Sunday, May 3, 2009

Poor Gujarat, The Home Coming and a Grandpa Joke

Thanks to all those people who Mannat maangofied for me for the exams and a kick for those who didn't, I managed decently in 5 papers and fared miserably in one (Everyone screwed up, so I guess it's ok).

Who cares? I'm (mostly, hopefully, kinda) in 4th year now. Only 2 more years and I officially (mostly, hopefully, kinda) become a lawyer, although I don't know if a lawyer is what I want to become.

I didn't get my voter's id card on time, even though I registered through, which proves how efficient the government is. I couldn't vote, and I'll never forgive myself if Gujarat goes to the dogs, just because of my missing vote.


My sister is coming back to India after almost 9 months in the U.S. Things she will/has to do-

1) Start your entrance on the footsteps of India by asking, "Abbe, Sachin ne kitna banaya?"

2) Announce, "It's so hot here. You know, in the U.S. (in a bragging plus ironic tone) it was boiling hot at 2 degrees!"

3) Eat panipuri with special gutter pani and urine mixed with the chutney.

4) Drive the activa and turn and watch an accident, and meet with an accident yourself =)

5) Meet all the relatives who would say, "Hawww, you are 22 now!! Are you going back to U.S? When will you get married then?" And then give a'Wtf-is-wrong-with-you,understand-that-your-daughter-is-upto-something-with-some-firanga-who-is-out-to-rob-her look to my parents (Naah, my relatives are too cool for that, actually)

A Grandfather joke.

Q.How can you avoid mosquito bites while you are sleeping?

A.Sleep after the mosquitoes go off to sleep.

I'm betting on Mumbai Indians to win IPL. What about you?
(Bets are illegal in India)
If Sachin Tendulkar is reading this, please check out Urv's post on an awesome dedication to you.
Oh yeah, others can read it too....

P.S- I'm joking about my sis being a snob. She can't wait to come back to India and she can wait till eternity to go back to the U.S.


Akansha Agrawal said...

You're welcome... you said thanks na.... :|

Oh, we'll graduate together \:D/

Oh no,Gujarat ko ab koi nahi bacha sakta.... :(

Sachin kyun?Dravid na!

You're very very eager to grow up ;;)

I'll decide whom to support in the semis... \:D/

Sarath said...

n I bet it will be the delhi daredevils..

glad to know that ur exams were good, 5/6, that's an awesome percentage of exams gone well..

sawan said...

aww, poor gujarat, she din get ur support this time :(

i bet on deccan chargers this time :)

Abhinav said...

You will become a lawyer hopefully at the scheduled time.. mera aashirwad tumharee saath hai beti!

Sue! Earn some money. remember Donoghue case?

hawww! hw can u say these kind of things for ur sis? that paani puri? chi chi.. bad girl!

Grandfather joke was awesome!

Mumbai Indian cant win... see today's match 3/5/09 for more details! (may be they can! who knows!)

P.S.: oh ok!

enchantinganki said...

aree i flopped in all exams except one :-(

just check out ''...
mubarak hao bhai graduate ho jayegi ladki..pardeeeeeeeee :-)

i did caste my dad was asking me to vote once again on the same day..hehe!! i cud have done it 2 times..

same pinch! me too for "mumbai indians"..but just cozz of our 'sachin'

peter said...

all the best for ur results ..agli baari vote kar dena :-w

and c'mon u dun have to eat ..a pani puri where u have urine isntead of pani ..u can find a better puri wid pani !

have a gud tme wid ur sis and that joke was ..for kids like u ...yes i am not saying it's bad ..i am saying u are a kid \:D/

Mads said...

@ akansha... ;;)
im eager to leave my college :|
sachin's bday was there recently :-w
and the dedication is too ^:)^
u will wait till semis :O :-ss

Mads said...

@ sarath..hehe let me see the marks first :P
delhi daredevils? :-w ok i predict a mumbai v delhi finals :-ss

Mads said...

@ sawan... :O deccan.. ok :-ss

Mads said...

@ Abhinav..thanks for aashirwaad, uncle :-w ^:)^

i cant sue :-s they have taken such a nice initiative [-(

ya im a bad girl :"> my sis wont listen to me anyway [-(

i want mumbai to win :'( or chennai :'(

Mads said...

@enchantinganki..arre..wait for results..chill maar abhi \:D/ :P

yay mumbai !! \:D/
why did ur dad ask u to vote twice? maybe on my behalf :D :">
graduate ho jaungi (hopefully) after 2 years \:D/ :D

Mads said...

@peter.. dhuuuuu urine and gutter water rocks \:D/ we aren't hi fi like u [-( >:P

thanks :"> and i will vote next time **== \:D/
that joke was very nice :(
im not a kid [-(

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

my practical exams are clashing with the election day. can u beat that ?? haha

kya mast description of phuchka . yummy :P :D .

and mads mujhe sachhi nahi pata tha that lawyers have to study for 6 yrs!!! :O :O baapre , himmat rakhna.

Pallav said...

Mad..lols..i m speechless...
i mean u r such a great writer..
wht i shld say...

loved ur post...

Cheers :)

Harshita said...

Badey din baad aaye huzoor.. aur jab aaye toh fir KYA aaye... wah wah!! ;) ;)

Ur grandpa rocks!! Kya mast family hain reh chokri!!

