Thursday, May 7, 2009

BRB, and it's not just a Bathroom Break....

Cutting my usual crap, and jumping straight to the point, I hereby announce that I am quitting blogging for a while.
It's not an impulsive decision, nor a publicity stunt (I wish it was a bloody publicity stunt)
I've lost the spirit to blog and the eagerness to read other's blogs. It's like a burden or obligation now. And I started blogging, for myself, to let myself free in this small window. But now, I force myself to open my blog link and vent out whatever I have to say. Which just doesn't seem right, because Mads Mad Mess wasn't born for this purpose.

The reason for Mads Mad Mess's birth was firstly, to vent out my personal experiences out here. Then it, by chance, changed into a funny blog where people came,laughed shamelessly, accused my family of being the funniest clowns ever born :P and ran away. I'm indebted to each and everyone who commented on my blog, since all of you have motivated me and made me realize how special I was to you.

A lot has been happening in my life. Like, I'm studying law, and I have 2 years remaining, and I don't know if law is what I want to study. At 20,everyone calls me immature,a kiddo who doesn't have any aim in life, and some worse insults which I would rather not put over here. I'm going through my lowest phase and I need some drastic changes. How is all that connected to blogging, you ask?


And once my Mom reads this post, the first thing she will do is take me to a psychiatrist :P

I have disabled comments for this post, and i request all of you not to comment on other posts regarding this matter, or on my orkut/facebook profile or gtalk chat. Nor ask me to read your blogs saying you miss my comments on your blog. It just doesn't feel right when I read posts when I don't feel like reading them.

No offence meant to anyone, but since each one of you is special to me, I'm writing a post and going away, otherwise I just would have vanished in thin air.
I'll stay alive and kicking on our joint blog, shit for tat....

I've been thinking on these lines since starting of April.
I will come back, I don't know when, I don't know how, but I will come back.
Rahul Dravid Promise.

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