Friday, March 6, 2009

An irritated tag.

I’m irritated. I’m restless. I’m sick of college. I’m sick of the same faces around. I’m tired of projects, even before I’ve started them. I’m waiting for the 4 day break from college, because of Holi etc. I need to rejuvenate myself before I end up killing someone. I hate people, and they all suck.

Here’s the tag on the 25 things about me, which you must know, in case you want to sleep in peace tonight. Many people tagged me, thank you everyone, but I’m not acknowledging anyone since I want to finish this tag, and go away before I write a nasty comment on someone’s blog.

Now, since I’m pissed, this is going to be a tag on 25 things that piss me off.

1.If anyone insults me, my family or my close friends, I really don’t mind abusing them on their face even if they question my upbringing when I abuse them.

2.I like cheering up people, but when they don’t appreciate my efforts and instead snap back at me and ask me to get lost, I GET REALLY PISSED.

3.I am not a fan of animals, but I hate it when people kick dogs or ill treat any animal.

4.I hate those people in college who act in the scope beyond their authority (whoa, what legal language I’m using, dammit) People (I’m not talking about students only) have questioned my upbringing, have questioned my involvement in ‘activities’ and insult me for not having a good C.G.P.A I left Sports Committee (those who know me, will know how important sports was in my life) and will never be a part of any sports activities henceforth in my college life, because of such allegations from my own people. And as far as C.G.P.A is concerned….Yes, I don’t score well, but I ain’t dumb.

5.Coming back to sports, I have stopped playing any sport, and I only watch cricket and a little of tennis (Bichara Federer) now.

6.I hate people who cannot see me happy and always say something or the other to burst the bubble.

7.I hate hypocrites. And whoa, in college, you find only them.

8.I cannot stand plagiarists. I have plagiarized my dad’s work when I was small, and this is reason number 1, why I hate myself.

9.I do NOT hate Rahul Dravid’s wife or Deepika Padukaun (heehee if she gets one more flop, she will become Padukaun from Padukone :D) It is just that I’m kinda teeny weeny types jealous of them :-(

10.I hate mess food.

11.I hate people who insult my looks. I feel something is beautiful in every person. And I really feel looks are not the criteria to judge a person.

12.I prefer crying rather than sulking. Although, I have been sulking all day. Hope something worse happens later in the night, which makes me cry and get over it, rather than sulking on and on and on.

13.To my shock, my attendance is low in one subject in college. And I really didn’t bunk so many classes. I hate attendance marks. Why force a student to attend classes? It’s upto the student to be sincere and attend, and it’s his or her life, let him make it or break it.

14.I don’t hate the songs from Jai Veeru. They are awesome.

15.I hate fake people who keep pretending what they aren’t. Unfortunately, I fake around too. Reason number 2 why I hate myself.

16.I hate littering roads.

17.I don’t hate sweeping, washing clothes, arranging clothes, show pieces, books (Although I’m afraid, my hands will become rough) I like cleaning :D Although, my hostel room is untidy and nicely messy usually :-(

18.If you keep a book upside down, scribble in it with a pen or tear it, then, I HATE YOU.

19.I hate people who scrape their feet on the floor and walk. And scratch on the blackboard with their nails. Brrr….

20.I hate losing. Aarrgh. I’m a true Arien.

21.I hate my college net, which is so slow.
22.I hate not abusing. The pleasure which u get after spitting out those abuse words, ahhhhhh…. !!!!!!!!!!!!!

23.I hate it when I don’t get time to read the newspaper or forget to read it.

24.I hate cribbing and don’t want to post this up. It shows my negative energy and spreads it around. I’ll make some *beep* people read this and make them miserable, Muhuhahahaha.

25.I hate it when people insult my blog and call it a waste of time. And insult my writing :-(

P.S.- I started this post before I went for dinner, but my mood improved after I came back. So I am sane and normal again. Can’t wait to go home and chillax in these holidays. Holi che \:D/ I pass this tag to whoever wants to lift it.