I bet on Kings XI... bahut roka khud ko par fir bhi... first love is PHIRSSSSSSHT love naa...

Mainey bhi exams ke liye wish kiya tha... hello hello... :D

Ur sister must be an interesting and brave person to put up with u...LOL... Bechari Sis!!

Rabb...Sis ki rakhshaa karna Pagli MAds se...

Love u chokri...(naah! am still hopeful, i will get a guy... so bas platonic waala love..) ;) ;)

Mads said...

@ i'll try to be truthful....

:O :O how can the college do that? abbe...seriously..u cant do that :O
sue ur college :X
ya im doing a 5 year intergrated BA LLB course :|
and im not sure if this is what i want to do, which is the best part :|
haan himmat ka time out soon ho raha hai :((
chalo wo wale puchka khaana hai kya? ;) :D

Mads said...

@ Pallav..u call this shit great writing? :O haila...
thanks anyway :D :D
cheers ! :D

Anonymous said...

hi good to knw dat ur exams went well..
even i did not get my voter's id so cudnt vote :(
n d grandfather joke..hehe..i love pj's!!!

Anonymous said...

btw mads i have changed my privacy settings so cud u give me ur mail address so dat i can invite u to read my blog??

Mads said...

@ Harshita...haan finally aa gayi wapas..hopefully with a bang #:-s

Kings XI Punjab is doing well :-s so cool che.. :-ss
ya thanks for the wishes to u too >:D<
my grandpa rocks :"> sadu sense of humour just like me :D \:D/

meri sis ne mujhe 20 years bardaasht kiya...muhuhahahaha

naah naah who needs guys :X we don't. >:D< love u..lets get married. Nidzzi ne mujhe ditch kiya anyways... :( :P

Mads said...

@ PM... who is PM? :-s
thanks.. >:D< and arre, we will vote next time with a voter's id :-w

my email id is
yes im mad :| :)) :D
p.s- others who see my email id and aewhi add me, will be rejected. i dont add bloggers aewhi on my list.
thank u :|

Anonymous said...

hey mads
im priyanka..
i changed my blog address n stuff
u had once commented on my post called fragments of neurosis..long time back
ill send an invitation to u on ur id n den u can delete ur id wala comment..
u can access my blog thru ur id den :)
do let me knw if u hve any trouble
thank u so much

Chitwan said...

Mumbai indians wont win..although i saw aajtak unofficially betting on them too :O
u wil also have tht gutter pani wali panipuri wid her *smirks*

surprised abhinav knows abt donogue case!!

mosquitos dont sleep, they hibernate or complete their life cycle before it..remember..??egg..larvae...bla bla(ok now dont kill me for spoiling the joke)

Mads said...

@ Priyanka...thanks a lot..will do it :D

@ Chitwan...
pata nahi my gut feeling still goes with MI.. MI v DD finals :-ss and DD wins...but i support MI... :O
ya i told abhinav abt donoghue case \:D/ :D
wait till i dassofy everyone with difference between mosquito and a fly :-w :D :))

Urv said...

Yayyy! Exams over :)

Happy home coming to sis :D

MI lost :( The future looks gloomy to me :(

I hope Sachin reads your post :)

Aditi..............:) said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aditi..............:) said...

Mads, I wont comment on this really mad at mads!! :P
You dont drop into my blog :(((

Anyways....good to know that you exmas went well! :)

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

rest assured the pracs got postponed .

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

&hello! wo poetic lines mere apne hai , not lifted shifted hmmph!

Aditi..............:) said...

Hey Mads,

My blog was kinda missing is smiling again!!! :P

Dream'R said...

Oh u r welcome...atleast that way u ll pass na ;-)...

Oh shit!! u didnt vote??!! damn!! Gujurat is doomed!!

Damn yaar..everyone in your family sounds super kool, mom toh we know sis and grandpa too...odd one out r u? (jokin k!)...

Aur mumbai Indian!!hmmmpphhh..i would never support a team lead by tendulkar!! Rajasthan Royals for me..hall bolll....go warney go!!


Mads said...

@ Urv...arre worry not...MI shall win \:D/
hopefully :|

Mads said...

@ Aditi...gah im a busy woman [-( i will come back to ur blog, even if it means after ages..that doesnt mean u dont comment on my blog :O :P

Mads said...

@i'll try to be truthful...muhhahaha...thank me for scaring ur college authorities B-)
and i meant those poets of the fall aur james blunt ke lifted lines [-( not ur original work... :D \:D/ :-w

Mads said...

@ Dream'R :O u hate tendulkar? :O what is wrong with u.... >:P
yeah warnie is great..but u won last time...this time its mumbai or chennai B-)
although i predict a mumbai v delhi finals :-s
yes i will pass :| >:P :P

Vinz aka Vinu said...


loved the grandfather joke..
but wsnt it a PJ..?


me too support mumbai indians..

deluded said...

oh, loved the firanga part

so true!

Anurag said...

You is supporting M.I ..High 5's ....

And those 5 pointers were hilarious che :D

The Vitruvian Boy said...

u didnt get the voter ID... :D

Same with me...
I wonder whom are u referring as dogs??

Congress or BJP .... :D

HAve fun with yr Sister's return...

good luck... :)

alx said...

gud dat u dint get 2 vote....Gujarat always gets it wrong in the ballot(personal opinion)

well mumbai indians,e1 i wanted dem 2 win - neeta ambani being ma latest crush