Friday, April 17, 2009

And finally, I enter the T20 league

I finally turned 20 years young on 14th April (I share my b'day with Umar Gul, and it's Ambedkar Jayanti, and Titanic sank on 14th April, 1912. Hah!)

That means only 5 years to get married \:D/ :D Yippeee!! :D

This was my best birthday ever, since most of the people remembered my birthday (only one friend didn't wish me this time)

I got terrific gifts, specially from my blogger friends, which shows how much my life has changed, since my previous birthday.

My joint shit-ers gave me the cutest gift ever in our joint blog (They actually put the template as pink!! I mean. There are boys in there, and pink?? :D :D :D)

Multimenon wished me in his post, which was damn sweet. =) =)

Peter made me 2 collages which was damn cute again (with some pink in it again :D Bichara must seriously be in the 'pink' of his health now :P)

Loads and loads and loads of bloggers wished me, and a very big Thank you to them =)

My college friends and school friends gave me awesome gifts and my family gave me a card. My sister sent 3 e-cards =)

Devastated for missing out on IPL till exams get over.

I actually don't have time to post, so I just wrote a by the way post. Yeah, it's exam time again. Just a note to all my blogrolled people that exams are the reason why your blogs are deprieved of my wise comments these days :P

Will be back to Planet blogspot on 2nd May.

P.S- Boring post, naa? :P Kya karein. Corporate Law did this to my brains (Yes, I'm a law student. 6th semester. And hopefully will climb to 7th semester if you wish me good luck and mannat mangofy for me :P)


Dream'R said...

u r gettin married when u r 25??..hmmm...interesting...hopefully ranbir ll be married and divorced by then eh ;-)..see i do read ur blog ;-)

and yeah yeah go study for ur eggjams...we ll wait!!..and btw..have u picked an IPL team yet??

PS : I ll let the big guy up there know of ur predicament..u can thank me later..;-)

Dream'R said...

so i was the first to comment??!!!...

Chronicwriter said...

missed you on the birthday..
anyways advanced birthday wishes for 2010./..

and belated wishes for last week celebrations.. welcome to the 20 zone

have fun madz

Akansha Agrawal said...

My comment will also have to be by the way ;) Go study! and gud luck! :D

Amrita~Ams said...

belated happy to u ;);)..

n best luck for rest of xms :)

vanilla sky said...

Happy belated birthday :)
Btw, elaborate more on this marriage-at-25 funda!
And best wishes for your exams :)

peter said...

You are welcome >:D<

so finally so many gifts ;)
lucky u and ..welcome to 'NO MORE A TEEN' club :D

I am dehydrated & does that by any chance mean that i am pink of my health :-ss

good luck for ur xams !!
break a leg B-)

neeraj_only said...

hmmmmmm......exam season all colleges..but xm time here in our college is like "tension-everywhere-release-that" kind of thing.

with IPL around..i know there will be "house-full" condition in TV room.

best of luck!! "mads"..for exams (me don't believe in luck..but love saying this always..hehe).

cheers!!...and get into 7th sem with bang!! (total 8 sem naa? )

Priya Joyce said...

tere budday pe my mom had a fall :P and so now i hav to do ghar ka kaam mummyyyyy grrrrr


aur haan happy birthday bhool ja..and padhaai mei man lagaa

and yeh surely missing ur wise comments grandma :P come bakk soon..wen do ur egg jams end BTW??

MultiMenon said...

Just 5 more yeas to get married?? I told you,I need atleast 8 years na?? :p and??? :X


MultiMenon said...

Like you din kno.. :p Miss IPL till exams??bad timing,I say..Even I can't resist these days.. :( though acads beckons.. :)

and yea,u owe me a TREAT!! :D

Take care n best wishes.. :D


Pallav said...

oye Belated..... Happy Shappy Birthday Shirday...
bahhi Punjabi to aisey hi wish kartey hai
May God Bless uu...
n All the best...

Dhanya said...

Belated birthday wishes. 14th April was also celebrated as the New Year for Malayalees :)

Yeah, 25-26 is the right age to get married. Tie the knot only then ;)

Best of luck for your exams!

Harshita said...

Wish u all the best Pagli Mads...

Fod dena exam ko...hehe

Arey! pata hain kya... mujhey toh tera happy bday pata bhi nahi tha... saala, post bhi nahi likha... par koi nahi...;) teri shaadi pe likh dungi ek post...5 saal :D

Sam said...

For your bdya: Belated wishes.
For your exams: All the best.
IPL: *($#$)_%()@_+@+_!@&*

Lavanya said...

even though you're no longer a teenager, YOU ROCK HOH!!!
miss U

BOL for exams

Arnab Majumdar said...

Belated Happy Birthday! And don't worry about the post being boring or anything, I've got friends who're doing law so I understand :P kiddin'... hehehe


Abhinav said...

kya ye roz roz exams?!?!?!?
bday manao whole month and stay glued to TV for next 4 months!

IPL then T20WC !!

party is due! :(

Anurag said...

"mannat mangofy"
I read it thrice to actually decode what u meant :P

A card and 3 E-Cards ain't that bad :P

All the best for your exams :)

Siya said...

Shit, it's so bad. You just missed it, you know! I mean, you could have been born 3 days later and could have been a taurean. Damn!

Why don't you switch your template to pink, huh??

And all the best for your exams!!

get a shoutbox..then maybe I can inflict upon you the torture of asking law-related questions!! Hehe..I'm a CA student!!

Siya said...

*three means five!! hehe..but you know that, dont you?

Nidzzi said...

all the best but pls do come online too..

Urv said...

Maddy!! All the best re :)

You are planning to get married at 25!! Nahiii. Mujhe itna intezaar mat karvao :P

Sandeep Balan said...

madz...belated happy budday daa...late but latest :-)

Aditi..............:) said...

Hey bilkul boring nahi tha...but i miss your comments on my blog do come in once you are done with you exmas!!!
Wish you all the luck in the world!!! :P
I am mannat mangofying for you btw!!! :D

sawan said...

lol, all the very best madhuri.. m sure u wud climb to the seventh sem :) and belated birthday wishes :)

Priyanka Mehta. said...

hey there long time!!! but belated happy bday!!!
adorable post n all d best!!

Priyanka Mehta. said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rakesh said...

probably the first girl who is excited to get married so early

belated wishes by the way...was down with exams so couldnt wish u

The Vitruvian Boy said...

belated happy bday and wish u all the best for yr xms...

hope i am not very very late... :P

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

Happy birthday!!
And yes, the Iyer circus was really brilliant. I'm amazed.
Do keep it up.

pseudo intellectual said...

many many happy returns of the day dear :) sorry i am wishing so late!
and ALL THE VERY BEST for ur exams. ace'em :)

Sumit said...

exams!! **sighs**
tomorrow will eb the 5th in 5 days... :(
the good news, that be the last one :)
probably the last exam of my life. have had it!! :D

Sarath said...

belated happy birthday... though ur exams might be over till now, but still i will maang mannat from god.. for you

alx said...

im sure i dint wish u since i ws nt usin orkut den....neways belated bday wishes...hp u had a ball n did yo xams well