favourites... Not all who wander are lost my dear Miss :) good luck !


The Vitruvian Boy said...




ScarletTd1ar1es said...

:) an absolute wonder.
I liked this nonsensical post which headed nowhere cuz it just about said everything about me.

Amrita~Ams said...

Aussie suck :D:D:D:D:D
sale chor log...

haan haan//live life the way you want/...
or mast soo..:P

AMIT said...

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Abhijeet said...

It's the same story everywhere!!
Great to know their exist another one who thinks like me.

P.S : Please change the font color of the blog the text doesn't stand out of the background.

Mugdha said...

ahh!! there are gonna be a lot of sid-like ppl around....and i'm one of them too!!

"I like switching channels on T.V every 5 minutes"
me too :-P...

and yeah aussie's suck !!

nice blog btw..!