Friday, April 17, 2009

And finally, I enter the T20 league

I finally turned 20 years young on 14th April (I share my b'day with Umar Gul, and it's Ambedkar Jayanti, and Titanic sank on 14th April, 1912. Hah!)

That means only 5 years to get married \:D/ :D Yippeee!! :D

This was my best birthday ever, since most of the people remembered my birthday (only one friend didn't wish me this time)

I got terrific gifts, specially from my blogger friends, which shows how much my life has changed, since my previous birthday.

My joint shit-ers gave me the cutest gift ever in our joint blog (They actually put the template as pink!! I mean. There are boys in there, and pink?? :D :D :D)

Multimenon wished me in his post, which was damn sweet. =) =)

Peter made me 2 collages which was damn cute again (with some pink in it again :D Bichara must seriously be in the 'pink' of his health now :P)

Loads and loads and loads of bloggers wished me, and a very big Thank you to them =)

My college friends and school friends gave me awesome gifts and my family gave me a card. My sister sent 3 e-cards =)

Devastated for missing out on IPL till exams get over.

I actually don't have time to post, so I just wrote a by the way post. Yeah, it's exam time again. Just a note to all my blogrolled people that exams are the reason why your blogs are deprieved of my wise comments these days :P

Will be back to Planet blogspot on 2nd May.

P.S- Boring post, naa? :P Kya karein. Corporate Law did this to my brains (Yes, I'm a law student. 6th semester. And hopefully will climb to 7th semester if you wish me good luck and mannat mangofy for me :P)


Dream'R said...

u r gettin married when u r 25??..hmmm...interesting...hopefully ranbir ll be married and divorced by then eh ;-)..see i do read ur blog ;-)

and yeah yeah go study for ur eggjams...we ll wait!!..and btw..have u picked an IPL team yet??

PS : I ll let the big guy up there know of ur predicament..u can thank me later..;-)

Dream'R said...

so i was the first to comment??!!!...

Chronicwriter said...

missed you on the birthday..
anyways advanced birthday wishes for 2010./..

and belated wishes for last week celebrations.. welcome to the 20 zone

have fun madz

Akansha Agrawal said...

My comment will also have to be by the way ;) Go study! and gud luck! :D

Amrita~Ams said...

belated happy to u ;);)..

n best luck for rest of xms :)

vanilla sky said...

Happy belated birthday :)
Btw, elaborate more on this marriage-at-25 funda!
And best wishes for your exams :)

peter said...

You are welcome >:D<

so finally so many gifts ;)
lucky u and ..welcome to 'NO MORE A TEEN' club :D

I am dehydrated & does that by any chance mean that i am pink of my health :-ss

good luck for ur xams !!
break a leg B-)

neeraj_only said...

hmmmmmm......exam season all colleges..but xm time here in our college is like "tension-everywhere-release-that" kind of thing.

with IPL around..i know there will be "house-full" condition in TV room.

best of luck!! "mads"..for exams (me don't believe in luck..but love saying this always..hehe).

cheers!!...and get into 7th sem with bang!! (total 8 sem naa? )

Priya Joyce said...

tere budday pe my mom had a fall :P and so now i hav to do ghar ka kaam mummyyyyy grrrrr


aur haan happy birthday bhool ja..and padhaai mei man lagaa

and yeh surely missing ur wise comments grandma :P come bakk soon..wen do ur egg jams end BTW??

MultiMenon said...

Just 5 more yeas to get married?? I told you,I need atleast 8 years na?? :p and??? :X


MultiMenon said...

Like you din kno.. :p Miss IPL till exams??bad timing,I say..Even I can't resist these days.. :( though acads beckons.. :)

and yea,u owe me a TREAT!! :D

Take care n best wishes.. :D


Pallav said...

oye Belated..... Happy Shappy Birthday Shirday...
bahhi Punjabi to aisey hi wish kartey hai
May God Bless uu...
n All the best...

Dhanya said...

Belated birthday wishes. 14th April was also celebrated as the New Year for Malayalees :)

Yeah, 25-26 is the right age to get married. Tie the knot only then ;)

Best of luck for your exams!

Harshita said...

Wish u all the best Pagli Mads...

Fod dena exam ko...hehe

Arey! pata hain kya... mujhey toh tera happy bday pata bhi nahi tha... saala, post bhi nahi likha... par koi nahi...;) teri shaadi pe likh dungi ek post...5 saal :D

Sam said...

For your bdya: Belated wishes.
For your exams: All the best.
IPL: *($#$)_%()@_+@+_!@&*

Lavanya said...

even though you're no longer a teenager, YOU ROCK HOH!!!
miss U

BOL for exams

Arnab Majumdar said...

Belated Happy Birthday! And don't worry about the post being boring or anything, I've got friends who're doing law so I understand :P kiddin'... hehehe


Abhinav said...

kya ye roz roz exams?!?!?!?
bday manao whole month and stay glued to TV for next 4 months!

IPL then T20WC !!

party is due! :(

Anurag said...

"mannat mangofy"
I read it thrice to actually decode what u meant :P

A card and 3 E-Cards ain't that bad :P

All the best for your exams :)

Siya said...

Shit, it's so bad. You just missed it, you know! I mean, you could have been born 3 days later and could have been a taurean. Damn!

Why don't you switch your template to pink, huh??

And all the best for your exams!!

get a shoutbox..then maybe I can inflict upon you the torture of asking law-related questions!! Hehe..I'm a CA student!!

Siya said...

*three means five!! hehe..but you know that, dont you?

Nidzzi said...

all the best but pls do come online too..

Urv said...

Maddy!! All the best re :)

You are planning to get married at 25!! Nahiii. Mujhe itna intezaar mat karvao :P

Sandeep Balan said...

madz...belated happy budday daa...late but latest :-)

Aditi..............:) said...

Hey bilkul boring nahi tha...but i miss your comments on my blog do come in once you are done with you exmas!!!
Wish you all the luck in the world!!! :P
I am mannat mangofying for you btw!!! :D

sawan said...

lol, all the very best madhuri.. m sure u wud climb to the seventh sem :) and belated birthday wishes :)

Anonymous said...

hey there long time!!! but belated happy bday!!!
adorable post n all d best!!

Anonymous said...
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Rakesh said...

probably the first girl who is excited to get married so early

belated wishes by the way...was down with exams so couldnt wish u

The Vitruvian Boy said...

belated happy bday and wish u all the best for yr xms...

hope i am not very very late... :P

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

Happy birthday!!
And yes, the Iyer circus was really brilliant. I'm amazed.
Do keep it up.

pseudo intellectual said...

many many happy returns of the day dear :) sorry i am wishing so late!
and ALL THE VERY BEST for ur exams. ace'em :)

Sumit said...

exams!! **sighs**
tomorrow will eb the 5th in 5 days... :(
the good news, that be the last one :)
probably the last exam of my life. have had it!! :D

Sarath said...

belated happy birthday... though ur exams might be over till now, but still i will maang mannat from god.. for you

alx said...

im sure i dint wish u since i ws nt usin orkut den....neways belated bday wishes...hp u had a ball n did yo xams well