Disclaimer- No offence meant to any authority in my college. You don't know who I'm referring, so you can't sue me :D \:D/ Jhingalala hoo Jhingalala ho HOO HOO HOO !!!


peter said...

jus 25 thngs :O
u cud have written a book on it :D
kidding :P
yeah i ws knwing most of it but still i got to knw a few ,,which i won name ...this tag seems gud ..i will do it one day

Chitwan said...

well actually there r many more things tht can piss off madhuri iyer...
but there r million more things tht cn cheer you also! right?
...on this note, adios for a jhingalala holi..
drink bhaang and get crazy!

HP said...

your next post should have 25 things you like.... verna ...achha nai hoga... grrrr !! :P

sports is awesome..a great outlet for all the pent up things...don't give it up!

cheers :)

Trinaa said...

arien???? :o
..dunno how i get along so well with u then..hmmm

n ye jai veeru kaun si muvi hai bhai? hv neva heard of it!!!

#6 applies to me too..bloody tapeworms..cant be happy n cant let others be happy! :x

n #18 ke liye HIGH FIVE! i hv such a lovely saut..wooow! :D :D :D

Lavanya said...

nice post...loved it coz it's honest..brutally honest !

sorry for #2..i have pissed U off loads of times :(

PS- disclaimers don't work anymore..did i send U an article related to that?some guy got dragged to court by ram sene ppl, tho he used a disclaimer.. :-SS

Akansha Agrawal said...

OMG... no wonder it's a Mad Mad Mess!!! :P

Amrita~Ams said...

seriously...I hate i hate i hate...all same same hai..:|...
25th one is soo true..I really want to kick their ass who say..blogging is waste of tym...

cheer up :)
enjoy n tc..

I'll try 2 be truthful said...

:D :D I wanna say "I do too" about each and every point .
I so hate littering roads,and those who burst the bubble !!

kaun kehta hai tera blog waste of time hai , hain??? bata mujhe , thikane lagati hu !!!!

-happy holi :)

Pallav said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pallav said...

Earnestly written..
cud u tell me who say ur blogs r waste of time...
i really laugh a lottt wen i read ur blogsss..

mohit said...

just 2 reasons for u to hate urself? aww.. lets hear some more!

the pink orchid said...

awesomeness!! there were so many things i could identify that I hate myself.. i have been missing you at my blog girlie.. :(

Anurag said...

"Jai Veeru" ...wass that ??

and you should hv abused your college even more are in final year naa :D ??

Mads said...

@peter...hahaha..dhuu [-(
bet u wont do it [-(
stupid tag hater that u are :(

@chitwan...yeah exactly :D :D :D :D
i want bhaang :">

@HP..hehe so sweet :D >:D< hugs smiley che...
and i'm giving up sports due to physical and mental pressure forced to do that.. :(

Abhinav said...

Hmm... what abt the things you like? And you knw what? I like girls who are good in sports.. they have a little edge over the others when it comes to reflexes, little better general awareness.. so please give some time to play... after all this is the time to play.

Ek baaar clg over hua toh samajik jimmedaariyan aajayengi!


Jhingalala hoo means you are normal!
Holi hai aur che bhi!

Dream'R said...

25 things to hate eh..!! isnt there enuff hate going around already?? how abt writing about 25 things u luv...lets hear it.

PS : I scrape my feet on the floor when i walk and i knwo its irritating and i guess tats y i luv it too.. :-)


Mads said...

@trinaa... arre :P arien chodo, cool we get along :D :P :D

bloody tapeworms it seems =)) i like that :D

u also book lover? cooooooool :D hi five to u too :D
yaaa jai veeru is a new karo songs asap \:d/ :D

Mads said...

@lavanya...number 2 is not for u X-( :-w u hv a right to crib to me :-w \:d/
im referring to other you know whos :P :">

great, let my college expel me \:D/ i can stay home when u come back to India then... :D

@ akansha...hehehe :P :P

Mads said...

@amrita...hehe we are soul sisters for nothing :D :D :D
yeah this sucks. they wont blog and they are just jealous coz we rock at blogging \:D/

try to cheer up :(
holi hai par bhaang nahi hai :P
tc and happy holi to u :) :) :)

Mads said...

@ amrita- i'll try to be truthful....why do u and the other amrita always comment saath saath mei :P :P :P :O nice telepathy :P

>:D< yeah same pinch che :D :D
happy holi to u too :) :) :) drink bhaang on my behalf too :D ;)

Mads said...

@Pallav..thanks for the vote of confidence :) :) \:d/

@mohit..u made my day with that comment :|

@ pink orchid..running to ur blog now. im sorry re. been upset with loads of things so been ignoring my blogrolled people too :( :(
thanks for liking it :)

Mads said...

@anurag. jai veeru is a new movieeeee...songs are awesomeeeee....
and i still hv 2 years in college... :( so if they expel me for writing this, im in a soup \:D/

Mads said...

@abhinav..i hv my mental and physical reasons to stop playing sports..... :)

jhingalala hoo. things ain't normal and im so pissed :|
holi che aur hai bhi is right =)) \:D/ :D

Mads said...

@ Dream'R....there is hate in this world and im welcome to rant abt it in my blog :-w hopefully will be in a better mood and will write happier posts \:d/

*ignores ur feet scraping on the floor*...ur chappals will get spoilt, dont u know? X-(

Harshita said...

Pagli Mads...

Mazaa aa gaya padd key... lag raha tha tu post se nikal ke ek jhaapad lagaaney waali

haha... OMG mujhey naa badi hassi aa rahi hain khud ke comment pey... :D

Holi Che.. toh Rang se khel rey!!

Dream'R said...

oooo..finally some1 gives me a legitimate reaosn not to drag my legs along...!!

still lookin forward to hear abt the 25 things u love...persistant aint i!!

Mads said...

@harshita... :D :D i loved ur comment :D :D yeah so true...bahar aake jhappad lagadeti :D :D :D lol :D
yeahhh holi che \:D/ happy holi :)

@Dream'R...i love doing tags but am not a fan of repeating tags on n on :D persistant u may be...but im stubborn :D :D \:d/

vanilla sky said...

Are you serious on the Jai veeru song thing? :o
I too hate it when I only manage to read the bakwas supplement of the newspaper instead of the actual one.
loved all the points :)

Hppy Holi :)

Sarath said...

u sure do hate a lot of things..

happy holi

enchantinganki said...

I agree with u on 11,14,15th point!!

Good to know abt u...will read more of ur blog!!
I guess, hate is a harsh word for all tat u described..its more of 'petty peeves'...which i have more than u...!!

Siya said...

*same pinch*@I hate people, and they all suck.

Ditto on 2, 12 and 16!! :D

@7: They just know how to wear pretty shoes and prettier mufflers..fakers all of em..!

@9: Yeah..even I've stopped hating deepika Padukaun (LOL)..but swear to God, Ranbir Kapoor is yummy (And I couldn't use a more decent word for it :P)

@11: That's so true..but more often than not..even people who say this don't really follow it as much of a principle themselves when it comes to judging people! Let it long as u know u rock..! :P

@15: I don't think u least u don't sound that way..maybe u're diplomatic once a while..and that ain't's an art to not let people know what you really think of em..even when you actually want to spit at their faces and crush them with your shoes! ;)

@22: Seriously man!! I, for one, have become a hard-core abuse-r from being a non-abuser all my life until a year before!! XD

alex paul k said...

I just hate it wen pple detach themselves frm playin n organizin sports events.....der has never been nethin mor satisfying personally

n yeah cant agrre mor on 15

Mahul Bhattacharya said...

Do u ever find time when u feel like Jesus Christ and love all ppl??

That was some list.

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